Elixir was created as a concurrent, productive, and robust programming language. A wide variety of industries have already embraced it, including banking, advertising, telecommunications, and e-commerce. Due to many successful implementations, it has gained popularity as a language that is suitable for microservices, cloud computing, instant messaging, or video conferencing. Since it is not dedicated to any programming niche, the Elixir programming language can be used for many different types of projects. Since it is so widely applicable, it can be used to build functional solutions for a variety of industries.

By using Elixir’s language productivity, you can reduce the amount of code, resulting in faster development. Because of its speed, response time, and performance, programmers are gaining more and more interest in this language.

I think two main reasons for Elixir’s popularity are that the coding process is quick, smooth, and joyful and that the Elixir community is highly supportive and still growing.

Elixir is one of the most popular languages for building scalable, distributed systems. This means Elixir will be perfect for eLearning apps based on building communities, chatting, video chatting, and exchanging real-time messages and requests with millions of users simultaneously.

Let’s take a closer look at Elixir technology and see why it is the best solution for your eLearning app.

  •  Scalability

Platforms for learning management systems should be scalable, flexible, and engaging. You should be able to take on more users, more content, and more requests than your eLearning app can handle without affecting loading times or facing debilitating bugs. Then it can grow to meet your evolving business and user needs.

Elixir is remarkably scalable, and with it, a higher traffic load is not a significant problem, so you don’t have to change the technology stack.

  • Erlang

Due to Elixir’s Erlang base, it is ideal for applications with many simultaneous connections at the same time. A large number of calls can be handled simultaneously, and calls can be resumed as soon as something disconnects.

You may run several meetings simultaneously in your eLearning app with many users, so your app must be able to handle numerous data requests and data streams at once. The Elixir language is an excellent solution for scalable eLearning applications that require simple, intuitive interfaces that are high-performing and low-loading.

  • Dealing with bugs

In any technology you use, you should prepare for some issues to occur during the development process. Elixir, however, offers a great approach to fault tolerance. When something goes wrong in production the supervisor system is capable of quickly restarting lightweight processes. It fixes most bugs that are not caused by serious defects in software development.

 Final words

Elixir is ideal for applications that require scalability, big data processing, and easy development and maintenance. It is precisely what every training management or eLearning platform requires.

The success of a fast-growing enterprise training and education tool depends on an experienced Elixir development team. Your application will satisfy your audience’s needs if you choose the right technology and use the right development approach.