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How to Hire a Backbone JS Developer

Many have started to notice that full-stack web development with Backbone.js is becoming a popular choice because of its seamless compatibility with other principal JavaScript platforms, including frameworks like JQuery and Underscore.js. Backbone programming is used by practically all backbone service providers for the development of SPA, web applications based on JavaScript.

What is Backbone JS

For those looking to develop client-side applications, in particular single-page applications (SPAs), this JavaScript-based library is essential. It is used for high-performance applications because of its lightweight framework.  With the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design, Backbone uses a RESTful JSON interface. THE MVC design is essential for a structured approach for organizing code and to ensure there are data sync and flow between the HTML, UI, and JavaScript logic with the server-side application.

Thanks to Backbone.js, developers can use the MVC design to better organize and manage their code. Being a library, there are numerous functions that can assist in the streamlining of data rather than having to restructure the complete code. Backbone.js can be used with other JavaScript libraries and developers will appreciate its scalability, coping with widgets to larger applications.

Where has Backbone.js Been Used

Backbone is consistently gaining popularity as the leading technology in web development. The possibilities of front-end applications with Backbone are endless considering this library in the JavaScript environment. Here are just a few examples of Backbone.js in use:

  • Airbnb- an app for short term renting properties and accommodation worldwide.
  • Hulu- subscription service for online video-on-demand
  • Trello- an app for work collaboration and project management
  • Soundcloud- a web-based platform for music

There are more than 2 million websites using Backbone.js, most predominantly in the U.S, the U.K., and Germany. It is ranked the 9th most popular of all the JavaScript libraries.

Backbone.js Pros and Cons


  • It’s open-source
  • It’s lightweight, fast, and efficient
  • MVP model
  • Perfect for routing methods
  • An excellent range of classes and functions
  • It’s extremely flexible and supports other plugins
  • There is a good support community


  • It’s not ideal for new developers
  • Views are bulkier with larger apps

What Skills Do Backbone.js Developers Need

As with many types of software engineers and developers, the demand for those with Backbone.js knowledge is very high. Aside from JavaScript, Backebone.js, and front-end development, Backbone.js developers in high demand have the following skills:

  • Understanding of model, views, and collections
  • Restful API
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility
  • User interface design
  • A basic level of database systems knowledge

How to Hire a Backbone.js Developer

Because of the increase in demand and average salaries, people are turning to alternative hiring methods to find the best recruits. Here are 3 routes you could go down:

  1. Hiring Backbone.js Developers In-House

The old school way of recruiting; a company places a job advert and often recruits someone from the local market, possibly even further afield. If hiring from a different country or even city, the company assumes the cost of relocation and in the case of another country, all of the legal documentation. The new hire will become a part of the IT team and work in the same location.

This method can provide the company with higher efficiency and a better quality of work. It is also much easier to coordinate with employees when they work in-house. On the downside, the company is responsible for all of the employee costs including medical and social security payments. They will also have to make sure they have the physical space and resources available for the hire.

  1. Remote Hire of a Backbone.js Developer

Today’s digital communication has encouraged remote hiring. It is now easy to communicate with outsourcing providers across the world. It becomes much easier to find the developer you need as you have greater access to talent and experience. Not only this, but you can also take advantage of lower costs.

This method also allows for high efficiency at potentially, a much lower cost than hiring in-house. It can also reduce your development costs because the outsourcing provider has the technological resources required to complete a part of your project or the entire thing.

  1. Freelance Backbone.js Developer

A company can choose a freelancer from a variety of freelance websites and hire one person directly. The company also has an amazing talent pool to choose from and this is one of the cheapest hiring methods. However, freelancers are often working on multiple tasks and so this could also be the least reliable option.

This is a great option for short, fast projects and there is most likely a solution for every budget. But, if you haven’t worked with the freelancer before, there is a great deal of risk in terms of the quality of the work, meeting deadlines, and reliability.