A full-stack JavaScript framework, Meteor.js uses Node.js for the development of web, desktop, and mobile apps using JavaScript. It is one of the most promising frameworks that offer the entire creation of mobile apps.  

One of the main reasons Meteor.js is so popular among developers is that it can be used for both server-side and client-side web development. The entire application can be assembled on the server and sent to the client thus minimizing the loading times and providing smooth and quick running.  

Meteor.js allows cross-platform development as well and supports various devices. It can be used for native mobile and desktop applications with minimum effort when it comes to deployment. And since it is open-source, the codebase of Meteor.js is readily available to use and the community is available to provide feedback, help, and bug fixes. 

Read on to find out which are the five best reasons why you should hire a Meteor developer for mobile apps development.

Supports multiple platforms 

Meteor is cross-platform so that the developer will only need to write one application that can be deployed for iOS and Android without many if any modifications. As you will not have to hire different developers for web, iOS, and Android, you lower the cost for development significantly. 

A full-stack framework 

As it is a full-stack framework, with Meteor the developer can create all the layers of the application without the need of using different layers and techniques. This means that the development process can be much quicker which can lead to more savings and lower time-to-market. 

It is open-source 

The codebase of Meteor is accessible to the public and the developer can always rely on advice from its active and engaged community. So if there are any issues that need additional support, they could find help and feedback in a fast and reliable way. 

Hot code push 

Hot code push – a Meteor’s feature – allows developers to update their apps instantly without the need of going through the process of submission and review. This useful feature makes the maintenance of mobile applications very neat and easy as the developer will not have to submit a new version of the application to the store every time they have to fix bugs or do modifications. 

Reactivity in real-time 

Meteor has a tracking system that allows data-binding from the client to the server so any database changes will reflect immediately on the application. This reactivity means that the development of a real-time application is much easier with Meteor. 

Why You Should Use Meteor JS For Your Mobile App Project

In summary, the Meteor framework makes the development of mobile applications much easier and straightforward – one of the main reasons why its popularity among the developer community is steadily growing. Hiring a Meteor developer for mobile app development can lead to faster results and lower time-to-market, save you money, and result in a great cross-platform app.