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Improve Your Development Process by Hiring a Polymer Developer

A developer can create a web application faster with Polymer. What do we mean by Polymer JS and do all the JavaScript developers need to know it?

Polymer is a JavaScript library – a multitude of elements for website and application creation. All these elements are created by coders for other coders who want to use them for their projects. This way, the time needed for work is shortened because they don’t have to write the basic elements again and again for every new app.

A Polymer developer’s role is to make custom web components faster. In this way, the applications will have faster interaction and less weight and some of the processes are offloaded to browsers.

What you actually need to look for when you decide to hire a polymer developer, is a JS Frontend Developer who works with Polymer too. This developer will take custom web pages and applications from Polymer.js and will use the components from the other websites to the new project. This is a good deal for the customer because it will be done faster and the final user will have a light and working app.

When searching for a Polymer developer, make sure that he clearly understands Web Components and how are they important in web development.

Polymer.js is a very good tool for developers because it’s easy to understand and apply. Polymer is used for things like scaling and refactoring, adding new components and getting the reusable components.

How can you find a professional?

When looking for a Polymer professional you need to pay a lot of attention to his CV and work experience. If you don’t know what you need to see, here is a tip – a Polymer JS developer resume should include the following:


Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science/Administration or any similar field.


  • Technology related projects
  • Front-end development in JS, HTML, CSS
  • Open-source based applications development
  • Projects made in accordance with W3C standards and proficiency in the building of the cross-browser apps
  • Web Storm, Notepad, Brackets IntelliJ Idea
  • Responsive Web Design experience
  • Knowledge about Software Development Life Cycle


  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Capacity to work with major JS frameworks
  • Google Material Design

Software skills:

  • Ability to work with web components and relevant design patterns
  • Practice om software testing
  • Utilization of versioning software/repository
  • Polymer CLI, NPM Polymer.js, Browser and other



Questions to Ask a WordPress Developer Before Hiring

If you are a businessman and need to develop a website or create an online platform to boost your business through product advertisement and content creation. WordPress is a good idea to achieve this goal. It is the biggest content management system (CMS) you can trust for your business. But in order to do this, you will need the help of a WordPress developer to develop relevant content that suits your customers. Moreover, before hiring a developer, what are the questions to ask a WordPress developer before you hire?

There is a need for this because without asking the right questions, you might fall victim of hiring an inexperienced and unproductive developer who may mar your customers’ credibility. These questions are:

How many years of experience do you have in developing WordPress solution?

A good number of experience year can be between 3 to 5 years. Ensure your developer has sound experience coupled with knowledge and skill. He must have handled similar WordPress solutions to the one you intend to hire him for. In case you want to hire a whole WordPress company, you will need to do a background check on the year of experience of the company’s developers.

What do you expect me to provide?

A developer does not start developing on the island of nowhere. You must be able to provide him with all the needed materials and support to function effectively. In the process of interviewing him, he must present to you the detail of all he needs to begin the developing task as requested. This might even include your time and cooperation so as to reach your set target for the business.

What is the cost of development?

Not all developers present to their clients the same cost of development, many in a bid to meet up to requirements request estimate beyond the exact cost. The developer through careful analysis of the conditions of operation seek advance payments and so on. It is now left to you to decide if you will hire him or not.

 Will you create a new theme or use an existing one for my website development?

Remember you intend hiring a developer so you can improve on your business growth. This might require you to change your WordPress theme or continue with the existing one. The developer should be able to know which is best for you.

What procedure do you follow to develop a WordPress site?

The procedure to develop a WordPress site are similar for developers. He first requests for your requirements, then builds a development plan alongside your requirements, do a review to test for product quality with the correct theme and finally implement the plan if approved.

What about web design and other things?

Web designing is another thing entirely, with different tasks from those of a web developer. You may also need a tester and a content writer for your website. Don’t assume this whole task is to be completed by your developer. You can, therefore, devise a way by hiring a web development team that could complete all this task for you at once.

Will you build my website with the responsive feature?

A responsive feature enables users to use their devices smartly with much flexibility. When users access the website through a mobile app, the experience is better off than going to the web. Though, most WordPress theme has a response feature but be sure if you will need it.

Do I get complete ownership of my website?

Be careful to avoid losing your website access to a developer. Ensure you claim 100% ownership of your website from a developer upon completion. Request for access such as FTP access, WP Admin access, database access and domain and DNS setting access. Moreover, keep this information very well, you may need them in the future.

Can you develop or add a custom plugin to my WordPress sites?

WordPress developer can create custom plugin and integrations for WordPress if he/she is a professional and you are able to finance the project. Some can do this from scratch while some may develop it from an existing plugin.

What kind of security will my website have?

Your website must possess a level of security that prevents errors, hacks, and bugs. Ask for the protection mechanism he intends using to secure your website.

Will you optimize my website for SEO or search results?

Website optimization is an important criterion to generate traffic online. Until your developer can adequately optimize your website for you, various benefits may be lost.




3 Ways to Be Sure You’ve Hired the Perfect WordPress Developer for Your Project

Most business owners face various challenges and disappointment from developers they hired to perform a particular task or project. These inexperienced businessmen are not sure whether developer possesses the qualities needed to execute a project successfully.

Handling a WordPress project requires a whole lot of professionalism, so you cannot joke with the level of expertise your developer profess to have. There is a need to do a thorough finding of what the developer you are intending to hire is capable of doing. The potential developers must, however, possess some key values like:

  • ability to measure up to product specification
  • ability to produce to satisfy and meet deadlines
  • ability to design cost-effective products
  • ability to cooperate with production conditions

To know if a developer can meet these demands, you will have to subject him/her to these three conditions. This will help you make the decision of whether to hire or look out for other better developers.

  1. Check for overall weak signals

When a developer lacks basic skills such as communication skill, attention to details, proper time management and most importantly trackable records of successful projects. It is advisable to stay away from such a developer.

Background check for weak signals helps you know the developers chance of rendering good service. This is essential to the success and growth of your business.

  1. Test the deliverables but pay attention to details as well

Another way to be sure you have hired the perfect WordPress developer is to test and compare deliverables. Avoid taking feedback hook line and sinker. Check whether the deliverables measure to a specification. You will as well need to pay attention to how and why for deliverables. Can changes be made without failure and how efficient is your final product?  This is the questions that must be answered to ensure you hire the perfect developer. This details will help you track your business progress and the factor that fuels it.

  1. Conduct a one-time review

Code review implies checking or running your code in the light of ensuring it meets your customers’ satisfaction. This process helps you to scrutinize the behavior of your code. The reviewer who may be a third party developer checks the code based on the key operation you intend it to perform. This enables you to:

  • know whether requirements are met upon implementation
  • know quickly if changes could be made without losing codes key features
  • know whether the project conditions are not violated upon implementation
  • determine if you will be faced with a security threat

Once the review gave a safe signal, you can be sure you have hired the best developer.

How to Mitigate the Serviceman Approach from Developers?

A serviceman attitude is when one condemns other men services to gain the favor of the job owner. Most developers exhibit this attitude and you must watch out for their tactics to avoid being trick into believing they can offer the best service. You can mitigate these deceptive approaches by doing a thorough testimonial search, recommendation study and so on. Check out for sensitive keywords in their testimonial before hiring the developer.










But you need not to worry anymore, this are ways you

Tech Recruiting: Hire for Fit, Train for Skills

Being a hiring manager in a tech firm can be very challenging. Virtually none of the candidates who applied to fill a certain role has the perfect blend of skills required for that role, to the extreme perplexity and frustration of hiring managers. For example, you can post a vacancy for the post of say, JavaScript Developer, and then not quite long after, you have already received a plethora of applications on your desk. There is nothing bad in this; in fact, you will be excited to go through the ‘interesting applications’ if you are a rookie hiring manager. But then you begin to go through the applications, you look at the CV of the applicants and then your headache begins; it is possible to have a seasoned candidate who has undertaken a lot of projects but is not conversant with the latest technologies. Another candidate is a master of JavaScript but does not have an academic qualification, and so on. Where one candidate is lacking competency, he makes up for it in other areas. As a hiring manager, you are in a dilemma – technical skills are essential, but how would you get the perfect candidates to suit the specific tasks you are hiring them for?

Fortunately, there are a number of methods to vet a candidate and verify their suitability for a job. These methods include:

  1. Asking the candidate to provide their portfolio.
  2. Giving them a programming problem to solve.
  3. Request them to physically come for a programming exercise together with another program.

For what reason do these methods work for several firms who follow them? All things considered, investigate the main reasons employees do not do well in their roles. Obviously, specialized fitness can be a central reason. However, as a rule, chiefs battle with workers that are creating a ruckus due to their poor relational abilities, no longing to team up, or an absence of responsibility. Delicate abilities are hard to prepare for. You either have them or you don’t.

To ensure that a candidate fits your company, you should begin by asking questions that align with your core values. Do ensure to make the interview a conversational one, and not an interrogation. Based on some core values, these are some of the questions you could ask:

Individual Accountability – ask whether there had been a time when the candidate committed an error.

Team Work – try to inquire if the candidate has ever taught a colleague a skill before. Ask the candidate to expatiate on this.

Understudy Focus – Has the candidate at any point failed to adhere to a deadline due to the client not being satisfied with something in their work?

Work-Life Integration – they could describe how an effective day looks like to them.

People-Centered Design – try to see how the candidate would describe a technical concept to a non-specialized client

Fiercely Competitive Nature – What tech aptitudes would they be possibly keen on learning apart from the current skills they possess?

It is just not good for you to ignore potential fit issue just because the candidate has top-notch technical skills. And while it is important that a candidate has the skills required to execute projects, it is equally important, if not more important, to engage the services of a worker who fits into the company.

Top Mistakes Made When Hiring a Dedicated Developer

A developer is someone who structures the inside and out of a website. They are saddled with the responsibilities to know which suitable language to use for developing a specific website. They are conversant with one programming languages or the other.

However, the choice of a developer to hire can either make or mar your IT company. So, most companies have a diverse way of hiring developers. It can be through recruitment agencies such as reputable freelancing website or manual CV submission.

Whichever method you choose to hire, it is better you get yourself acquainted with the merit and demerit of these methods so as to avoid howlers.

Here, we expose common mistakes that you can make when hiring a developer.

Poor Research

As an employer, your concern when hiring a developer should not be on the pay alone. Rather you must be able to take an in-depth look at some major factors such as expertise, review and portfolio check. If the developer does not match the following factors, then it is better to let go of such a developer.

Little or No interview

According to Merriam web star dictionary, an interview is a formal consultation usually to evaluate the qualification of a prospective employee. It is also a means of selecting a viable candidate amid the less viable. When you want to hire a developer endeavor to conduct a proper interview. Ensure you are conversant with the niche or else you might be fool by mere discretion. Hire someone who is a geek in the niche to hold the interview on your behalf.

Besides this, you should have the proper infrastructure to assess their skills. This can be in the form of short coding test that must be completed in a nick of time.

Trivializing Credentials

Often times, we fall into the habit of trivializing developers’ credentials. This will never do you any good. Imagine you hire someone who has no practical experience of what it takes to develop a website. It is important you delve into their credentials to be able to remove the wheat from the shaft.

 Myth About Local Developers Being the Best Alternative

Please debunk this! What is the essence of reckoning only a local developer can create a well-structured website? When you know that your end goal is to create a robust website or apps and most of the local developers are inept. It is better you go a thousand mile to source for capable developers.

Hiring Inexperienced Developers

Often times, experience is the best teacher. Some companies rather go for inexperienced developers in other to maximize their profits. It is quite deleterious to your business. Better break the bank to hire capable and efficient developers to avoid constant issues from inept developers.

Overwhelming A Single Developer

In recent time, the division of labor is fast going into extinction. To get the best out of your developers, it is better to learn how to break work into segments and allocate it to different developers in your team instead of overwhelming a single developer. Hire more developers if you are in short of developers in your team.

Budgeted vs Skilled Developers

As we all know that money is the driving force behind the hiring process. Many companies hire novice while some go for an experienced developer. The gulf between skilled developers and budgeted developers are quite enormous. In other to produce effective results it is better you opt for skilled developers.

First Come/ First Serve Policy

Do you hire through manual CV submission? Or through online recruitment platform? Whichever way you choose to hire; it is better you permit several applicants to apply before hiring. This will allow you to properly select viable candidates.

Anticipating Fast Outcome from Developers

You should know by now that developers seeking a job are always desperate. They promise quick turnaround in no time so as to secure employment. To develop an app or web is not a day job and require team coming together to get things done. Instead of falling prey to these fake developers, take your time to look for developers who are trustworthy and reliable.


Hiring Someone with No Experience in The Niche

The biggest mistake we often make is putting the square peg in the round hole. Hiring developers with no experience in the required niche is tantamount to putting the square peg in the round hole.






iOS Developer Interview Questions: What to Ask

iOS is the operating system for Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. There are lots of tech experts who deal with this technology and have vast experience in it, hence it might seem a straightforward task for a recruiter who wants to hire a developer for an iOS app.

Presently, two programming languages are employed by developers to develop iOS: they are Objective-C, which has been in use for a long time, and Swift, the relatively new language which is created to replace Objective-C. as a hiring manager, it is important for you to know that your candidate has an in-depth knowledge of Swift. If the company deals with old iOS apps, then the prospective developer must know about Objective-C.

The questions to ask a candidate in an interview may not be so straightforward to compile. Here, we have tried to help you.


It has been observed that a high number of applicants don’t have a smart response to this vital question.

How candidates should answer:

There is a solid affinity between closures and the object that utilizes them, and this can lead to closure. The appropriate response ought to likewise specify the use of “[unowned self]” or “[weak self].”

Why they should state it:

Although the development of ARC has tremendously enhanced memory management, it is still important for every developer to have a sound knowledge of retaining cycle as well as how to avoid it.


What a lot of aspirants do here is just to depict their very own favored methodology. Nevertheless, irrespective of whether it’s XIBs and storyboards, or format in code, the interviewer has to realize the applicant is not unidimensional.

How candidates should answer:

By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each methodology, the applicant indicates adaptability if the group picks distinctive ways. Understanding the difficulties of utilizing storyboards in massive tasks, and related issues with union clashes is a major pointer of the applicant’s involvement.

Why they should state it:

UI format is an integral part of iOS application advancement, and presumably a standout amongst the most critical aptitudes a decent engineer must have. Making use of the accessible instruments will decide an applicant’s capacity to plan a versatile application design.


Candidates give a short portrayal of what managed object context is, and what it’s utilized for. Such a limited answer is not convincing enough.

What applicants should state:

Hopefuls should demonstrate how to manage object context functions in the background, and emphasis should be on object lifecycle and multi-stringing.

Why they should state it:

Core data framework could present hidden bugs when used inappropriately. Knowledge of how managed object context functions is compulsory for any designer utilizing center information.


Nearly all the discussion is about Bluetooth frill and area administrations.

What hopefuls should state:

while it is not expected of the candidate to recite the Apple documentation offhand, they should know between four to nine types of background tasks.

Why they should state it:

It exhibits that the engineer has taken a shot at, or if nothing else tried different things with a wide scope of iOS usefulness. Portable customers routinely request usefulness that iOS doesn’t give and the designer needs to comprehend the points of confinement of the working framework. Among all iOS designer inquiries questions, that is the thing that makes this one especially critical.


Less-experienced candidates don’t relate the Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) system with common APIs, for example, “dispatch_sync” and “dispatch_async”.

How candidates should answer:

Not only should the candidate know how to use methods ‘dispatch_sync,’ ‘dispatch_async,’ and how lines work, they should also make reference to the use of the ‘main_queue’ to run code that produces UI updates. A senior competitor ought to clarify that inside lines are executed as string pools.

Why they should state it:

Legitimate treatment of multi-stringing is a vital piece of about each application and an essential perspective in the plan of responsive and strong applications.


Usually, candidates say that an outsider third-party or SDK is utilized to accelerate improvement.

How candidates should answer:

I use them sparingly when I feel that the library has a long history, is current, very much bolstered, and surpasses the usefulness that is required.

Why they should state it:

As new iOS variants and gadgets are discharged, keeping up applications in the medium-to-long haul can be challenging. Hopefuls would prefer not to exacerbate the issue by including an outsider library.

How to Recruit Good Ethereum Developers

Ethereum development is a core function of Blockchain programming, and both techniques can be used together interchangeably. It is a method of decentralizing functions in a Blockchain application, keeping them running concurrently, but independently. A good Ethereum developer has various beliefs and ethics which are essential to understanding the processes involved in Ethereum development.

The technique is built on the concept of decentralization and is defined as a decentralized platform which runs in a manner that eliminates any third party interference, fraud or removal and alteration of data or currency. These applications are executed on a shared infrastructure that can move items representing values and ownership of property.

Ethereum uses two protocols when mining cryptocurrencies; that is proof of work and proof of stake. The difference lies in their application, proof-of-work involving the solving of puzzles using specialized hardware. Proof-of-stake being a newer protocol consists in using an algorithm (the Casper Consensus Algorithm) to place ‘bets’ on blocks that you wish to mine. These blocks will be analyzed, and if the one you chose gets appended, you get awarded according to the amount you have invested. An advantage of this method is the low energy consumption costs involved. This is because the whole procedure is virtualized; hence no need for sophisticated dedicated hardware to do all the calculations. Another advantage is it is much secure than other techniques as its algorithm makes it very hard to penetrate and manipulate information.

Ethereum proves the immense capabilities of the bitcoin and the Blockchain technology if applied correctly in today’s world. It correlates with these technologies seamlessly to forge a frontier that few have reached. It is fast gaining popularity; and like Blockchain development, it has its crop of developers who have their own needs.

Thus, finding and retaining a good Ethereum developer should be based on the criteria below.

Belief in Decentralization

A good Ethereum developer has a firm conviction that decentralization is the core concept of any particular situation. They understand that to achieve some sense of achievement in any aspect of life, any situation or condition must first get decentralized. This will help in attaining the objective much faster with maximum security during operations. This belief forms the core concept of Ethereum development as the framework is built on features used to create independent applications.

Knowledge of Economics

The framework that is Ethereum is created to manage currency, and as such, a good developer should have a solid understanding of all major concepts in economics. This base is essential as it is applicable in creating applications used to convey data of monetary value using various channels.

Knowledge of Cryptography

Cryptography, being the science of deciphering data to obtain meaningful information is an essential aspect of Ethereum development, and any good developer should have a complete mastery of this concept if they are to be involved in any meaningful Ethereum projects.

Desire to learn

Good Ethereum developers have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and will scour every nook and cranny for ideas on how to tackle specific problems that may arise during a project. They will seek for the latest trends in the technology in Ethereum development so that they can apply it in their coding. Working tirelessly to keep abreast of the pack using all the tools available to them, they will ask questions in forums and take a keen interest in what solutions are available to them.

In a nutshell, Ethereum development is the technology of the future and finding a good developer who truly understands the science requires you to take note of the above features.

11 Advantages of Hiring JavaScript Developers for Website Apps Creation 

Are you contemplating hiring JavaScript developers for your next website application? Then this is the most excellent guide for you. This article illustrates 11 advantages of engaging JavaScript developers.

The first advantage is the simple and smooth hiring process.  Numerous organizations like ours make it possible for customers to get excellent services. One can hire a JavaScript developer seamlessly. This is because it makes the hiring process smooth. This improves efficiency in the organization.

The second advantage is that a competent individual can control the design structure. Catchy design outlay is commonplace in most websites. This is what all clients would also want their apps to look like. JavaScript Developers can easily make this happen thanks to their specialization.

The third advantage is the capability to handle uncomplicated demands instantly. Perfect JavaScript programming is usually linked to passion among specialists. From such passion, a perfect, timely and efficient website is a guarantee.

The fourth benefit is the timely delivery of your program. JavaScript developers ensure a well-timed release of your application. This is due to the fact that these programmers are very qualified and competent enough to create an effective program. They are also able to keep track of the application’s development.

The fifth advantage is the capability of JavaScript developers to come up with programs at the most cost-efficient manner.

A JavaScript developer also has vast knowledge transcending both front and back ends. This means that they can take care of the needs of both the client and the client’s customers. They are fully in the know of new technological improvements and work effectively to bring forth the best quality website products.

The seventh advantage is the capability to create a one-stop package thanks to extensive specialization in the field. A JavaScript developer is thus a library of all the qualities of website creation. Maximum benefits in web development can thus be drawn from a JavaScript specialist.

The eighth advantage is that JavaScript developer carter for all the required features about the intended website. Assignment of NDA to the website ensures privacy hence making the information protected. This is accompanied by intellectual property rights for the website products.

The ninth advantage is the capability of the JavaScript developer to upgrade the web or app. This is important to organizations as it helps secure profitability. JavaScript developers, therefore, offer up to date websites.

The tenth advantage is the ability to present a high-performance website product. End-users tend to dislike slow performing websites and applications. JavaScript developers are in a position to mitigate this negatively impacting quality.

The last benefit in this list is the ability to track the performance of the developed application. Application owners have to work on improving their software from time to time. JavaScript developers are always able to provide this essentially important service.

In conclusion, if you are planning to create an online appearance for your business or revamp an old website, then you should hire JavaScript developers!



How to Hire a JavaScript Developer

JavaScript has a very wide application and usage. A lot of people now require the services of a Javascript developer. You have to be careful about hiring a developer. It requires you to put time and effort into it. Here we present a list of what to do if you want to hire a good software developer as well as how to ensure that your developer is capable after giving him the job.

Creating Your Job Description

The first step to hiring a candidate is by creating awareness about the position you want to be filled. You have to make sure that you give important information about the job you want to give out. Such information would normally include your organization’s vision and mission statement, a quick but adequate description of the job which will entail what you expect from the candidate in terms of skills, abilities, qualifications, and responsibilities.

Get a template on JavaScript job description – it will contain the basic requirements for a JavaScript developer – and make minor adjustments to suit your personal requirements. Ensure you clearly state the particular JavaScript technology you want to apply for your project because developers have different areas of expertise.

Develop a Plan of attack

There are several JavaScript developers out there. It is not easy, however, to pick out the good ones from the lot and you have to be meticulous in your planning for you to be able to hire a seasoned developer.

Make sure your interview is well planned. Put early filtering stages in place so that the unfit candidates can be sieved out before getting to the technical interview stage. This will ensure that the technical interview team will not be overwhelmed by too many candidates, many of whom are not up to the task, thereby preventing a colossal waste of time and resources.

Prepare Interview Questions

You have to be careful in selecting your interview questions. An interview question which is not relevant to the job can turn off a candidate, especially the top ones because they tend to deem such question unnecessary and out of place. You should try to ask questions that relate to general intelligence, combining them with simple JavaScript questions and stick as much as possible to questions which border on the project you have at hand. The main JavaScript questions should be left for the technical interview team. If you are not a JavaScript expert yourself, never ask questions on topics you do not know much about.

Search Better

You are more likely to get better developers if you look for them at the right places. You can get many qualified developers by looking for them where they are. This might require you to attend JavaScript conferences, search online communities and Cs departments of universities. You can get a lot of talented and dedicated developers via these channels.

Ensuring That You Have Hired the Right Developer

Check for Common Mistakes

Look out for common mistakes which may arise due to complacency on the part of the developer. Ensure that your team avoids making these mistakes and that they take full responsibility for the quality of their work.

Ensure they Follow Best Practices

Enquire about the tools your employees are using and make sure they use the best tool required by a particular problem the proper way. Make sure they are knowledgeable about the workflow and technology interfaces of your team.

7 Golden Rules for Hiring Unity Developers

Mobile games development has transformed the gaming industry. The market is projected to hit the $45 million mark by 2025 and a lot of people are now exploring the possibility of making fortune in that market. A lot of investors really do not have what it takes to build creative games capable of meeting market demands, hence they resort to hiring unity developers to do the work.

In this article, we talk about the questions you need to ask before recruiting a unity developer.

Are You a Gamer?

It is necessary to know whether your developer is also a gamer. It would not be sufficient to be able to write games if the developer does not play games because he will not be able to identify the demands of gamers.

What is your Relevant Experience?

You must know that not all experience is relevant and that experience, when it comes to game development, does not necessarily mean the years spent as a developer. If a developer has 20 years’ experience in the job, it does not make him more qualified for your VR game than another with 10 years. For instance, the former could be more experienced in the development of computer games for desktops and consoles rather than 3D- gaming for mobiles. Therefore, a developer with 5 years’ experience in developing mobile games will be more qualified to do your work.

You must also ensure that he has requisite experience in the particular genre of game that you want to develop. For example, if the developer is an expert in romance-based games while you intend to develop an adventure game, such a developer would not be the perfect man for your job. Therefore, it not just the experience that really matters, but that which is related to the task you have at hand.

Can You Describe Your Development Process?

Ask the candidate to talk about the development process. It is not quite easy to build modern games and a developer has to have a process they follow from the beginning of their project up till after they finish the development in order for the project to proceed hitch-free.

What Pricing Model do You Use?

There are two main models of pricing that developers employ: fixed-price and time-and-materials. Knowing the model of your potential developer will help you plan financially and avoid a developer you cannot afford. There is no better option between the two, and a combination of factors – usually the budget and game specifications – will determine which type to opt for.

Are You a Lone Developer or Do You Have a Team?

If the developer works in a team, it is good to ask him to describe how the team works. Some teams are not necessarily a single unit but rather a loose network of independent individuals who assist each other. For developers who work alone, you must consider the efficiency of a lone worker with respect to the complexity of your project.

Which Platform Do You Target?

Gamers now want games that can be played across multiple platforms. Expert developers usually build games that can satisfy this demand. If a developer cannot do this, it would not be the wisest thing to recruit them.

Do You Assist with Marketing and Distribution?

Marketing and distribution are essential and you should inquire from your developer if they can provide assistance regarding this when they finish their work. This will help you to plan on how you will market the finished product.