What Is BigCommerce and When Is It Time to Migrate Your eCommerce Store


A BigCommerce platform is the ideal solution for mid to large-sized organizations that are looking to take their eCommerce site to the next level. It might be that you want to improve the user experience, add more features, or enhance your brand name. BigCommerce sites have an array of built-in features and are a cost-effective way to support a fast-growing business.

As with any change, migrating your eCommerce store into BigCommerce will take time, planning, and no doubt some issues along the way. You also need to factor in the need to keep your business open while the change occurs. For this reason, a BigCommerce developer is a wise investment.

What Is the Role of a BigCommerce Developer?

A BigCommerce Developer will allow your eCommerce to remain operable while making your site highly responsive and enjoyable for your clients. These experts can develop your site by using customer-centric themes as well as integrating APIs. Here are some of the responsibilities a BigCommerce Developer will take on:

  • The integration of theme development
  • Offering quality solutions to the real-time data transfer
  • Cart customization
  • Multiple selling channels
  • Converting your online store catalog to BigCommerce
  • SEO ranking
  • Controlling website URLs
  • Innovative store designs
  • The compliance of BigCommerce standards

The most important thing is that a BigCommerce developer will be able to do this with the least amount of downtime possible, making sure your site stays open for sales.

What Are the Main Benefits of BigCommerce?

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business needs involves 3 key considerations, it’s cost-effective, it’s fast, and it’s user friendly.

BigCommerce is Cost-effective

In fact, when you are planning for the short-term and the long-term, Big Commerce is one of the most affordable options available. If you are just starting your online store, you need time to develop your brand and clientele without having to invest the little capital you may have. This allows you to save money in the early stages.

Once the site is up and running and you have a solid customer base, BigCommerce requires very little maintenance thanks to the many built-in templates. Developers don’t need to develop more code (which takes time and money) as they can work around the existing frame. It is less likely that you will have to face unexpected issues that will lead to more costs.

BigCommerce saves Time

Time really is money in the world of eCommerce, and this is even more crucial if your online store is your only source of income. Until your site is running, you won’t be able to generate income. A starting page is recommended in order to begin as soon as possible. If you are starting a site from scratch, you will then have to customize the site over time. BigCommerce platforms can have a home page, products, about us, contact, blogs, all with its template-based structure in just weeks. Any additional extensions or apps that you want to integrate can be simply done at a later date.

BigCommerce is User Friendly

For the developer, there is very little backend manipulation so they are more able to focus on the frontend, which again, is straightforward as they can often just import data into pre-existing templates. As the site owner, maintenance of the site is also simple for the following reasons:

  • Things like security and PCI compliance come standard with BigCommerce, meaning site owners don’t need to hire experts to implement it as they can do it themselves.
  • If you are looking for ways to analyze site statistics and increase revenues, things like single page check out and abandonment cart recovery programs can be downloaded by the site owner with just a few clicks. Even social media integration is something you will be able to do.
  • The admin panel is also highly user-friendly and without specific technical knowledge, site owners can manipulate data, categories, and filters without paying for specialized expertise.

With BigCommerce getting more popular day by day, more retailers have begun to choose the platform as their ultimate shopping cart solution. Along with popularity comes the demand for a customized, performance-enhanced, unique platform that the sellers want to call their own.

So, why Hire a BigCommerce Developer?

To customize a BigCommerce platform according to your brand aspirations, a dedicated team of experienced BigCommerce experts is required. Staff Augmentation has an efficient team of BigCommerce web developers who can help build amazing online stores that provide you a complete eCommerce solution. We can help you find a team of BigCommerce experts that aim to give meaningful representation to your E-store.