What is the reason for hiring white label developers?

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Businesses all over the world are starting to use products provided by white-label or mass-market software. The reason they are switching is very simple. The cost of development.

Custom software developers significantly increased their cost over the years. It has been estimated that about $122 billion were paid for their services in the period between 2012 and 2015. This is a big number that didn’t go well with the companies and the allowed budged. They found a solution in a short time.

Many companies recently have started to demand white label developers who make all their wishes come true and who have big experience in a lot of different areas. White label developers are present in the software platforms, in the website development, web applications, and applications.

The big demand is, in fact, the reason why many companies started to purchase. The demand for them implies that they can be trusted and that they can do excellent work. Let’s elaborate on the most important reasons below.

Why do companies use white label developers?

Startups and big organizations have one goal. To offer their partners and buyers the best services while at the same time keep their spending low. This is why white label development is the best option for them. Here are a couple of reasons why big companies hire white label website developers:

  • They easily can brand different types of products and services
  • They deliver their work in a short time
  • The work they deliver is equally acceptable to partners and corporations
  • The set-up of partnership is easier
  • Larger customer base is guaranteed
  • Decreased cost
  • They can customize anything
  • Increase sales, marketing and resell
  • Significant business reach and amazing ROI for all shareholders

Dedicated white label developers can also:

  • Increase the distribution
  • Offer custom software development
  • Offer custom application development
  • Better the user experience
  • Decrease the development time
  • Decrease the cost
  • Better SEO and social media

Their main duties include:

  • Developing, managing and then presenting unique new applications, tools and other solutions required by the corporation that hired them.
  • Branding the application and making it suitable
  • Testing the application
  • Making and updating technical documentation
  • Making responsive website designs and codes which
  • Developing APIs
  • Designing APIs
  • Monitor and improve the performance
  • Making tools according to the latest trends
  • Offering security policy
  • eCommerce websites

Five big companies shared their experience with the white label developers. Each one of them offers a successful story and tells why every corporation should consider and later implement the services. They agreed and made their business customized and branded according to the mass market platforms.

Western Union – With over $473 million revenue in 2017 Western Union is for sure one of the leading financial corporations on the globe. This company requires SEO, SMM, PPC, and white label developers to take care of them. White label developers also take care of the marketing.

Drive Time – Purchasing cars in the United States of America has been significantly easier after Drive Time Company took over. It has a lot of partners and it uses its services though white labeling as well.

High Jump Supply Chain Co – This company also offers a lot of different brands through multiple partners around the world. It has spread across 66 countries in the world and it operates successfully thanks to the help of a white label.

Santander Group – The growth this company received in a short matter of time also happened because of the white label developers. Different financial companies in the country agreed on partnership after the services of the white label were implemented.

Amazon – Amazon’s services are needed across the world. This is why it has become the leading retail store. Of course, it uses white label branding and development for millions of partners and affiliates.