People that are fit for business are hard to find. Project managers are struggling daily to find the perfect team member. What happens with testers? How to find the perfect tester is one of the hardest questions.

The thing you should start with is the experience. Not every single experience mentioned in the resume, only the relevant ones. There are a few more requirements than the average junior, or senior QA engineer should possess. They are:

  • Knowledge in HTML/ CSS, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of how HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, HTML work
  • Experience in Chrome DevTools, Firebug, Postman, Safari dev tools
  • Experience in test execution and bur reporting
  • Presence in the analysis and diagnosis of regular system regression tests
  • Experience in automation tools
  • Experience in the agile dev process

Soft skills are of importance here as well. The technical background is an entrance but let’s not forget that your future team member should possess the best personal qualities as well:

  • Curiosity (skill required for resting any system)
  • Perseverance and Attentiveness (testers have to be able to notice everything happening without looking at you)
  • A clear and simple description of bugs
  • Responsibility
  • Constructive criticism
  • The tester also should possess a desire for non-stop learning. The IT sector is developing vastly, and new things emerge all the time. Your tester should also:
  • Be open and honest
  • Be proactive
  • Be perfectionist
  • Be able to defend their point of view
  • Be willing to help

How can you determine an exceptional candidate/ tester?

The interview is the key here. Observe the behavior all the time and pay attention to the questions this person asks. Also, you must test this person to see their knowledge of bug detection. Seek a description of the error message. Also, seek comment on the quality or usability of a site or game.

If you are having problems finding the right QA tester for your company you can make your life easier and work with a staffing agency. The staffing agency can help you create a perfect candidate profile, which will help them find the perfect candidate to meet your professional wants and needs.

Staffing agencies are great in understanding your market needs, employment trends and finding the best fit for you and your company.