A developer is someone who structures the inside and out of a website. They are saddled with the responsibilities to know which suitable language to use for developing a specific website. They are conversant with one programming languages or the other.

However, the choice of a developer to hire can either make or mar your IT company. So, most companies have a diverse way of hiring developers. It can be through recruitment agencies such as reputable freelancing website or manual CV submission.

Whichever method you choose to hire, it is better you get yourself acquainted with the merit and demerit of these methods so as to avoid howlers.

Here, we expose common mistakes that you can make when hiring a developer.

Poor Research

As an employer, your concern when hiring a developer should not be on the pay alone. Rather you must be able to take an in-depth look at some major factors such as expertise, review and portfolio check. If the developer does not match the following factors, then it is better to let go of such a developer.

Little or No interview

According to Merriam web star dictionary, an interview is a formal consultation usually to evaluate the qualification of a prospective employee. It is also a means of selecting a viable candidate amid the less viable. When you want to hire a developer endeavor to conduct a proper interview. Ensure you are conversant with the niche or else you might be fool by mere discretion. Hire someone who is a geek in the niche to hold the interview on your behalf.

Besides this, you should have the proper infrastructure to assess their skills. This can be in the form of short coding test that must be completed in a nick of time.

Trivializing Credentials

Often times, we fall into the habit of trivializing developers’ credentials. This will never do you any good. Imagine you hire someone who has no practical experience of what it takes to develop a website. It is important you delve into their credentials to be able to remove the wheat from the shaft.

 Myth About Local Developers Being the Best Alternative

Please debunk this! What is the essence of reckoning only a local developer can create a well-structured website? When you know that your end goal is to create a robust website or apps and most of the local developers are inept. It is better you go a thousand mile to source for capable developers.

Hiring Inexperienced Developers

Often times, experience is the best teacher. Some companies rather go for inexperienced developers in other to maximize their profits. It is quite deleterious to your business. Better break the bank to hire capable and efficient developers to avoid constant issues from inept developers.

Overwhelming A Single Developer

In recent time, the division of labor is fast going into extinction. To get the best out of your developers, it is better to learn how to break work into segments and allocate it to different developers in your team instead of overwhelming a single developer. Hire more developers if you are in short of developers in your team.

Budgeted vs Skilled Developers

As we all know that money is the driving force behind the hiring process. Many companies hire novice while some go for an experienced developer. The gulf between skilled developers and budgeted developers are quite enormous. In other to produce effective results it is better you opt for skilled developers.

First Come/ First Serve Policy

Do you hire through manual CV submission? Or through online recruitment platform? Whichever way you choose to hire; it is better you permit several applicants to apply before hiring. This will allow you to properly select viable candidates.

Anticipating Fast Outcome from Developers

You should know by now that developers seeking a job are always desperate. They promise quick turnaround in no time so as to secure employment. To develop an app or web is not a day job and require team coming together to get things done. Instead of falling prey to these fake developers, take your time to look for developers who are trustworthy and reliable.


Hiring Someone with No Experience in The Niche

The biggest mistake we often make is putting the square peg in the round hole. Hiring developers with no experience in the required niche is tantamount to putting the square peg in the round hole.