Data engineer job postings are increasing daily. The demand is high, and this is the main reason why the hiring is challenging, and the recruiters are panicking. The talents required for this job position are not easy to find. Not only that but also they require a higher salary and more exceptional perks and benefits. According to Glassdoor Data Scientists have the highest-paying entry-level jobs.

The total number of data scientists worldwide has been estimated based on 236 million LinkedIn profiles, to be around11,400 and 19,400.

A McKinsey report named, Big data: The next frontier for competition goes over the 2018 job market projections: and estimates a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with analytical expertise in the United States alone.

What are the actual skills a data scientist should have?

The challenges that will be faced by data engineers will be more complex in the near future.  In this digitalized world companies are receiving vasts amounts of structured and unstructured data from IoT devices and wearables to POS dashboards. Data engineers, in turn, must figure out how to store, move, and clean that data so that data scientists and other professionals can analyze it for valuable insights.

The position of “data engineer” is one of the most popular jobs on the market and this won’t change in the future. It has been estimated that it had 88, 3 percent increase in posting in the past year.

It is interesting how the most popular job postings lately are somehow connected to data. Not only data engineers but also GIS specialists, database architects, and data scientists deal with data. These are the most popular job postings on the market, along with business continuity planners and video game designers.

Having a strong data engineering team is important in today’s world.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of talent. About 200,000 people with excellent analytical skills were nowhere to be found by the end of 2018, according to one report. Both numbers of job postings and shortages increase.

Big corporations and small companies do not like anyone for the job. After all, data is used for business-enhancing insights, and they do not need someone that is only capable of creating and completing an Excel sheet. Leaders want skilled professionals that have in-depth knowledge in the industry and own many tools.

Candidates that want to fulfill a position must be able to demonstrate their advanced skills and must have tons of experience. Maybe this is the main reason why the demand rises this much. There are new graduates for sure, but they do not have the needed experience. So, yes, the search for the perfect data engineer is hard.