Flutter is a cross-platform SDK and one of the best for the development of Android and iOS apps. It offers quick, beautiful, and accurate development solutions and is preferred by a rapidly growing number of companies.  

Flutter provides exclusive capacity for the design and development of complex projects but as it is a fairly new SDK, it might be a challenge to reveal the developer’s potential. If you are looking to hire a Flutter app developer, you should become familiar with the different roles, requirements, and skills. Read on to find out everything you need to know about hiring a Flutter app developer. 

Experience levels of Flutter App Developers  

There are different levels of mobile app developers according to their experience. In general, developers with up to 1 year of experience are considered junior; 2-4 years makes them mid-level developers, and those with more than 4 years of experience are referred to as senior developers. But considering that Flutter is a generally new platform, there might not be that many experienced Flutter developers. You must evaluate the developers’ experience in native app development to find out whether they will be able to adapt to Flutter quickly. 

Junior developers 

As junior developers are just starting their careers, their knowledge of programming languages and tools will be limited. They will also need to be constantly monitored by an experienced developer. At this point, hiring a junior developer for Flutter app development might be tricky as they will need a lot of time to grasp the logic and architecture of the framework.

Senior developers 

Senior developers have already completed several projects so they can understand new frameworks and their architecture fairly quickly. They are also able to work by themselves without the need for supervision and can find and eliminate bugs quicker. 

In general, hiring the best Flutter developer will mostly depend on the project and the developer – while junior developers might lack the skills they could compensate with motivation to learn quickly, but a senior developer will most likely need less time to grasp the task and start working on the project. 

Flutter app developers responsibilities 

A Flutter app developer will build apps for both iOS and Android but will also be responsible for other tasks. In order to do the job professionally, a Flutter app developer needs to be very familiar with the design and development of cross-platform apps and being able to stay focused on the requirements and needs of the project. They should write readable and clean code and be familiar with Dart – the primary language in Flutter, and be able to predict bugs and know how to deal with them. As the app development process will involve several other team members, the developer must be a team player and be open to cooperation and collaboration with the other members of the team. And as the tech scene is constantly evolving, the Flutter app developer must be always up to date with all new tools, trends, and technologies, as well as major updates.