For your company to succeed in today’s world, an excellent software engineer is crucial. While many are focusing on the coding abilities by using software and tests, they still need to pay attention to the more traditional qualities. If your candidate has passed all the coding assessments, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the following 7 traits.


This can be said about any job, but a programmer who isn’t passionate about software and codes is not going to be very effective. They need to be in this job for more than just the money if you want outstanding results. Many programmers see programming as part of who they are, a hobby as well as a job. They are constantly stepping out of their comfort zones and excited about exploring new technology. They do this because they want to, not because it is part of their job description.

Pay attention

A good programmer needs to show great passion for the IT industry, but they also need to know when to reign the passion in and stay focused. This focus has to be on the short-term and long-term objectives. Everybody wants the best from their developers but not with risks. Those who aren’t focused may try to insert the most modern idea into a program where it is completely unnecessary. This puts his or her personal interest above the main focus of the team’s.

A quick, independent learner

The IT industry moves at a pace like no other. New ideas, concepts, and technologies are constantly coming into play and your hire needs to be able to keep up with all of this without constant reminders from you. It is important they are able to learn new programming skills without additional support or lessons from other members of staff. If your programmer can’t keep up with the latest innovations, nor will your company.

(Sub-) Domain expert

Companies have moved away from hiring what are known as ‘generalists’. They have a general knowledge of computer science and many different types of technologies, with probably one favorite. A generalist web developer will have a good grasp of front and back-end development but they won’t be up to date with the best techniques for either. With the speed of this industry, it is almost impossible to keep up with all that is new in every area. So it is more common for companies to seek specialized talent but also with a solid knowledge of the fundamentals and their domain. An ideal candidate will have expert knowledge of the sub-domain required of them. For this reason, you need to consider specific testing for the skills the job will require.

Team player

It is highly unlikely that you will find two developers that will come up with the same solution for a problem. They are very individual in their own style. Nevertheless, they need to be able to adjust their individuality to suit the dynamics of the whole team. The code that one developer writes will have to be worked on by others in the team, so their style can be unique as long as it is logical. The documentation they write should also be understandable to others in the team. Being part of a team is also about handling feedback in an appropriate manner. This is not something you can spot in an interview, so keep an eye out for this trait early on.

Problem Solving

Essentially, problem-solving is the job of a programmer. It’s not just about solving the problem, engineers need to be able to first identify the problem. Finally, they need to be able to solve the problem with eagerness and speed. For some employers, there is nothing worse than someone who complains about problems. Problems that might have to be faced include bugs, scalability, or handling the increased demand.


As a carpenter would marvel his handmade wardrobe, a programmer should be proud of his/her work. Each code must be well-considered and tested with a huge amount of effort gone into the details. A good craftsman will consider the deadline without sacrificing quality. One thing is having the skill, another thing is having creativity.

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