5 Reasons to Create a Custom CMS for Your Website

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Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

CMS stands Custom Management System which aids in creating, storing, and organizing digital content. Maintaining content with WordPress and other platforms such as this is effective unless growth is the plan.

A custom CMS has many benefits to make the business venture successful. Going the cheaper and easiest route will project that to the current client. A Custom CMS is currently more effective but has a status behind the use, which gives the developer respect from the client.


The Custom CMS creates specific individual business needs that are a tailor-fit for each project and client. This customization can be beneficial if changes make the website navigation more user-friendly.

A ready-made CMS like what WordPress uses takes away options and design preferences. This feature withholds details that each client may need for growth. This option also makes the design the same as every other site.

Website Loads Faster

A Custom CMS’s main benefit is to bring speed to the new website. The website loads faster due to the backend code only performing what is necessary. A website builder includes plugins that you may need one day or you may not.

In a Custom CMS, the user will be over the updates and will allow the critical ones and allow details to act. This feature also removes the notifications that distract clients and reduces their impression of the developer.


WordPress and Wix are open-source platforms, and this can create a security issue. This open-source platform makes them less secure than a custom-built CMS. Protecting your client’s data is vital, and using the most innovative software available will save the client relationship.

A WordPress website has the potential for a security breach more often than with a custom CMS and the security that it comes as an attachment.


WordPress uses the drag and drop feature, so there is no originality to any of their websites. A business website needs to stand out with its product or service, or the consumer will choose one that does.

When there is competition in a market, the client will need to show their individuality. When the client sees the developer as just another number, they may move on to the next one with more originality.


Hiring a development team to create a custom-built CMS gives the client full-time tech support to allow for troubleshooting and issues that may arise. This feature is beneficial when the project is complete and provides peace of mind to the client.

A website builder such as WordPress has a FAQ section and support many times is a chatbot with common responses. This support provides support for small-scale businesses and cannot meet all needs of those clients.

Business success happens when the designer can stand out from the rest. That success cannot always come from a FAQ section or a chatbot, as all issues can be unique to that one website.

What are the Time and Cost Associated With a Custom CMS

A Custom CMS website will take additional time than a website builder, but it is dependant on the project size. Other factors include technology, business, and the development team; production time for this custom work can take anywhere from 3-6 months.

The cost is associated with the project size, the development team, technology needs, and marketing. A custom CMS website can cost $30,000, but an accurate estimate can prepare this client’s figure.