Is Python a Good Fit For Your Next Project?’

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The choice of the programming language you use depends on various factors: what the purpose of your product is, what is its function requirement, what security needs to be in place, etc.

History Of Python

Python has been present on the market for almost 30 years. It was created by Guido Van Rossum, a Dutch programmer. While the coding language was first invented in the 1980s, however, it wasn’t released until 11 years later in 1991.

So, is Python a good fit for your next project?

In 2018, Python was rated as the #1 programming language. Its popularity has also increased over the years. In addition, Stack Overflow forecasts Python outgrowing all over programming languages–including C, Java, and C++. Much of this increase has to do with its large number of libraries that allow for both machine learning and artificial intelligence. It’s used for small projects, but also by companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, Dropbox, Mozilla, or NASA.

There is also a draw to Python embedded versions that can be found in microcontrollers, as well as Python’s ability for big data analysis.

Python is an easy programming language to learn and has a low entrance barrier.

Beginner developers are able to easily learn the language and begin using it. The data visualization libraries available in Python also makes it easy for users to comprehend and visualize complex data.

Python supports different programming styles.

If you ever decide to change how you approach development, Python will be able to keep up. Unlike Java, Python is a less-limited programming option that fully supports various programming styles like procedural, functional, or even object-oriented.

Python provides its users with lots of open-source libraries.

These libraries help to streamline the process of developing programs. Both time and money are saved by using these libraries. And, Python libraries hold a significant amount of pre-written coding options, so developers don’t have to waste any extra time to write the basics.

Python is really helpful in creating prototypes and MVPs.

Its code is efficient and programmers are able to create the same functionality using fewer coding lines when compared to any other computer language. If you ever need to test a product on its audience or quickly show investors your ideas, Python is the go-to option.