What is Modern JavaScript and How to Use it?

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

There are many ways to define what JavaScript is, but we will stick to a simple and basic definition. We can say that they are interactive lightweight programs used in making web pages. They are written in scripts that earned them the name “JavaScript” or, most of the time, shortened as JS. JavaScript is a client-side and server-side language; this client-side process provides advantages over traditionally used CGI server-side scripts. What differentiates JavaScript from a java programming language is the existence of the script. These scripts are plain text that is directly connected to HTML for the codes to be well interpreted by the browser, which means that a web page does not need to be a static HTML but can also include programs that interact with the user to create more HTML contents.  

Some popular JavaScripts which are mostly used by developers are: react, Vue and Angular. JavaScript does not work with low-level tools like processors or memory. Its main focus is on browsers, and all its interactions are within browsers. In 1995, JavaScript was formally known as Live scripts, but its name was later changed by Netscape. 

According to statistics, Below are some of the most advanced java scripts in 2020: 

  • JavaScript pilot table version 1.4: This presents data from grid to flatform 
  • DHTMLX spreadsheet version 3.1: Allows users to export and import files from excel
  • Diagram library version 2.2: part of its function is creating new shapes, including Venn diagram, life cycle chat, and many more
  • HTML scheduler version 6.3 and JavaScript event calendar: This allows enhanced UI/UX for mobile screens 
  • Excel 2 table: It is used to convert excel files to HTML tables.

These powerful tools have some advantages and disadvantages, so we will be taking a look at each of them. 

Advantages of JavaScript 

  • It is simple to use, and you can start with a simple text editor
  • Its language is supported by all modern browsers.
  • It is popular everywhere, and all famous companies use it.
  • It is safe and secured because it uses advanced tools.
  • Performs HTML task.

Disadvantages of JavaScript 

  •  The browser support can be a problem as JavaScript interprets differently on different servers, and the older the browser, the older the advancement.
  • Client-side JavaScript does not permit the reading or writing of files. This is due to their tight security system in a bid to fend off hackers. 
  • It cannot be used for networking applications because such a function is not provided.

JavaScript’s simplicity makes it an easy choice to pick. The fact that it keeps advancing to modern devices shows its consistency.