Vue.js is an excellent framework, but is it better than Angular or React?

A few years ago, startups, SMEs, and major companies were mostly debating whether to use Angular or React for their projects. However, we are now seeing a surge in interest in a third player known as Vue.js.

According to Github’s start history, Vue’s number of stairs climbed in 2021, and it is currently a prominent framework alongside Angular and React.


Which Is Better: Angular vs. React vs. Vue?

VueJS is a JavaScript library used to create web interfaces. When combined with additional tools, it becomes a “framework.” I’m sure you know that Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, frequently replacing Angular and React. This leads us back to the subject of this blog: Vue.js is nice, but is it better than Angular or React?

Vue versus React versus Angular

You’re probably wondering what Vue.js is if you’ve never heard of it or used it: Come on! YET ANOTHER, another JavaScript framework! We understand. VueJS, on the other hand, is not a newcomer to the world of bespoke software creation. It was initially launched in 2013, and it currently has 171k stars on Github and has been downloaded several times this year.

As a result, according to our study, Vue.js is neither new nor less popular than competing frameworks. Let’s have a look at the winning aspects of Vue.js.

What makes Vue.js unique?

The major advantage of Vue in the Vue versus Angular battle is its absence of pedigree. It’s new and has very little baggage. It has learned from the failures and achievements of React and Angular. Vue, in our opinion, is lightweight and simple to learn.

It has some minimal documentation, but it does a nice job, and while there isn’t much to understand compared to Angular – this is a good thing because it’s surprisingly strong. Among the numerous projects that use Vue are PageKit and Python China. Here’s the rundown. It also includes two-way data binding like Angular and Virtual DOM like React.

We hope you now have a solid understanding of Vue.js. As a result, before we go into the debate over React versus Vue vs. Angular, let’s take a look at where they are right now:

Vue vs. React vs. Angular

Let’s begin the Vue vs. React vs. Angular fight. We will begin the conflict by comparing Vue JS vs. Angular JS.

Comparison of VUE and Angular

While comparing Vue versus Angular, let us first state that Angular (especially after the release of Angular 2!!) is a behemoth, whereas Vue.js is a ravenous tiger on the verge of becoming a tiger. However, there are other reasons why developers are shifting to Vue.

Vue.js provides a more adaptable and opinionated solution (than Angular). Instead of being forced to do things the Angular way, this lets you organize your app the way you want it to be. Because it is merely an interface layer, you may use it as a light feature in pages rather than a full-fledged SPA.

Angularjs has so many tools and so much complicated syntax that it might be confusing at times. On the other hand, Vue.js is significantly easier and sometimes even better than Angular. We advise you not to be anxious about the future of this framework. This is here to stay and will not go away in the next two years. However, you may speak with a reputable Angular js development business or employ an Angular.js developer to resolve all your concerns.

Comparison between React and Vue

The comparison of these two frameworks from a developer’s standpoint, including a few easy how-tos for each framework. Let’s see how this Vue vs. React comparison goes:

Vue.js is simple to understand and can be used right away. New methods and tools for handling big codebases provide a road to simplicity. Vue.js can grow with your expertise, allowing you to learn the most up-to-date technologies and best practices.

Some characteristics of ReactJS and VueJS are comparable. Let’s look at the comparisons between these two JS frameworks; this will help you evaluate the React versus Vue conflict outcome. The following are similarities between ReactJS and VueJS:

1) Make use of a virtual DOM.

2) Provide view components that are reactive and composable.

3) Maintain attention on the main library, with companion libraries handling routing and global state management problems.



Vue is not as well-known as React (supported by Facebook) or Angular 2 & 4 (promoted by Google), but organizations prefer to utilize Vue when developing full-fledged web apps. Vue overcomes the problem of React and Angular by delivering a simpler and easier development technique.

Using the correct framework is important, but so is hiring a qualified developer for web development. You will create an impacting application if you employ Angular js developers or Vue developers from a reputable software development business.