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How to Find and Hire a Desktop Applications Developer

If you want to find and hire a desktop application developer, the first thing to do is identify the kind of programmer you need.  There is a difference between a desktop application and a mobile application and, while the demand for mobile application developers is strong, the demand for programmers who can work in the desktop area is even stronger.

Now that you know the difference between developers and decided you need one that works desktop applications here are some steps toward hiring:

Understand the developer’s challenges. Showing an interest in the work and becoming familiar with the “jargon” is beneficial to the two of you.  Although each developer has his/her style of working, some challenges are shared.

  • Developing applications that seamlessly work across several platforms. It’s one of the daily challenges.
  • Choosing the right technologies for the job
  • Python provides flexibility, but there are others from which to choose
  • Distributed applications need to be created and managed so that multiple users have access to the same software at the same time.  This is not only convenient for the developer but is one of the most significant challenges for the desktop application developer.

Now that you know what type of developer you need and can understand the challenges well enough to discuss the work. It’s time to find one.

  • First of all, ignore scouring social networks.  Programmers don’t (for the most part) spend time socializing with members ignorant of application development.  Instead, head for the appropriate forums
  • MSDN forums are the go-to sites for desktop developers who build Windows applications.
  • The Apple Development Forums is for programmers who develop for Mac desktops.
  • Linux forums provide abundant Linux-specific information.

Developers who build apps for multiple operating systems rely on Objective-C, Java. Ruby, and Python forums.

The competition is rough, but armed with a little knowledge makes the finding and hiring easier.



Top Mistakes Made When Hiring a Dedicated Developer

A developer is someone who structures the inside and out of a website. They are saddled with the responsibilities to know which suitable language to use for developing a specific website. They are conversant with one programming languages or the other.

However, the choice of a developer to hire can either make or mar your IT company. So, most companies have a diverse way of hiring developers. It can be through recruitment agencies such as reputable freelancing website or manual CV submission.

Whichever method you choose to hire, it is better you get yourself acquainted with the merit and demerit of these methods so as to avoid howlers.

Here, we expose common mistakes that you can make when hiring a developer.

Poor Research

As an employer, your concern when hiring a developer should not be on the pay alone. Rather you must be able to take an in-depth look at some major factors such as expertise, review and portfolio check. If the developer does not match the following factors, then it is better to let go of such a developer.

Little or No interview

According to Merriam web star dictionary, an interview is a formal consultation usually to evaluate the qualification of a prospective employee. It is also a means of selecting a viable candidate amid the less viable. When you want to hire a developer endeavor to conduct a proper interview. Ensure you are conversant with the niche or else you might be fool by mere discretion. Hire someone who is a geek in the niche to hold the interview on your behalf.

Besides this, you should have the proper infrastructure to assess their skills. This can be in the form of short coding test that must be completed in a nick of time.

Trivializing Credentials

Often times, we fall into the habit of trivializing developers’ credentials. This will never do you any good. Imagine you hire someone who has no practical experience of what it takes to develop a website. It is important you delve into their credentials to be able to remove the wheat from the shaft.

 Myth About Local Developers Being the Best Alternative

Please debunk this! What is the essence of reckoning only a local developer can create a well-structured website? When you know that your end goal is to create a robust website or apps and most of the local developers are inept. It is better you go a thousand mile to source for capable developers.

Hiring Inexperienced Developers

Often times, experience is the best teacher. Some companies rather go for inexperienced developers in other to maximize their profits. It is quite deleterious to your business. Better break the bank to hire capable and efficient developers to avoid constant issues from inept developers.

Overwhelming A Single Developer

In recent time, the division of labor is fast going into extinction. To get the best out of your developers, it is better to learn how to break work into segments and allocate it to different developers in your team instead of overwhelming a single developer. Hire more developers if you are in short of developers in your team.

Budgeted vs Skilled Developers

As we all know that money is the driving force behind the hiring process. Many companies hire novice while some go for an experienced developer. The gulf between skilled developers and budgeted developers are quite enormous. In other to produce effective results it is better you opt for skilled developers.

First Come/ First Serve Policy

Do you hire through manual CV submission? Or through online recruitment platform? Whichever way you choose to hire; it is better you permit several applicants to apply before hiring. This will allow you to properly select viable candidates.

Anticipating Fast Outcome from Developers

You should know by now that developers seeking a job are always desperate. They promise quick turnaround in no time so as to secure employment. To develop an app or web is not a day job and require team coming together to get things done. Instead of falling prey to these fake developers, take your time to look for developers who are trustworthy and reliable.


Hiring Someone with No Experience in The Niche

The biggest mistake we often make is putting the square peg in the round hole. Hiring developers with no experience in the required niche is tantamount to putting the square peg in the round hole.






The Top Five Tips for Recruiting App Developers

As your establishment expands, it will become necessary for you to increase the number of staff in order to cope with growing responsibilities and improve efficiency. This is because the current number of developers would be inadequate to manage all the projects you have at hand.

You would certainly want to hire people you can trust, who are efficient, motivated and creative. And since there will not be enough time for you to embark on staff training, you will want to go for workers who are already ground in the profession. You will get to know this by following some recruitment procedures.

Why recruit?

There are many answers to these questions. But as simple as the question seems the answers are not so straightforward. You might need to replace a member of the team. For example, if you are a small-scale development team, the members of the team will often keep changing because some people will want to explore other options after one or two projects together. One niggling concern is that bringing a new member to the team might be the equivalent of adopting a stranger into a family – the balance, dynamics, synergy, and synchronization of the team may be jeopardized. However, on a business level, you must not harbor a mentality like this. A certain set of programming skills – which no one in the team has – might just be the exact thing needed to keep the team in operation and you will definitely need other people to fill this role.

Some other time, recruiting is done in order to increase the workforce. Perhaps, you are contracted to work on two different apps simultaneously and the members are not sufficient enough to handle the jobs at the same time, then it becomes imperative to add new members to the team.

However, irrespective of the reason for which you decide to recruit, you must put it at the back of your mind that the purpose of recruiting is to get the best person for the job. In this article, we talk about how to go about it.

1.) Know What You Are Looking for and What Your Expectation

Be prepared. Try to figure out exactly what the role is all about and the duties such a role would imply; then outline the exact requirements you want from a candidate for that particular role before publicizing the vacancy. Never forget that the developer you want to hire is one that will fit into your team, and you have to put everything in place, in terms of preparation, if you want to get that perfect developer.

2.) Know Where to Look for Developers

A lot of companies – including the big ones – make the mistake of putting IP adverts in the wrong places. Eventually, they get overwhelmed with too many applications, most of which are from people who are clueless about app development. Try to look for app developers at places where they will be – conferences, conventions, boot camps, etc. Think of places – online platforms – where job seeking developers tend to go.

3.) Whittle Down

Try to reduce the member of applicants. Start by chopping off people with no app development background – they are usually many. You can also consider other factors such as communication and language skills, poor CV format and so on. Conduct interviews to bring down the number. There are different types of interview techniques and it is advisable to ask questions based on what the applicant has written in their CV.

4.) Remember to Make Your Job the Best Job

Make the job attractive. Let the applicants know that you are zealous and passionate about the job and that they will be working with a motivated group of people. You might also include the pay package and incentives.

5.) Knowing The Ropes

Recruitment is important. When fishing for talent, do not forget that the person will eventually become a member of the team. In order to avoid clashes or discontent among members, make sure the person is perfect for that role.