Every now and again, a company will receive a huge wave of extra work, whether in the form of new contracts or seasonal work. The first decision a company has to make is whether they can fill the extra positions created or if it is time to use a staffing agency. We will look at 10 reasons why a staffing agency will make your life easier.

Being able to test the water before committing- It is important that all new hires get on well with the rest of the team in order to achieve maximum results. It is also crucial to know if the hire has adequate skills to complete the necessary task. Both of these are very difficult to discover in an interview. With a staffing agency, if the hire doesn’t fit in with the team or if they aren’t able to meet the standards, you can have them replaced. It is not only beneficial for the employer but also for the employee. Both parties can decide if the position is suitable without concerns for the long term.

Having access to expert skills and roles for the short term- Sometimes a new project will require a set of skills that your team does not have. An agency can refine their search for the specific skills you are looking for, this person can come in to complete that particular part of the task and there is no fear of having to find them more work afterward.

Being able to level out resources- There is a similar theory to the point we made before with expert skills. When a company doesn’t have the resources available to complete a project, an agency will be able to provide a source for the short term.

Speedy way to find employees without the stress- The hiring process is one that takes more work and effort than most people realize. As well as the time and stress, it can be costly. This is particularly counter-productive for short-term placements. An agency will take away all of this stress as well as handling the excessive paperwork.

Avoiding ACA limits- Once a company has 50 employees they are obliged to provide their employees with health insurance. Small or new companies may not have the means to do this and this is where an agency is a big advantage. Using contractors through an agency means the work gets done but you are not actually employing the staff.

Costs are categorized differently- When you use staff through an agency, the cost can be allocated to a project and then capitalized. The cost is related to the hours they work on a project. An employee contracted will work an eight hour day but how many of those hours can be associated with the project itself?

More talent available- Agencies will always have workers waiting for jobs. For a company to have the same potential number of qualified candidates, it would need to be constantly advertising. Using an agency allows you to see the workers who are skilled for your specific project while filtering out those who are looking for long-term career opportunities.

Your company’s reputational problems are not involved- Even when we try our hardest to stay squeaky-clean it is possible that our company will have some problems with its reputation. While this may put candidates off who are looking for a job, a contracted worker through an agency doesn’t have the option to choose the company. They are also not interested in office politics and gossip! They arrive, do their job and are gone again.

Training at a reduced cost- Who wouldn’t want to hire an expert in the industry to come in and train your existing team? Unfortunately, this is not always in our budget. An expert contractor can train others in your team and share valuable insights without you having to pay extra.

Reduce or eliminate firing- It’s probably the worst part of being the boss! Whether it’s because of a lack of capital or the position isn’t working out, at some point, you may need to fire someone. Agency workers are not worried about losing their job because they know it is limited to the project. You will not feel the pressure of having to maintain a position.