WordPress remains one of the prominent website builder platforms worldwide, and this is because of the various specific features it possesses. This is why if you are proposing initiating your business online, WordPress is an excellent option.

WordPress is an advanced Content Management System software employed in producing, publishing, and managing content online.

It is an open-source supported by a large community of developers, and it avails you the opportunity to create multiple websites. You need to buy a host, develop your website using numerous WordPress themes, and hire a WordPress developer to make it more professional.

A quick look at the seven types of websites you can create using WordPress.

  1. Blog or Personalized Website

Initially, WordPress was used for creating blogs, but due to various innovations, it is now used as a blogging platform giving tough competition to its rivals. Whether professional or personal blogs, WordPress has the required features to provide you with the desired website look to attract users.

  1. Business websites

Many people have ventured into various businesses, and what other platform would you rather have your business thrive online rather than on WordPress? There are myriads of theme options you could work with to give your business the best website design. WordPress’s vital features that are highly important for business websites include; call-to-action, strong content, and a customer-focused website.

  1. E-Commerce Websites

WordPress is rapidly gaining prominence when it comes to the E-Commerce sector, and this is because it is easy to use. WordPress has extensions such as handling inventories, payments and sales tax. WordPress has made it possible for businesses to transform into a fully operational online store with its robust plugin architecture.

  1. Restaurant Websites

The first step to doing this with WordPress is to look out for restaurants with established websites. This is important because you need to draw lessons from them that would help you develop a strategy for establishing yours online. Look out for fundamentals that are essential to be added online for the smooth running of your business. Following this, you can then access all your desired features using the WordPress development service.

  1. News Website

The focus has shifted from reading news highlights on the television or newspaper in recent times. Many people now subscribe to various news websites online to gather accurate information. WordPress offers varieties of tools needed to optimize a news website.

  1. Portfolio Website

Various artists, web designers, photographers use their websites to make their work known to the world so that they can be contacted in case anyone needs their services. WordPress themes help you create the portfolio you so desire with its perfect sliders.

  1. Social Media Websites

Facebook Newsroom was built with WordPress. So, when it comes to social media websites, WordPress remains top on the list. You could build an online community using WordPress. The use of its unique features and themes makes this entirely possible.