What is React.js?

React.js is an open source JavaScript library created by Facebook Inc. primarily for developing highly interactive and user-friendly interfaces. It can be used concurrently with React Native language to develop applications capable of functioning in various platforms.

Why is React.js so popular?

React.js is fast becoming a powerhouse in the world of user interface programming languages. It offers flexibility and performance for building intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Many countries in the west are sourcing for highly skilled professionals who provide top-notch React.js development services to spearhead their mobile platform user interface development projects. This is due to the high number of software companies working to keep up with the emerging trends in the world of technology.

React.js is gaining considerably widespread popularity for creating applications that have excellent performance using an algorithm called Virtual DOM, scalability using a single language for both server and client side and mobile applications. React.js is also very stable in that its interface remains the same which allows applications to be upgraded without changing the source code much. It is also very flexible in that it can be combined with other programming techniques such as Reflux, to create applications with various structural patterns.  React.js is also highly optimized for search engines making it much easier for its web applications to be indexed and increasing their visibility and ranking whenever they are searched. Good React developers are highly sought after as they offer solutions that can significantly transform your project. The question is, how will you find them? The following criteria may guide you into getting hold of them.

JavaScript Skills

Good React.js developers have an excellent grasp of JavaScript and can code in its pure form. This is because this language borrows heavily from JavaScript. They should have a thorough understanding of syntax, semantics and control structure while demonstrating in-depth knowledge of where and how to use these tools should separate them from the rest.

Multiple programming language experiences

A professional React.js programming expert should have a working knowledge of modern programming languages such as Vue, Angular, and JS. The three languages comprise of open source frameworks used for creating single page applications and user interfaces. These languages bring out the true potential of React.js.

Web development experience

Web programming languages such as HTML and CSS offer technology like styled components and modules that any React.js programmer worth their name should have experience working with. They should be able to show knowledge of the similarities, differences between the tools and their application during development.

React Native Programming

This is a framework whose syntax is quite similar to React.js but in essence is a framework using a set of mobile tailored components, meaning the way it executes is quite different from React.js. It creates a rich user interface using the same building blocks as android applications which are molded together with the aid of React.js. A good React.js developer should be able to effortlessly incorporate React Native to their React.js code and effectively utilizes this rich cross-talk ability to create efficient applications.


The ideal react.js developer should have at least two years proven experience working with the language, developing simple applications. They should be knowledgeable on the trends in the language, following through its latest additions and being able to integrate these new features into their work. Furthermore, he should have credible people who can second their work to you and provide further clarification about their capabilities, strengths and possible weakness.

These factors clearly outline the competitive edge of React.js developers and their impact in the world of software development.