The present is fast becoming one solely ruled by centralized technologies. However, even though blockchain has a form of decentralized technology, it still provides guaranteed transactions and cybersecurity. This article speaks on various blockchain platforms that could help your company/business implement its next best ideas.

  • Ethereum

This is a blockchain platform that has sure caused a stir from the market by several users. It is an open-source blockchain platform that runs contracts on the smart blockchain network while also helping to facilitate the secure trading of cryptocurrency. It also remains the best platform for developers who plan to build decentralized applications and comes in handy for enterprises.

  • Hyperledger Fabric 

An open-source blockchain platform used to build blockchain-based applications. It is known for its technological innovations important for developing smart applications for various industries such as manufacturing, finance, technology, to mention a few.

  • OpenChain

A type of blockchain platform that suits Organizations that desire to manage their digital assets. It has a central control point where exchanges and transactions are validated online.

  • MultiChain

The best blockchain platform for instant distribution of ledger applications. It allows high scalability of your application compared to other forms of technological platforms. It works well with bitcoin; it is an open-source platform and can be used to encrypt archived programs.

  • EOS

An open-source platform where various tasks can be performed while eliminating the need for its users to pay fees. This platform also has a forum where developers can discuss issues related to blockchain technology.

  • Ripple

A familiarly known platform amongst payment providers, bankers, and specific corporate Organizations. It allows banks to make cross-continental transactions. It remains the best blockchain platform for large-sized businesses.

  • Stellar

An open-source blockchain platform that allows cross-national payment, making it easy for enterprises to thrive. Developers can also use this platform to build mobile wallets and other smart banking tools.

  • R3 Corda

An open-source ledger blockchain platform that helps businesses transact with smart contracts directly. It has a high level of privacy for digital records as only authorized persons can access the payment data. However, it does not support cryptocurrency or token-based payments.

  • Quorum

A well-preferred open-source blockchain platform for financial markets and businesses. Its basic design intends to take care of applications requiring a high level of private transactions. It also helps solve issues bordering around records privacy that other blockchain platforms cannot solve.

  • Monero

The most preferred blockchain platform (much like bitcoin) because it functions as a privacy token. Asides from this, the blockchain platform provides the highest level of transactional privacy.

  • IBM Blockchain Platform

Its network allows several companies to build blockchain applications as it offers high scalability and flexibility while also allowing control over other application components.

  • Neo Blockchain Platform

One of the best open-source blockchain platforms that facilitate the P2P exchange of digital assets and currencies without the need for a third-party exchange.

With proper focus on the aforementioned blockchain platforms, you should be able to select the best blockchain platform that is well suited for your business idea and projects.