Python is an open-source object-oriented programming language. It is widely used and popular because of the advantages it offers. Python is very user-friendly and allows for plenty of uses for different reasons. 

Read on to find out the most important advantages of Python. 

Application development

You can develop a wide range of applications with Python, including software development applications, web applications, network programming, graphic user interface based applications, games and 3D applications, scientific and numeric applications, and other business applications. It provides an interactive interface and allows for easy development. 

Several programming paradigms

Python provides continuous support for multiple programming paradigms. It is object-oriented and supports structured programming, and it can be used for automatic memory management and dynamic type systems. Python allows for the development of small and large applications, as well as complex software applications. 

Large standard library

Python comes with a large standard library which is one of the reasons developers prefer it over other programming languages. You can use the library to access different ranges of modules that help to add functionalities without the need for writing code. Its documentation helps for implementing web services, interface protocol, performing string operations, and other uses. 

Compatible with various platforms and operating systems

Python is compatible with all major operating systems and platforms – one of the main advantages when developing applications. It allows you to run the code on multiple platforms because it is a high-level programming language, and you do not have to recompile the code after every update and change. 

Easily access of database

With Python, you can easily access and customize the interfaces of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and more. It has an object database such as ZODB and Durus. 

Readable and easy to maintain code 

Python code is readable and easily maintained, and can be recused when required. It has simple syntax so you can develop different concepts without having to write additional code. Unlike other languages, Python code emphasizes readability which leads to less time for development and makes maintenance easier when an update is required. 

Simplified Complex Software Development

Python is a general-purpose programming language that simplifies complex software development. It provides useful features such as data analysis and visualization, so you can create custom solutions and present data in an effective way without having to spend a lot of time and effort. 

Lots of open-source tools and frameworks 

Python is easily available as it is open-source. There are numerous libraries, frameworks, and development tools that can help developers to work faster and better without any additional cost. 

Use Test-Driven Development

Coding is easier when using a Test Driven Development approach. It can easily be written and when development starts, the test cases work simultaneously and provide the result. You can check or test the pre-requirements using the results of the tests. 

Useful for various applications 

You can use Python for numerous applications such as artificial intelligence, robotics, data analysis, web scraping, machine learning, scripting, audio-, video-, and console-based applications, color detection, image applications, 3D CAD applications, and much more.