Businesses search for effective solutions to improve internal processes and the customer experience, regardless of business requirements. The introduction of the necessary functionality and fulfillment of the identified needs may be accomplished through app development. The crew may offer the complete solution to other platforms in addition to utilizing Flutter. Building a single codebase application that works on desktop, mobile, and embedded devices is a fantastic opportunity.

Google Ads Mobile App

The mobile version of the Google Ads program will serve as the first Flutter app sample. Given that Google created and supports Flutter, it will be fascinating to see how they use this technology to their requirements. In order to address client expectations when they are on the road, the internet advertising platform Google Ads has developed a complete mobile application.

Google Ads is a commercial mobile application created by Google LLC as a consequence. The main goal was to give users mobile connectivity so they could keep in touch with advertising campaigns with only a few clicks on their smartphones. The emphasis on apps was driven by corporate requirements like more flexibility and expanded user experience. It should go without saying that mobile presence is a necessary condition.

The complete feature set for managing ad performance and campaign optimization on mobile devices has been provided by the Google Ads team. For business and marketing managers, it becomes a useful tool for constant communication. The primary features of the application are as follows:

  • Handling of accounts
  • Ad campaign tracking in real time
  • Campaign improvement
  • Performance supervision
  • Examine capabilities
  • Status shifts
  • Many types of campaigns
  • Recommendations
  • Payments and billing

This Flutter app has every feature required to manage effective advertising campaigns. The major goal is for the user to be able to transition between devices without losing track of performance and, if necessary, optimize the campaign.

The key need of the Google Ads team to offer a complete mobile solution to improve customer experience has been met. They released a mobile app for the App Store and Google Play while utilizing Flutter, and they maintained growing their user base. Only Google Play has downloads that exceed 10 million.

It is evident from such a Flutter app example that Flutter is a fantastic choice for complicated solutions that deal with enormous data sets and obtain the finest functionality. Companies need to understand that Flutter is unquestionably a solution to support ongoing scaling. The teams won’t have any issues as a result of increasing demand because they may adapt the solution to meet the demands of each individual project.


Finding out how company demands differ from project to project is always intriguing. While some teams continue to reimagine old services, others attempt to expand the existing solutions. In this situation, we may take into account one of the following Flutter app examples, such as Nubank, a game-changer for the international banking sector.

That is a well-known supplier of online banking services, and it primarily serves Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. Users of Nubank have the fantastic option to carry out a variety of financial transactions straight from the mobile application. Although banking outside of traditional institutions may be new to the market, it has unquestionably altered consumer expectations. It’s a fantastic chance to do most banking tasks with just a few touches. The following app features are available to Nubank users:

  • electronic accounts
  • Bank cards
  • commercial accounts
  • life assurance
  • Individual loans
  • Investments
  • For contactless payments, use NuTap


More than 50 million people use Nubank, and that figure is constantly increasing. The team is able to provide its consumers with the finest functionality and user experience thanks to quick improvements and frequent upgrades. This Flutter app example also demonstrates how anything can be enhanced with the correct technology and how crucial it is to continue to stay current.

In Conclusion

Delivering excellent software solutions has always placed a high priority on selecting the right technology, and Flutter is unquestionably dominating the market right now. Teams have the option to widen their knowledge and gain helpful tips for the execution of the following project by taking into consideration the well-known Flutter applications examples. It gives a clearer picture of market demand and aids in imposing the proper specifications on the creation of your product.