The spread of front-end JavaScript frameworks is one of the most notable developments in web technology. Web programs may now use APIs (application program interfaces) exactly like any other software, thanks to frameworks. Additionally, they improve the user experience on websites by streamlining navigation, maintaining common elements of the page to speed up reloading, and doing a lot more. Leading technology firms have made a variety of front-end frameworks possible, including Angular by Google and React by Facebook.

This article will cover the top 3 React component frameworks in-depth and will look at the advantages of using them in your web development projects. Let’s get going.

Top React Component Frameworks

A built-in collection of interfaces and classes are included in the ReactJS library as part of the software package known as the React component framework. It offers a React UI subsystem that is ready to use and aids in adding structure to make unique UI displays, websites, or other visual components.

Without substantial expertise or experience, it is feasible to create one-of-a-kind, responsive, and cross-platform apps using the React component framework. A few advantages of React component frameworks include the following:

  • Because they don’t have to start from scratch, developers can create software quickly and easily.
  • Making a prototype and developing an MVP takes very little time.
  • When modifying the components, React frameworks give a great level of control and freedom.

Ant Design for React

 Ant Design, sometimes known as AntD, is a well-known React framework frequently used to create corporate apps. It has 82k stars and 36k forks on GitHub. Actually, it uses static types and is written in Typescript.

An array of premium components and examples are included with AntD, which is based on the Ant Design project and allows for the creation of bright, dynamic user interfaces (UIs). You may also change the components to suit your design needs. Grids, breadcrumbs, drop-down menus, and pagination are a few major Ant Design components.

Because AntD has fewer themes than other frameworks, it is notably different from them. It has 12 ready-made themes with prices ranging from $12 to $999. AntD offers AntD Pro, which comes with packages, components, templates, and more graphical data visualization options.

Popular AntD Design Elements

  • Buttons: Clickable choices for an event
  • Icons are like-vector images.
  • Steps- Show the finished steps
  • Use the date-picker to choose any date.
  • After the user enters a text, AutoComplete displays any accessible recommendations.

Important AntD Features

  • It provides high-end React components.
  • It has a sizable development community.
  • It provides rapid and simple help.
  • It includes high-end UI elements for businesses.
  • It provides a range of design and development resources.

Advantages of Ant Design UI

  • The usage of various languages is possible with AntD.
  • Themes can be customized.
  • It’s composed in TypeScript.
  • It uses predictable, static types.
  • Enables compatibility between platforms
  • Support for IE 11 and contemporary browsers


If you want a front-end React UI framework for web development, React Bootstrap is the best option. Recently, it has led the way in terms of web development trends. It provides a full React experience that doesn’t entirely rely on jQuery. It also contains a number of components due to being one of the first React frameworks.

Additionally, these elements have been developed to maximize accessibility. You won’t need to change your theme, plugin, or application for it to be used by users.

After creating your apps on the back end, you may prototype them using this UI framework. For developer teams working on diverse application components, React Bootstrap may be a fantastic choice.

Popular React-Bootstrap Design Elements

Alerts: Show text notifications about events.

Breadcrumb – Allows you to display the position of your website right now.

Drop-downs: List of choices that appear when clicking NavBars: Header menus will be shown

Shows pages that have been paginated.

Important Characteristics of React-Bootstrap

  • It provides a variety of parts.
  • It has a package management built in for simple installation and doesn’t need any dependencies.
  • There are several materials accessible.

Pros of React-Bootstrap

  • You don’t need to worry about the underlying HTML and CSS while creating React applications.
  • It contains all of the elements.
  • It utilizes JSX Syntax and is simple to use.
  • Create any website or app for a mobile device.
  • Bootstrap themes that are accessible
  • removes reliance on external libraries


With its two main distribution versions, Reactstrap offers straightforward React Bootstrap components. A basic version that allows you more choice when setting up necessary dependencies is one that is devoid of any optional dependencies.

With all the additional dependencies, the second version is the finished result. It is advised for use in more compact applications. There are 1.3k forks and 10,000-star makers for this collection of React UI components on Github.

Reusable components from Reactstrap are available for usage in React projects. Despite having similarities, Reactstrap and Bootstrap employ separate JS and CSS classes. Its UI components are responsive, have a simple design, and can be used to create a variety of web programs.

Due to its youth, Reactstrap contains fewer components than other libraries. Reactstrap might be useful if you like a simple design and do not want to be overwhelmed by alternatives.

Reactstrap may be used by the best web development firms to design certain components or the full user interface. Reactstrap provides more flexibility and detailed validation, making it simpler to design engaging forms that attract more people.

In addition, it offers a wealth of documentation to support programmers. Reactstrap is a straightforward component library that is relatively easy for beginners to utilize. Additionally, the Reactstrap community is constantly available to provide you with proper support and assistance with your task.

Popular Reactstrap Design Elements

  • A vertically collapsible text box is called an accordion.
  • Carousel: To create the appearance of a slider
  • Add table data to a table.
  • User input forms for forms
  • To add a label, use a badge.

Important Reactstrap Features

  • Prefabricated parts
  • React-router is compatible with the components.

Benefits of Reactstrap

  • Simple to use and learn
  • To get started, it offers a variety of free and paid themes.