Mobile games development has transformed the gaming industry. The market is projected to hit the $45 million mark by 2025 and a lot of people are now exploring the possibility of making fortune in that market. A lot of investors really do not have what it takes to build creative games capable of meeting market demands, hence they resort to hiring unity developers to do the work.

In this article, we talk about the questions you need to ask before recruiting a unity developer.

Are You a Gamer?

It is necessary to know whether your developer is also a gamer. It would not be sufficient to be able to write games if the developer does not play games because he will not be able to identify the demands of gamers.

What is your Relevant Experience?

You must know that not all experience is relevant and that experience, when it comes to game development, does not necessarily mean the years spent as a developer. If a developer has 20 years’ experience in the job, it does not make him more qualified for your VR game than another with 10 years. For instance, the former could be more experienced in the development of computer games for desktops and consoles rather than 3D- gaming for mobiles. Therefore, a developer with 5 years’ experience in developing mobile games will be more qualified to do your work.

You must also ensure that he has requisite experience in the particular genre of game that you want to develop. For example, if the developer is an expert in romance-based games while you intend to develop an adventure game, such a developer would not be the perfect man for your job. Therefore, it not just the experience that really matters, but that which is related to the task you have at hand.

Can You Describe Your Development Process?

Ask the candidate to talk about the development process. It is not quite easy to build modern games and a developer has to have a process they follow from the beginning of their project up till after they finish the development in order for the project to proceed hitch-free.

What Pricing Model do You Use?

There are two main models of pricing that developers employ: fixed-price and time-and-materials. Knowing the model of your potential developer will help you plan financially and avoid a developer you cannot afford. There is no better option between the two, and a combination of factors – usually the budget and game specifications – will determine which type to opt for.

Are You a Lone Developer or Do You Have a Team?

If the developer works in a team, it is good to ask him to describe how the team works. Some teams are not necessarily a single unit but rather a loose network of independent individuals who assist each other. For developers who work alone, you must consider the efficiency of a lone worker with respect to the complexity of your project.

Which Platform Do You Target?

Gamers now want games that can be played across multiple platforms. Expert developers usually build games that can satisfy this demand. If a developer cannot do this, it would not be the wisest thing to recruit them.

Do You Assist with Marketing and Distribution?

Marketing and distribution are essential and you should inquire from your developer if they can provide assistance regarding this when they finish their work. This will help you to plan on how you will market the finished product.