If you want to reach your Marketing at an A level, then you have to build a strong website. But which CMS will do that? And what is a CMS?

Why does your company need a CMS?

Content Management System is a material to command, publish and produce the content of your website. If you want a living organism more than a stable website then say hello to your new CMS.

The most important thing on CMS is to create new data and new information for your website without doing anything.

But why bother?

Now, with CMS you put old marketing in the trash. Plus, you need a lot of money. Now, every company has its website. Ok. But what CMS do exactly? Most companies use it to entice new leads. Because of its user-friendly application, you can build strong relationships with your customers. But the thing is this? Which one do you choose?

HubSpot CMS vs WordPress in Web Development

Both of them function for web development. Nonetheless, they are different in pricing and performance. WordPress started in 2003. It is an open CMS, used for blogging. WordPress allows the user (both on the free and paid version) to create content and manage. Approximately 450M sites use WordPress.

HubSpot was a marketing company in 2006. It includes CRM, e-mail marketing, and analytical tools. It has also many marketing tools. It is used mostly by big sites.

Which are the differences?

  1. Easy to use. Both of them are easy to use.
  2. Easiness and speed of development. HubSpot has all the features to work and satisfy the client but WordPress needs plugins, so you need developer skills to continue.
  3. As said above, WordPress has many plugins so every time you need to watch out for updates. On the contrary, HubSpot has everything to work properly like firewall, VPN and SSL(Secure Socket Layer), IDS(Intrusion Detection System), DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) 24\7 security and danger monitoring.
  4. WordPress does not provide support except for users. HubSpot provides professional support for business users(e-mail, chat, phone).
  5. WordPress has no indigenous operation, but you can reinforce it with plugins. To use it to its full potential, you have to buy the premium version. HubSpot has SEO tools, so you don’t have to download other plugins.
  6. Analytical and data gathering. For one more time, WordPress needs plugins to work and analyze data. HubSpot has them from the very beginning.
  7. Additional functions. WordPress has many operations but they are hidden. You do not know what is best for you. HubSpot has many plugins such as
  • Content search
  • Memberships
  • Multi-language websites
  • Developer Sandbox
  • E-mail subscription
  • Customer Relationship Management system
  • Content Delivery Network
  • E-mail marketing
  • Live chat

8.Costs. One of them is free. WordPress costs 250 dollars per month. with Hubspot, you work with professionals from the start.

When to use WordPress?

If you are at the very beginning then this is for you. As your business expands, you will need additional tools to bring prosperity.

When to use HubSpot?

HubSpot has everything you need to enhance your company. Either you are at the beginning or you have aspirations for something big, this is the number one choice.

Migrating the website from WordPress to HubSpot.

Many firms start their sites with WordPress. Though, when they grow, you have to ameliorate your tools and pass them to HubSpot. Luckily this can happen since October 2020. Firms with WordPress reach a point that nothing can be done more. Here is that HubSpot comes. Professionals are here to help you go to the stars.

HubSpot or WordPress?

WordPress for beginners and HubSpot for professionals who want to expand their websites.

That means that if you want to go next level send us a message and we will send you the best HubSpot developers. If you are in an early stage, we can recommend you WordPress too.