WordPress is one of the world popularly known CMS platforms, and recent estimates suggest that a massive 33% of websites across the world run on WordPress. There is are numerous reasons why WordPress towers over other website development platforms.

WordPress programmers love this platform because it makes it easier for them to create small and large websites. They can become more productive by creating sites faster and more accurately than before.

But specifically, from a business perspective, what are the WordPress benefits that can enable your business to grow? Because you aren’t interested in why inventors love WordPress or why it is popularly known CMS in the world. What you are interested in is how WordPress will bring additional value to your business.

Let’s find out some answers:

  1. Flexible and Scalable to Meet Growing Business Needs

WordPress earned its stripes as a blogging site when blogging fever (personal blogs) had taken hold of the public. Since then, it started to support a range of online publishing use cases and satisfies the website requirements of diverse businesses no matter the size, scale, or scope.

One of its significant benefits is that it can be used to create a small online store and can be scaled to meet the requirements of huge, full-service e-commerce stores. From the flexibility perspective, it has few limitations, and the people behind WordPress have taken cognizance that a business needs change. Its website must be adaptable and flexible enough to walk hand-in-hand with the changes.

If you look at some of the sites built on this platform, WordPress scalability is appreciated. Names like Georgia State University, MIT Sloan Management Review, Rolling Stone, The Obama Foundation, Vogue, and The Walt Disney Company stand out, but we haven’t even sourced the surface yet. You will see that these websites need to be configured for improvement if you take a distinct look at these names.

Let’s look at WordPress scalability through a sample:

If you have a website that delivers outsourcing services and see this website growing very fast after a given point of time, the first thing you should do is get a hosting plan with horizontal scaling. Another thing you should do after your website traffic takes off makes good use of performance-enhancing plugins like caching and optimization plugins. These include WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, and more along similar lines. The whole idea behind scalability is to terminate traffic bottlenecks so that your website can deliver standard performance 24×7, 365 days a year.

  1. Themes, Themes, and Even More Themes

A significant benefit for businesses is the themes that are available for WordPress. The awareness of WordPress resulted in designers and design companies dishing out pieces that suit the requirements of companies irrespective of their interest, domain, preferences, or expectations. So also, these themes are designed by professionals who are very proficient in producing a standard kind of graphical interface that enhances the website.

A WordPress theme defines your entire site, including the design, colors, layout, navigation, and other website elements which come together to initiate an impressive user experience. There are themes available for technology sites, culture-specific sites, personal sites, and so on.

Generally, the standard theme has an ideal point set for a website belonging to your sphere. Let’s take the illustration of a small business website. The suitable theme, in this particular case, should have the following features:

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Responsiveness
  • Custom Widgets
  • Image Sliders
  • Header Layouts
  • Active Customer Support

…… And anything different that ties in with your business website requirements.

As a business proprietor, you might have ideas on how the website should look and the total website experience it needs to deliver. You convey these to the WordPress inventor. A WordPress developer must go through the plethora of themes available on the market and show these to you. You pick the theme that suits your preference.

You will have the chance of choosing from free and premium WordPress themes.

There’s no need for guessing that a free theme will have a limited set of features, while a premium theme will go any length. Now, you might feel why you should pay more money when the article is available for free.

That’s not a wrong thought to have.

But you should know that most free themes are not usually compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Also, free articles offer basic SEO, which isn’t suitable for any business site. As mentioned above, premium themes come with all the rearmost features, which will enable your website to stay ahead of its competitors.

  1. Extend Functionality through Plugins

All WordPress websites that show superior functionality are enhanced by plugins that deliver the features the website needs. Plugins offer particular functionality that site owners need their website to provide.

There is no shortage of plugins in the WordPress platform, and there is one for every need. What’s more, is any WordPress site compatible with any plugin so? If you think you need a specific feature as a business owner, all you need to do is go to WordPress or the plugin site, pick the plugin, install and enable it. No need to code it in and hope that it performs effortlessly. It will do so effortlessly because that’s what WordPress is majorly on. And that’s not all – if you don’t need that functionality, all you must do is deactivate the plugin.

Here are some plugins that enable extended functionalities:


PushEngage is an eCommerce plugin that enables businesses to leverage the power of push notifications and analytics tracking to drive sales.


It is a marketing toolkit that can develop your email list and limit your website abandonment rate. The focus is on showing the proper popup message to website visitors at the appropriate time to drive more conversions.


Your website needs contact forms to enable your prospects can get in touch with your business. With WordPress forms builder creating a client form is as easy as a simple drag and drop.

However, a website will evolve, which means you will activate/deactivate plugins throughout this lifecycle.

  1. Built-in Content Centricity

A primary reason for switching to WordPress is that it is a content operation system, and thus you do not have to worry about ease of content publishing. All WordPress websites come with a blog function accessible from all devices and can be used at the back end to publish the blogs you want. Updating website copy and images is also a breeze, and site owners do not practically have to make an effort to change as they are supposed to fit.

This easy use from the content perspective means business proprietors are not developer-dependent when streamlining the website. They can take control of the website and optimize its use.

  1. Ever Growing WordPress Community

It is one of the benefits that is incomparable to any other. WordPress is a free and open-source site supported by a growing community of WordPress-loving inventors and designers. They ensure that the WordPress source files are updated and secure. Also, the larger community is always there to assist if they face any difficulty with WordPress at any time. It will give you the exact confidence you need to invest in a WordPress website as a site owner.

Website operation is a complex task at the best of times and becomes more complicated when facing specific challenges. You have a choice as a business owner; you can either go back to your site developer to sort out the problem or look through the free support, tips, and advice available through the WordPress platform. You might be able to sort out your problem-free of cost if you choose the latter.

You can go through the WordPress Codex and document pages to look for helpful ideas on improving website performance as a business owner. You also get confidence in your WordPress website, knowing there are numerous people whose advice you can use if anything goes wrong.