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7 Characteristics You Need In a New Software Developer

For your company to succeed in today’s world, an excellent software engineer is crucial. While many are focusing on the coding abilities by using software and tests, they still need to pay attention to the more traditional qualities. If your candidate has passed all the coding assessments, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the following 7 traits.


This can be said about any job, but a programmer who isn’t passionate about software and codes is not going to be very effective. They need to be in this job for more than just the money if you want outstanding results. Many programmers see programming as part of who they are, a hobby as well as a job. They are constantly stepping out of their comfort zones and excited about exploring new technology. They do this because they want to, not because it is part of their job description.

Pay attention

A good programmer needs to show great passion for the IT industry, but they also need to know when to reign the passion in and stay focused. This focus has to be on the short-term and long-term objectives. Everybody wants the best from their developers but not with risks. Those who aren’t focused may try to insert the most modern idea into a program where it is completely unnecessary. This puts his or her personal interest above the main focus of the team’s.

A quick, independent learner

The IT industry moves at a pace like no other. New ideas, concepts, and technologies are constantly coming into play and your hire needs to be able to keep up with all of this without constant reminders from you. It is important they are able to learn new programming skills without additional support or lessons from other members of staff. If your programmer can’t keep up with the latest innovations, nor will your company.

(Sub-) Domain expert

Companies have moved away from hiring what are known as ‘generalists’. They have a general knowledge of computer science and many different types of technologies, with probably one favorite. A generalist web developer will have a good grasp of front and back-end development but they won’t be up to date with the best techniques for either. With the speed of this industry, it is almost impossible to keep up with all that is new in every area. So it is more common for companies to seek specialized talent but also with a solid knowledge of the fundamentals and their domain. An ideal candidate will have expert knowledge of the sub-domain required of them. For this reason, you need to consider specific testing for the skills the job will require.

Team player

It is highly unlikely that you will find two developers that will come up with the same solution for a problem. They are very individual in their own style. Nevertheless, they need to be able to adjust their individuality to suit the dynamics of the whole team. The code that one developer writes will have to be worked on by others in the team, so their style can be unique as long as it is logical. The documentation they write should also be understandable to others in the team. Being part of a team is also about handling feedback in an appropriate manner. This is not something you can spot in an interview, so keep an eye out for this trait early on.

Problem Solving

Essentially, problem-solving is the job of a programmer. It’s not just about solving the problem, engineers need to be able to first identify the problem. Finally, they need to be able to solve the problem with eagerness and speed. For some employers, there is nothing worse than someone who complains about problems. Problems that might have to be faced include bugs, scalability, or handling the increased demand.


As a carpenter would marvel his handmade wardrobe, a programmer should be proud of his/her work. Each code must be well-considered and tested with a huge amount of effort gone into the details. A good craftsman will consider the deadline without sacrificing quality. One thing is having the skill, another thing is having creativity.

It can be challenging finding your perfect developer, especially if you are feeling the pressure of time. Staffing partners like StaffAugmentation have years of experience finding quality cultural and technical fits for a variety of companies. Our recruiters are trained to acquire talented and qualified employees to ensure the most effective staffing solutions for you. Posting and advertising the position, background checks, employment verification, testing, and screening, checking references, —all these tasks will be taken care of the staffing agency, freeing you up to focus on more important day-to-day company operations. By taking the appropriate steps to align work goals, performance, and character, there is a greater employer/employee satisfaction and therefore better retention.


Using Staffing Agencies To Resolve Your Hiring Issues

It may creep up on you but all of a sudden you will find yourself short of staff. The size of the issue is irrelevant; it could be the need for a large number of people or for just a few specialized roles. Either way, there isn’t the time available for you to find the necessary staff. And all the time you spend searching for hires is time wasted on more crucial business matters.

A staffing agency will literally save your bacon! You can find the particular staff you need and at the same time, your output and income won’t suffer. We are going to explain how a staffing agency can solve staffing issues within a business.

Joining Your Business With Qualified Workers

The hiring process can be long and costly and sometimes not an option, particularly if you work in a seasonal industry such as hotels. A staffing agency has numerous specialized workers ready to fill vacant positions. When you use a staffing agency you will ensure that your current staff aren’t overworked and/or working additional hours.

If your project requires a certain skill set, an agency will have a wide range of extremely qualified hires that are ready to begin your project. This means that your staff won’t need to attempt tasks that are beyond their skills.

Imagine you have a new project that is due to take a short period of time and your team is available and able to complete it. However, you are missing someone who is able to lead the project. A staffing agency will have a project manager that ticks all of your requirements.

Staffing Agencies Can Fill High Priority Positions

If one of your crucial team members leaves without warning, it can have a huge effect on the daily running of your business. In a panic, you will be tempted to fill the position with someone who may not be the most ideal.

Staffing agencies will be able to provide you with managerial staff with the qualifications and experience to keep your business running. In some cases, you will find that the agency worker is the perfect fit for your team and you might be able to negotiate a deal with the staffing agency. By doing so it is like having a candidate on a trial period without the stress and cost of searching for someone to fill the role. Normally, the specialized staff from an agency will require little training so productivity will be back up and running with minimal disturbance.

Staffing Agencies Taking Away Time Consuming Jobs

Hiring staff requires more than just an interview. There is the payroll, taxes, contracts and much more. Not only will the work get done with temporary staff but the agency will take on those jobs involved with hiring people that take too much of your time, freeing you up to dedicate your time to more crucial areas of your business. This is a great advantage if you do not feel you are in the right financial situation to hire permanent staff or if you need a large number of employees.


10 Advantages of Utilizing a Staffing Agency

Every now and again, a company will receive a huge wave of extra work, whether in the form of new contracts or seasonal work. The first decision a company has to make is whether they can fill the extra positions created or if it is time to use a staffing agency. We will look at 10 reasons why a staffing agency will make your life easier.

Being able to test the water before committing- It is important that all new hires get on well with the rest of the team in order to achieve maximum results. It is also crucial to know if the hire has adequate skills to complete the necessary task. Both of these are very difficult to discover in an interview. With a staffing agency, if the hire doesn’t fit in with the team or if they aren’t able to meet the standards, you can have them replaced. It is not only beneficial for the employer but also for the employee. Both parties can decide if the position is suitable without concerns for the long term.

Having access to expert skills and roles for the short term- Sometimes a new project will require a set of skills that your team does not have. An agency can refine their search for the specific skills you are looking for, this person can come in to complete that particular part of the task and there is no fear of having to find them more work afterward.

Being able to level out resources- There is a similar theory to the point we made before with expert skills. When a company doesn’t have the resources available to complete a project, an agency will be able to provide a source for the short term.

Speedy way to find employees without the stress- The hiring process is one that takes more work and effort than most people realize. As well as the time and stress, it can be costly. This is particularly counter-productive for short-term placements. An agency will take away all of this stress as well as handling the excessive paperwork.

Avoiding ACA limits- Once a company has 50 employees they are obliged to provide their employees with health insurance. Small or new companies may not have the means to do this and this is where an agency is a big advantage. Using contractors through an agency means the work gets done but you are not actually employing the staff.

Costs are categorized differently- When you use staff through an agency, the cost can be allocated to a project and then capitalized. The cost is related to the hours they work on a project. An employee contracted will work an eight hour day but how many of those hours can be associated with the project itself?

More talent available- Agencies will always have workers waiting for jobs. For a company to have the same potential number of qualified candidates, it would need to be constantly advertising. Using an agency allows you to see the workers who are skilled for your specific project while filtering out those who are looking for long-term career opportunities.

Your company’s reputational problems are not involved- Even when we try our hardest to stay squeaky-clean it is possible that our company will have some problems with its reputation. While this may put candidates off who are looking for a job, a contracted worker through an agency doesn’t have the option to choose the company. They are also not interested in office politics and gossip! They arrive, do their job and are gone again.

Training at a reduced cost- Who wouldn’t want to hire an expert in the industry to come in and train your existing team? Unfortunately, this is not always in our budget. An expert contractor can train others in your team and share valuable insights without you having to pay extra.

Reduce or eliminate firing- It’s probably the worst part of being the boss! Whether it’s because of a lack of capital or the position isn’t working out, at some point, you may need to fire someone. Agency workers are not worried about losing their job because they know it is limited to the project. You will not feel the pressure of having to maintain a position.


4 Causes for Not Meeting Project Deadlines

 We are accustomed to setting deadlines- from completing a project for a client or a simple to do list at home. There is a great amount of satisfaction when we reach our deadlines but in some cases we miss them. Slack time is the amount of time a project can be delayed without having a knock-on effect on other projects. While it is nice to allow for slack time, some projects won’t allow for any room to breathe and may result in projects not being completed on time. While not meeting each and every deadline isn’t the end of the world, it might be a warning sign that the project is in danger.

When you notice you have missed a couple of deadlines it is time to take serious action so that no more are missed. Not meeting more may lead to your customers losing their confidence in you, not to mention you end up in some rather uncomfortable meetings with the big bosses!

When it’s a recurring problem

Missing the odd deadline is understandable. There are factors that we may not have taken into consideration that cause us to fall behind. However, when this is something that starts happening on a regular basis and your team is continuously fighting to get back on track or you feel like the only words coming out of your mouth are apologies, then it is time to change your process.

It’s confusing, your team is well oiled and functions together as a group and it would appear that your process is outstanding but your deadlines are still missed.

What we sometimes fail to think about is the effects this has on the customer. You are frustrated but they are growing more concerned about the reliability of the company and their customer satisfaction is falling. From a customer’s point of view, it seems you have no control over your own project.

Missing deadlines is normally due to one of the following four reasons. By taking a close look at them and seeing how you can adjust your process could be all you need to get you back on track with meeting and completing deadlines and maintaining customer satisfaction.

  1. Setting unattainable deadlines

As a project manager (again, regardless of its size) we sometimes feel obligated to set deadlines to suit others. Perhaps the client wants it sooner than you had expected or managers are putting pressure on you to complete the project earlier. While it is tempting to fold to this pressure, it is crucial that you set the deadlines based on your knowledge of the project’s progression. Adjusting project deadlines should only be done in order to reach the target date and not because of added pressure.

  1. Lack of resources

Each project has a certain amount of resources and an allocated budget. By throwing extra resources at a project may just blow the budget. However, in the odd case, a project does need more! Before you start spending in the hope of meeting the next deadline you ought to really analysis the case and decide if this is the solution to be able to meet the deadline. Extra resources will require extra funding so you will have to ask either the customer or your company.

  1. Overloaded staff

On many occasions, the staff is overloaded and are unable to complete their tasks. There might be a lack of direction coming from management or they are unable to prioritize their workload. Two ways to overcome this are to either improve communication (the staff needs to be able to tell you that they cannot complete set tasks) or the supervisors need to negotiate the staff’s time, discussing which tasks are more important.

Both of these issues are easily resolved by improving communication throughout all levels of the project. It is important that everyone is refocused on the project. Think about the budget and whether it is necessary to bring in more resources in order to get back on track.

  1. Not having the right skill sets available

It is possible that the team are not quite able to complete tasks or projects because they are missing some expertise or knowledge. Communication is also necessary here, as you will find out by asking if they need assistance or alternative resources. It might be beneficial to speak the supervisors to get a clearer picture. It is another case where speed is of the essence. You might need to replace resources and if so this will affect your budget, be prepared to adjust it!

If you want to complete a project successfully on time in a cost-effective style and without giving you headaches, then hiring a dedicated team is your best option.


Jump Start Uncommon Tasks with Contract Staffing

In each business, there are times when you have a basic task that should be finished, however you might not have representatives with the correct abilities or the accessibility to deal with it. In this circumstance, contract staffing might be the ideal answer. By utilizing contract staffing to bring locally available another colleague (or a whole group), your organization secures the abilities and the focal point of new faculty without a long haul promise to bring workers installed full time. Also, you don’t need to upset the work process of your present representatives by pulling them far from significant obligations or burdening them with extra time hours.

Contract Staffing Conveys the Aptitudes You Need 

In many cases, an interesting venture that should be finished may require abilities that your present workers essentially don’t have. This bodes good things being what they are. Your workers have been prepared for the undertakings and obligations that you know to expect all the time; an exceptional task is nearly by definition something that is outside of the standard of their ordinary duties. Certainly, you could prepare existing staff to take on these new jobs, yet on the off chance that the task is impermanent in nature, this is frequently not savvy. Contract staffing gives you a chance to expedite new ability that may even have some expertise in precisely the region you are searching for, sparing your time and most likely delivering the best quality outcomes.

Keeping up Spotlight on the Undertaking       

Another extraordinary preferred position to utilizing contract staffing for your unique activities is the laser-like center that these people will bring to the ventures to which they are allocated. Since your unique undertaking is their selective center, these new colleagues can think the majority of their vitality and consideration on finishing it.

Try not to Give Full-Time Staff Whiplash

Pulling your full-time staff from their normal obligations to take a shot at transitory tasks can likewise have an aggregate negative effect after some time. When you need to move your perpetual workers from their standard obligations to a unique undertaking and afterward back again various occasions through the span of a year it can leave them feeling directionless, without a reasonable feeling of your organization’s general vision and their job in it.

The Full Expenses of Extra time Work

Numerous organizations approach the issue of extraordinary ventures by just having their present representatives’ stay at work past 40 hours to achieve them. For hourly laborers, the solid expenses of this methodology are clear: powerful extra time pay costs. Be that as it may, there are numerous different expenses too, notwithstanding for specialists who don’t meet all requirements for extra time pay. There are several concealed expenses of having your changeless staff work additional hours to finish unique undertakings notwithstanding their normal outstanding task at hand, instead of utilizing contract staffing to deal with these activities

Keeping up Spotlight on the Venture

At StaffAugmntation we have a far-reaching database of qualified experts who are prepared to work immediately and will get down to business at your organization. Our group of agreement staffing representatives has an assorted exhibit of aptitudes that you can give something to do on your exceptional activities promptly, empowering you to finish them rapidly and proficiently. Try not to overburden your current workforce with exceptional tasks for which they have practically zero aptitudes or time to finish; let StaffAugmntation help you bring installed gifted contract staffing experts when and where you need them.


4 Ways to Win Over Passive Candidates.

Statistics according to Linkedin’s hiring, shows that the percentage of people seeking new jobs actively is only 30%. This implies that a bigger percentage of 70 LinkedIn users are just passive. It, therefore, takes more than just posting a job ad to capture their attention.

These passive candidates need to be shown by you that you have exhausted your research. They need to know that at your company, their life will actually be better without doubts. This can only be achieved within the hiring processes period by simply adjusting on your approach.

There are several factors to achieve this with variance from one person to another. Caption passive candidates attention is more of an art than science.

The main fundamentals which apply to assist you to increase your chances in standing out amongst competitors are discussed down below:

  • Strengthen your employer brand by use of videos.

Working towards attracting these candidates is solely dependent on your ability to strengthen the brand of your employers. Everything discussed in this article will only be effective if you are able to make your employer brand resonate with whatever these candidates are looking for. Is this upcoming opportunity worth risking my current role? This is the question asked by every passive candidate. The brand of your employer should be able to give this question a positive response which is only possible and effective by using a video. The videos are useful in that they will be able to grab their attention without the struggle. It is, therefore, necessary to adapt to using videos as a tool of showing candidates the daily adorable life within your company. The video helps in featuring your employees as they talk about reasons why they joined the company and the most adorable aspects they love about their jobs.

  • Be in a position to offer what they can’t get in their current role.

Trust me, passive candidates are 100% unlikely to run from their current role to unknown place with a similar position. The only way your opportunity will attract their attention is by being unique. It is high time you do a thorough research when you find a candidate with excellent skills. Be a detective and find out about the limitations within their current role, such as underpayment, poor environment, limited growth, and opportunities, among others.

  • Invest time in genuine personalization.

Cookie-cutters do a great job but have failed in engaging these candidates. Assume that you are them, will you drop whatever you are doing to respond to a message which seems like it has been sent to a hundred more people? No. the only way to show people that you care is by personalizing messages since it shows that you’ve actually taken your time to research them. This with no doubts will definitely increase the rate of responses.

  • For convenience, use videos to interview.

Time has become a major factor these days and convincing these candidates to create time and attend the interview is a very big challenge. Only 1% of these passive candidates are willing to make that kind of sacrifice in reality. Use videos to make your hiring processes convenient for them from them.













Gen Z Takeover and 4 Other Trends Driving the Second Half of 2019.

The budgets of salary projects to grow by 3.2% average this year from 3.1% which was last in the US following the unemployment at a 49 year. There is the growth of labor which is felt by the employers since 6.9 million went unfilled last years.  This is number is still predicted to even grow more in 2019 and the industries are most affected include the education services, health services, professional, as well as the business services.

Gen Z university class this spring has graduated to fill the workforce. The LinkedIn recent research shows that the web designers specifically for women and software tester for gentlemen are growing the fastest. Again, we cannot avoid the fact that ten thousand people get to 65 on a daily basis, meaning 5.7 million jobs are likely to be available over the coming 7 years which will be taken over by individuals above 55 years of age.

With changes in the labor markets, the infrastructure which supports it changes too. The HR technology in the last five years has realized an innovative race, consolidations which are big as well as the proliferation of startups. In Europe, there is also new legislation such as the GDPR whose function is to the forefront of the security of data. In breaking them down further, let us what is likely to happen:

  • The start of Gen Z takeover.

The cohorts of millennial have been taken into the fold by every employer. The biggest workforce now is the new generation of people born between 1981 and 1996 and they need to be welcomed by every employer. Gen Z the truest digital natives of all these new generations, is supposed to make a representation of 40% at least, of consumers by 2020. This potentially influences an annual family expenditure of $166 to $333. Some of the features which define them include; seeking honesty, entrepreneurial, among many others.

  • The new norm is remote work.

Remote work is being enjoyed by a large number of employees with productivity increase. These remote employees according to research are known for putting in a whole day of work with no commute disturbances. This has reduced attrition of employees and the operational costs by huge numbers.

  • Digital and consumer-grade HR.

With all honesty, the employees and the employers will continue to seek a tech work-place which is friendly to the user. For the HR solutions, they are forced to be cloud-based fully, mobile-enabled having the end user in mind at all times.

  • Competition about the benefits felt by employers.

This may be hectic for businesses which are small in size and those lacking recognition name by big companies. All the benefits offered by these businesses need to be a lot of creativity such as work arrangements which are flexible, support with student loans, and offering health programs.

  • Delivering against diversity.

This is where the employers are supposed to make expansion on the pool of talents. This entails pipelines being built for candidates who are not well represented and the ones who are traditional.

Moving to 2020, a lot of changes will be available for sure.


3 Ways to Be Sure You’ve Hired the Perfect WordPress Developer for Your Project

Most business owners face various challenges and disappointment from developers they hired to perform a particular task or project. These inexperienced businessmen are not sure whether developer possesses the qualities needed to execute a project successfully.

Handling a WordPress project requires a whole lot of professionalism, so you cannot joke with the level of expertise your developer profess to have. There is a need to do a thorough finding of what the developer you are intending to hire is capable of doing. The potential developers must, however, possess some key values like:

  • ability to measure up to product specification
  • ability to produce to satisfy and meet deadlines
  • ability to design cost-effective products
  • ability to cooperate with production conditions

To know if a developer can meet these demands, you will have to subject him/her to these three conditions. This will help you make the decision of whether to hire or look out for other better developers.

  1. Check for overall weak signals

When a developer lacks basic skills such as communication skill, attention to details, proper time management and most importantly trackable records of successful projects. It is advisable to stay away from such a developer.

Background check for weak signals helps you know the developers chance of rendering good service. This is essential to the success and growth of your business.

  1. Test the deliverables but pay attention to details as well

Another way to be sure you have hired the perfect WordPress developer is to test and compare deliverables. Avoid taking feedback hook line and sinker. Check whether the deliverables measure to a specification. You will as well need to pay attention to how and why for deliverables. Can changes be made without failure and how efficient is your final product?  This is the questions that must be answered to ensure you hire the perfect developer. This details will help you track your business progress and the factor that fuels it.

  1. Conduct a one-time review

Code review implies checking or running your code in the light of ensuring it meets your customers’ satisfaction. This process helps you to scrutinize the behavior of your code. The reviewer who may be a third party developer checks the code based on the key operation you intend it to perform. This enables you to:

  • know whether requirements are met upon implementation
  • know quickly if changes could be made without losing codes key features
  • know whether the project conditions are not violated upon implementation
  • determine if you will be faced with a security threat

Once the review gave a safe signal, you can be sure you have hired the best developer.

How to Mitigate the Serviceman Approach from Developers?

A serviceman attitude is when one condemns other men services to gain the favor of the job owner. Most developers exhibit this attitude and you must watch out for their tactics to avoid being trick into believing they can offer the best service. You can mitigate these deceptive approaches by doing a thorough testimonial search, recommendation study and so on. Check out for sensitive keywords in their testimonial before hiring the developer.










But you need not to worry anymore, this are ways you

Top Mistakes Made When Hiring a Dedicated Developer

A developer is someone who structures the inside and out of a website. They are saddled with the responsibilities to know which suitable language to use for developing a specific website. They are conversant with one programming languages or the other.

However, the choice of a developer to hire can either make or mar your IT company. So, most companies have a diverse way of hiring developers. It can be through recruitment agencies such as reputable freelancing website or manual CV submission.

Whichever method you choose to hire, it is better you get yourself acquainted with the merit and demerit of these methods so as to avoid howlers.

Here, we expose common mistakes that you can make when hiring a developer.

Poor Research

As an employer, your concern when hiring a developer should not be on the pay alone. Rather you must be able to take an in-depth look at some major factors such as expertise, review and portfolio check. If the developer does not match the following factors, then it is better to let go of such a developer.

Little or No interview

According to Merriam web star dictionary, an interview is a formal consultation usually to evaluate the qualification of a prospective employee. It is also a means of selecting a viable candidate amid the less viable. When you want to hire a developer endeavor to conduct a proper interview. Ensure you are conversant with the niche or else you might be fool by mere discretion. Hire someone who is a geek in the niche to hold the interview on your behalf.

Besides this, you should have the proper infrastructure to assess their skills. This can be in the form of short coding test that must be completed in a nick of time.

Trivializing Credentials

Often times, we fall into the habit of trivializing developers’ credentials. This will never do you any good. Imagine you hire someone who has no practical experience of what it takes to develop a website. It is important you delve into their credentials to be able to remove the wheat from the shaft.

 Myth About Local Developers Being the Best Alternative

Please debunk this! What is the essence of reckoning only a local developer can create a well-structured website? When you know that your end goal is to create a robust website or apps and most of the local developers are inept. It is better you go a thousand mile to source for capable developers.

Hiring Inexperienced Developers

Often times, experience is the best teacher. Some companies rather go for inexperienced developers in other to maximize their profits. It is quite deleterious to your business. Better break the bank to hire capable and efficient developers to avoid constant issues from inept developers.

Overwhelming A Single Developer

In recent time, the division of labor is fast going into extinction. To get the best out of your developers, it is better to learn how to break work into segments and allocate it to different developers in your team instead of overwhelming a single developer. Hire more developers if you are in short of developers in your team.

Budgeted vs Skilled Developers

As we all know that money is the driving force behind the hiring process. Many companies hire novice while some go for an experienced developer. The gulf between skilled developers and budgeted developers are quite enormous. In other to produce effective results it is better you opt for skilled developers.

First Come/ First Serve Policy

Do you hire through manual CV submission? Or through online recruitment platform? Whichever way you choose to hire; it is better you permit several applicants to apply before hiring. This will allow you to properly select viable candidates.

Anticipating Fast Outcome from Developers

You should know by now that developers seeking a job are always desperate. They promise quick turnaround in no time so as to secure employment. To develop an app or web is not a day job and require team coming together to get things done. Instead of falling prey to these fake developers, take your time to look for developers who are trustworthy and reliable.


Hiring Someone with No Experience in The Niche

The biggest mistake we often make is putting the square peg in the round hole. Hiring developers with no experience in the required niche is tantamount to putting the square peg in the round hole.






11 Advantages of Hiring JavaScript Developers for Website Apps Creation 

Are you contemplating hiring JavaScript developers for your next website application? Then this is the most excellent guide for you. This article illustrates 11 advantages of engaging JavaScript developers.

The first advantage is the simple and smooth hiring process.  Numerous organizations like ours make it possible for customers to get excellent services. One can hire a JavaScript developer seamlessly. This is because it makes the hiring process smooth. This improves efficiency in the organization.

The second advantage is that a competent individual can control the design structure. Catchy design outlay is commonplace in most websites. This is what all clients would also want their apps to look like. JavaScript Developers can easily make this happen thanks to their specialization.

The third advantage is the capability to handle uncomplicated demands instantly. Perfect JavaScript programming is usually linked to passion among specialists. From such passion, a perfect, timely and efficient website is a guarantee.

The fourth benefit is the timely delivery of your program. JavaScript developers ensure a well-timed release of your application. This is due to the fact that these programmers are very qualified and competent enough to create an effective program. They are also able to keep track of the application’s development.

The fifth advantage is the capability of JavaScript developers to come up with programs at the most cost-efficient manner.

A JavaScript developer also has vast knowledge transcending both front and back ends. This means that they can take care of the needs of both the client and the client’s customers. They are fully in the know of new technological improvements and work effectively to bring forth the best quality website products.

The seventh advantage is the capability to create a one-stop package thanks to extensive specialization in the field. A JavaScript developer is thus a library of all the qualities of website creation. Maximum benefits in web development can thus be drawn from a JavaScript specialist.

The eighth advantage is that JavaScript developer carter for all the required features about the intended website. Assignment of NDA to the website ensures privacy hence making the information protected. This is accompanied by intellectual property rights for the website products.

The ninth advantage is the capability of the JavaScript developer to upgrade the web or app. This is important to organizations as it helps secure profitability. JavaScript developers, therefore, offer up to date websites.

The tenth advantage is the ability to present a high-performance website product. End-users tend to dislike slow performing websites and applications. JavaScript developers are in a position to mitigate this negatively impacting quality.

The last benefit in this list is the ability to track the performance of the developed application. Application owners have to work on improving their software from time to time. JavaScript developers are always able to provide this essentially important service.

In conclusion, if you are planning to create an online appearance for your business or revamp an old website, then you should hire JavaScript developers!