Modern businesses are not confined to limit with the help of their websites to reach any part of the world. A company needs to have its website to secure its growth and to stay competitive. Selecting the standard technology partner is the first step in making a successful website. In recent years, many technologies and ways have been devised to develop websites, but PHP has surfaced as the best technology for this.

It is a top choice for developing websites, and web apps rule the world, with up to 79% of websites that use a server also using PHP. It is also the leading underlying technology in lots of content management systems in the market currently. PHP website development is a standard option for lots of businesses.


An open-source and free server-side language is PHP which is an acronym of Hypertext Preprocessor is. It is an all-purpose language that is developed and maintained by a vast community. PHP entails handling the rear-end side or the server-side of a website or web application architecture. PHP code frequently gets used on the server, and the customer-side only gets the plain HTML code shown to the clients by a web browser.

PHP loads data from a server and place it into the HTML DOM, but it doesn’t have complete control over HTML like JavaScript. It can connect to various databases, apply scripts to HTML, start sessions, and execute other tasks.

You can do many things with PHP and develop compelling web applications, which is the top reason for the popularity of the server-side scripting language. PHP is entirely used for:

  • Add/modify database information.
  • Develop flexible content.
  • Create, open, write, delete, read, and close files on a server.
  • Send or receive cookies.
  • Collect/accept data from forms.
  • Peerform/execute data encryption
  • PHP produces HTML output, but it can also generate PDF, XML, Flash, and other files.

Depending on your needs and requirements, PHP can be a suitable method to develop a perfect website. To establish a non-competitive website for your business, you can hire a PHP developer with ease. You can check out how PHP influences modern businesses currently to get a better insight into how PHP is beneficial for web development for firms.

Reasons why PHP is good for web development projects


A free server-side language is a budget-friendly choice that can develop any web solution, be it a website, eCommerce store, or web application. The language is in sync with the latest web development trends and is also relevant, and the community is responsible for allowing this. PHP is a well-known language in website development, so there is no shortage of standard developers who can help you create a tremendous website or web app or help with your hassles. Also, the community puts infrequent efforts to make sure that the language remains par excellence.


Another advantage of PHP is that it is compatible with various operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Unix, and its interfaces suitably with MySQL and Apache servers. So, it covers the major operating systems and is usable on multiple platforms. Also, PHP is a standard language for developing cross-platform web applications, and it enables cross-platform web development easy. Such a web app is used on the system irrespective of the operating system it is running.


Websites or web applications created using PHP are very secure because they allow full-proof encryption. The capability of encryption and scalability adds standard to this incredible server-side language, making it a flexible technology. PHP-based web apps and websites load automatically with no manual intervention. It offers higher flexibility than any other server-side language within its field, and it is customization to ensure any business requirements. You can use the code editor to write PHP code with ease since it is an open-source language. It is combined with various libraries to produce varied effects.


Another benefit of choosing PHP for web development is that it offers many resources and tools for developers who want to add certain features or functionalities to their web applications. Either the developer requires editors, dependency managers, documentation tools, or frameworks, PHP ensures standard tools that are ready for use. By sourcing the available resources, one can learn PHP and find new methods to build a web solution. A lot of help is available for PHP development that covers almost all motives related to the field. Also, PHP enables lots of extensions to craft the solutions as per the clients’ requirements.


Many frameworks have been developed based on PHP, which ensures an easy way for developers to create web apps quickly. Businesses might take advantage of frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Zend Framework, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, and so on. By using these frameworks, developers can develop the best web apps or websites. Most frameworks support MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that uses coding and enables developers to achieve efficient solutions.


In terms of connectivity, PHP is a flexible language. It helps various databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more. MySQL is majorly used with PHP, but you can also use other databases to develop a web application in PHP. Because of the database flexibility, PHP is used in various application environments to create customized web apps or websites.


An incredible benefit of making PHP the web development technology for your business is it’s majorly used in different content management systems. Various topmost CMSs, including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, Joomla, and more, are written in PHP or are powered by a PHP-based framework. So, you can work with various CMSs if you make PHP the leading technology for your PHP website development project. Well-customized websites are developed with the use of a PHP-based content management system.

Final Note

PHP is one of the topmost web technologies used in several web solutions, probably an eCommerce store, a simple website, or a web application. It is an open-source and free coding language. PHP is a cost-friendly but easy-to-learn language, making it an exact coding language needed to create many web solutions. Either you want to make a website or web app, it gives you total control over how you can develop a web solution. It is a competitive server-side scripting language which is a good option for developing feature-rich web applications. PHP developers are readily available, so you can hire a PHP developer and build an appropriate website that meets your specific needs.