Both PrestaShop and WooCommerce are opened source platforms that you can use to build your online business website. The difference between the two is that WooCommerce is a plugin you can install in WordPress, while PrestaShop is a complete content management system website. Different features distinguish the two CMS, and that is what the user considers before choosing one.

What is a PrestaShop?

Prestashop was launched in 2005, and it is an open-source content management system written in PHP and MYSQL. It has 250000 customers who use it in their e-commerce businesses, including McDonald’s, K-way, etc. Prestashop has multiple features such as themes and modules that enable it to function well.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce was launched in 2011, and it is an open-source plugin that can be used in an e-commerce website. It has features unique features that have offered good customer service, including; themes and modules. It allows the user to sell physical and digital goods, including Ripleys, Weber, Singer Australia, etc.

Featres of a PrestaShop versus WooCommerce

Themes and design

WooCommerce themes are sorted, which makes them easy to use for any business. The storefront plugin provides the different articles freely and can be used to startup businesses conducted online.

The main advantage is that WooCommerce offers customized themes if the available in does not suit your business style.

For PrestaShop, there are different themes and designs; however, you need to pay for them. The advantage is that it has many templates which give you a range of choices. The disadvantage is that you will find it had to install a theme, and it does not support customization.


For WooCommerce, its themes are accessible: the storefront; however, it has non-free themes though their prices are low. The themes in WooCommerce are not of high quality compared to PrestaShop.

For PrestaShop, it has very classy templates, and the themes are high compared to WooCommerce; however, there are no complimentary themes. They cost up to $68 for the lowest price to $112 for the most expensive themes.


WooCommerce allows customization of themes, and the user can rewrite the themes because it is an open-source content management system. It easy to install with no coding knowledge required; the add-ons can also be applied. The disadvantage is that the add-ons are also plugins you need to install.

A Prestashop has over 3000 modules that can be customized, and the user can add any feature they need in their shop. The disadvantage is you will require to have high coding skills to the customization of the themes. Although there are customized themes available, they are too expensive.

Users experience

Since WooCommerce is a plugin, it is straightforward to use on WordPress; however, new users in WordPress might need some time to get used to it.

For PrestaShop, it offers a new experience for each user and the interface is friendly, and anyone can get used to it faster. However, you will require an expert to perform the customization for you.

In conclusion, depending on the themes, price, and user experience of WooCommerce and PrestaShop, the owner’s decision remains. You might need to consider factors before installing each of the following, and one of them is your budget.