As a developer, you value your time so the tools you use need not only to be enjoyable but also help you spend your time wiser and boost your performance and productivity. This is where Ember.js comes – it will help you do better things and save you time in the process, no matter the size of the project. 

Read on to find out the 7 best reasons why you should use Ember.js. 

Best practices are built-in

You do not need to learn everything the hard way – instead, take advantage of the best practices accumulated by the software community and benefit from the experience of others. 

Ember.js collects internally all the best practices and they are built into the framework’s structure. You still have enough freedom to make changes but in general, it is very easy and simple to keep up with best practices – something very valuable especially when you work in teams. 

Easy to integrate with large teams

Ember.js can save you a lot of time if you need to bring someone new to the team by lowering the time needed for training. Since the structure and style and basically the same as any other Ember app, you can quickly become familiar with larger codebases. 

It is also easier to move developers between projects with Ember and in the end, it can help your organization be more agile and ease the process of handling changes.  

Offers amazing benefits 

Even though JavaScript evolves pretty quickly, sometimes you can still feel like you are generations behind because of the legacy browser support. There are tools to help you with that though – one of them being Babel.js. You do not have to worry about browser support percentages and use some of the amazing features integrated into Ember. 

Productivity-enhancing tools 

By using the official line interface ember-CLI you can access a lot of free tools that will boost your productivity. One of them is Broccoli.js which allows you to have faster compile-times and make it easier to transpile, concatenate, and minify your code. Then you have JSHint and LiveReload with which you can place libraries right in the building process and see the results in a second. You can also have automatic test runs, write your custom helpers, switch testing frameworks by using just one line, and more wonderful built-in features. 

An awesome framework

There are other features in Ember that set it apart and make it so awesome to use. FOr example, you can get a working back button and URL with every created route. And the object system that Ember is based uses the best of Ruby objects but with a built on the top framework. 

Huge ecosystem

With an extensive selection of addons, you don’t have to build anything from scratch. And the best part is that most of these addons can be installed in just one single line. 

Stability without stagnation

There are so many ways Ember can help you – with the productivity benefits and dev tools it offers, and the features in the framework. And if you think ahead and consider the long term, you will not be disappointed as well – rest assured that you will not be left behind. The framework will continue to evolve and you will be able to upgrade to a major version without risking anything to break.