What is Golang? 

Go was founded in 2009. ‍It is an open-source programming language. Golang aims to make the development process a little bit easier, reliable, and efficient. Golang was designed by a Google team and is built in C programming language.

With Go, you can build more efficient and faster applications for companies. A number of organizations are starting to use Golang as their first programming language of choice. Here are the most famous companies that are using Golang: Google, Apple, Facebook, Docker, The New York Times, and BBC.

What are the benefits of using Golang?

Here are the main advantages of using Golang as a programming language.

  • Golang is fast
  • Golang is easy to learn
  • Golang is well scaled
  • Comprehensive programming tools
  • A growing pool of talent
What are the downsides of using Golang?

Although it is growing in popularity, Golang is not the number one choice of programming language. Here are the weak sides you need to know before start using Golang as a programming language.

  • Time-consuming
  • It is a young language
  • Golang does not support generic functions
What are the best projects that you can build with Golang?

There are ups and downs for every programming language, and the same applies to Golang. For example, executing the code with Golang is faster and simpler than the execution of the code with Python. Still, it is not suitable for building every type of apps because it is a very young programming language.

Golang is the perfect language if you need backend developments where servers have a number of requests. Dropbox is one of the services that is using Golang. Another thing we can say about Golang is that he is the perfect language for building an e-commerce website with a high volume of users. In other words, we must state that Go is a very promising language.

When should you choose to switch your project to Golang? 

For every startup, it is very important to have great marketing strategies for getting the product to the market. With clever marketing strategies is only natural to have a large number of users. This is the time when you should consider using Golang.

Netflix and Uber are some of the companies that switched to using Golang because of its service delivery speed. Migrating to Golang was a wise option because there were risks of ruining the user experience. Golang is the best programming language if your organization is expecting growth and if you want quick server responses.

Is Golang the future?

The short answer is yes. Golang has it all when it comes to web programming. With Golang, you have the opportunity to write all functions that other languages are doing separately, regardless if you want to watch a log, manage data from users, or send some regular tweets.


Golang got a lot of developers excited. It is a brilliant new programming language developed by Google. Golang provides a lot more benefits for companies of different industries. Switching to Golang is something your company should consider in the near future.