The Intimidating Scrum Master

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Honestly speaking, the name Scrum Master seems to refer to an online game character that rules the imaginary kingdom inside that game. It also sounds like every other character in that game is afraid of it due to the control and the authority the creators gave him.

Jokes aside, Scrum Master draws a lot of attention around it, not only for the name but for the role and the existence as well. The basic purpose of the Scrum Master is to build trust and empower members of the team.

Conquering Scrum, in fact, is not that hard because let’s be realistic, the path to becoming a master is really not that long, it lasts two to three days and it ends with an online test.

After taking and mastering the online tests, you get a certification and your new role takes action. Of course, everything runs smoothly but if you take the core of Scrum master into consideration you realize that its duty is to empower the team and give more quests.

You have already reached your goal so why would you like to break something so good by following its recommendations? Should Scrum Muster be ditched after reaching a good position for yourself and your team? Should you take a step back? What’s next? To be fair, Scrum Master, after all, has a responsibility to empower the team and give new tasks.

The role of the Scrum Master

No matter how simple it looks like, Scrum Master does not operate normally. Somehow it does restore confidence among the team and we know that regaining and restoring confidence is extremely hard. Why is it so special? Is it because of its tools? Is it because of its processes?

A couple of Scrum experienced people revealed that Scrum Master usually maintains its process tools, delivers reports to the team and the shareholders and updates indicators.

The Best Scrum Master – Fiction or Nonfiction?

Generally speaking, if you want a “job well done” you should hire someone qualified with tons of experience. The same applies here. The perfect Scrum Master does exist, only the path of finding it is a bit tricky. The role requires a lot of incredible organizational and leadership skills which will end up being praised.

Finding someone who can supervise and direct other workers what to do, or to put it another way someone with sky-rocketing soft skills requires calculations and long hours.

The Scrum Master is crucial for your company so, a better start by finding someone well experienced especially in this territory and someone who is easy and adaptable to change their mindset to Agile. It will be a great challenge, yes, but for teams willing to improve won’t be an extremely difficult task at all.

A lot of material is involved around the Scrum Masters and they should not be hated or ignored. Each profile should be made according to one person’s needs and it must be remembered that an Agile mindset and promotion are key points for success.