In today’s society mobile marketing plays an integral role in how consumers are introduced to products and services. In fact, the average amount of time people spend on mobile devices is 3 hours and 15 minutes per day, which is roughly 21 hours per week. With that kind of data, it’s not surprising that mobile development talent is in high-demand.

Tips for Hiring Mobile Development Talent:

Use Your Social Networks

When looking to recruit mobile marketing talent, there is no better place than turning to your online channels to network with potential candidates. LinkedIn is the most popular channel to network with candidates, and it is a great place to post content showcasing your company’s culture and values.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are also great social media channels to display information about your company, and interact with potential candidates. You can share job postings from LinkedIn to these channels and encourage candidates to get a feel for your company and culture by checking out content that has already been posted on your accounts.

Consider the generation that has grown up on mobile devices: Millennials

Oftentimes, companies may be tempted to overlook hiring millennials because on paper they may not have enough work “experience.” The truth is, millennials are arguably the most mobile-savvy generation. Due to the fact they have grown up using technology their whole lives, they should not be overlooked in the hiring process when searching for top mobile marketing talent.

Partner with a staffing agency

If you simply do not have the time to comb through applications, hiring a staffing agency may be beneficial to you. Staffing agencies can thoroughly weed through candidates and present you with the best options. It will cost money to work with a staffing agency, but in the end, working with a staffing agency can save you countless hours and make the hiring process much more manageable.

Create a referral program

Top talent loves to refer other top talent, especially if they have had a positive experience working with your company. Creating a referral program can be the perfect way to incentivize employees to recommend your company to their friends and other professional contacts.

Referral programs don’t have to be complicated or expensive; they should provide thorough explanations on the types of referral programs and various rewards that can be offered.

  1. Keep it personal

The most important thing to do when looking for top-talent is to cater the experience to each candidate’s needs. Personalize communication to the candidate to show that they are more than just a number to your company, and that you understand their own unique value and skill set.

Following these tips will almost guarantee that you will recruit the top mobile development talent ahead of your competitors.