What do you think about Ruby on Rails development? What are the commercial advantages of implementing this technology in your next project?

Let’s look at some of the advantages that set Ruby on Rails apart from the competition

Reflects Development

On average, the Ruby programming language is quicker than its competitors, such as PHP and Python. Rails is a Ruby framework that speeds up development by decreasing code writing. Consequently, you save money while delivering a high-performance app in less time.


Regardless of sector, present size or target audience, every company demands scalability. Even though you are now just a start-up, you may soon expand rapidly, and you must be prepared to respond. Your app will fail to appropriately adapt to abrupt traffic surges, increasing the number of requests and the seasonal ups and downs in user load if it lacks the flexibility to scale up or down. Ruby on Rails is a scalable platform that allows for an instantaneous and fast response to traffic surges as needed.


The Ruby on Rails framework has an extensive community support network that contributes to its development regularly. RoR includes an extensive library full of tools, functions, and add-ons that may enhance and expand the functionality of your application. They are known as Gems, and they enable Ruby on Rails developers to add functionality and build high-performance, feature-rich apps.


Cybersecurity is one of the most hotly debated concerns in the software development industry. Regardless matter how beautifully developed your software is, how appealing your product is to your consumers, or how complex the features are, you will ultimately lose your audience if user data is not safeguarded. Data breaches can result in considerable reputational damage and negative financial consequences. Even without further code, Ruby on Rails delivers a high level of security. With the usage of default tools, the framework enables a secure development lifecycle.

Recruit Ruby on Rails Developers Using the Proper Model

In this part, we’ll take a deeper look at three primary hiring tactics for Ruby on Rails developers. Your decision may be influenced by your company’s goals, financial limits, and personnel, as well as your own tastes. Let’s outline various employment possibilities and identify their benefits and drawbacks.

In-House Ruby on Rails Developers

Hiring in-house employees is a classic kind of employment that is still relevant and has several advantages.

The Benefits of Having In-House Ruby Developers


In-house hiring means that an employee will only work for your company, and they will commit all of their time and attention to your project with no interruptions. Unlike individuals who switch between two or more projects, an in-house team is completely focused on your objectives and devotes time to achieving them.

Easy communication

When you recruit in-house Ruby developers, you can access easy-to-use communication methods. You and your employees work in the same office space, on the same schedule, and in the same time zone. All of those above significantly simplify and streamline communication flow, allowing for easier cooperation.

Culture in the workplace

Ruby on Rails developers that work in-house become an extension of the company, brand, and team. They can participate in internal initiatives, plan events, and convey the brand name and message. Employees may form a genuine bond with the firm and its goods and absorb its values and vision. This bond produces highly loyal employees who will remain around and support your firm even when times are tough.

 The Drawbacks of In-House Rails Developers

A small pool of talent

You may have difficulty finding Ruby on Rails developers with appropriate expertise, especially if you live in a small area. Some places are unappealing to software engineers since there aren’t many software development organizations, and RoR developers for hire don’t have many possibilities.

Increased expenses

In-house recruiting is a formal procedure requiring compliance with a slew of regulatory HR requirements. Your firm is expected to pay for employee insurance, taxes, office equipment, and vacations, among other things. All expenditures associated with hiring one individual to work on Ruby on Rails development may be counterproductive for a short-term project.


Where can I find in-house Ruby on Rails developers?

To discover experienced Rails programmers, use services like Unicorn, Careers, WhoIsHiring, and others. To identify a hidden gem and recruit RoR app developers, your HR department will have to sift through a considerable number of candidates.

Use a Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers

In this situation, freelancers are remote developers who often work on a project-by-project basis. There are additional advantages and disadvantages of hiring freelancers, which we will examine further in the article.


The Benefits of Freelance Ruby on Rails Programmers


While in-house recruiting is expensive, freelancing is less so. You are not required to bear the price of office equipment, pensions, taxes, and so forth. Freelancers are paid an hourly fee multiplied by the number of hours spent on the job. Alternatively, you can agree on a fixed fee paid to a freelancer after the job is completed and approved.

A large pool of candidates

Because freelancers generally work online, their location is immaterial to the cooperation. This element broadens the search greatly since you may recruit Ruby on Rails professionals from all around the world. Access to a broad pool of candidates speeds up the recruiting process and helps you to locate someone who fits within your budget.

This is ideal for short-term tasks.

Hire a freelance Ruby on Rails developer for a specific assignment or short-term project. This form of collaboration is ideal for freelancers since you can figure out the pay specifics and simply hire a developer to complete a little task that your team cannot complete. Perhaps your staff is preoccupied with other responsibilities and lacks time to devote to another project. This sort of assignment is simple to subcontract to a freelancer.


Disadvantages of Hiring Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers

There is less control.

This point is twofold: you have less control over the job or project for which the freelancer is accountable, and you are unable to oversee the freelancer’s work as well as you usually do. When working with a freelancer, you must create a degree of trust, and if this is lacking, your project may suffer as a result.

Expertise level unknown

Most freelancing marketplaces have no verification methods at all. As a result, freelancers may submit any information they choose, including fictitious experience or education. You may employ a Ruby on Rails developer believing that they are a Ruby specialist when, in fact, they are a novice. Even if the platform does require freelancers to pass exams before they can be published on their website, there is no way of knowing who passed the test, whether it was the person behind the account or someone else. Skill evaluation necessitates extensive expertise and knowledge.

Where Can I Find Ruby on Rails Developers?

 Make use of the IT Staff Augmentation Model.

IT staff augmentation is ideal for short-term as well as longer assignments, but, unlike freelancing, the staff augmentation team becomes an extension of your in-house team. They work for you and with you throughout the project.

 The Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Quality assurance

Working with a staffing agency such as StaffAugmentation gives an added element of security and dependability. Your staff augmentation partner will ensure the agreed-upon performance and handle all paperwork and legal measures. Contracts will protect you legally and ensure that you get the results you want.

Extensive screening

Before hiring Ruby on Rails engineers, IT staffing firms perform a comprehensive verification procedure. If you choose to employ their services, you will be working with top-tier specialists with proven experience. Unlike other freelancing sites, where you may come across a slew of scammers, IT staff augmentation partners guarantee the cream of the crop.


IT staff augmentation will also help you save money in the long run. Your organization’s management overhead and training expenditures will be reduced. Your staff augmentation partner will handle the training and onboarding, leaving you with no preliminary work to do.