Recruiting Solutions: Staff Augmentation vs. X-Team

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

As a business, having to increase your team is a great sign – this means that you are growing and moving in the right direction. But with growth come other challenges – such as the recruitment process. 

Not having the right team is one of the major reasons businesses fail. And with the time and effort finding a great new employee takes, and the lack of resources that are common for most small businesses, it can be quite a difficult task. 

Fortunately, today we have the benefits of technology so we do not have to rely only on traditional recruitment methods. With the help of recruiting tools, you can find the best solution for your specific business needs. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of two popular recruiting solutions – Staff Augmentation and X-Team. 

Staff Augmentation

This is a Swiss staffing company that provides experienced programmers to companies that need top tech talent. Their developers specialize in mobile development, eCommerce, CMS, JavaScript, and backend development. 

They will provide a strategy with scalable options so that you can meet your business objectives. They will consider your current staff and come up with a plan to add value and skills. There are 4 core areas Staff Augmentation are concentrated on: 

  • Mobile developers: candidates that are highly competent in Android, iOS, Ionic, React Native, Java, Xamarin, and Unity. 
  • JavaScript developers: skilled professionals in Angular JS, Backbone JS, Aurelia, Typescript, Ionic, Vue JS, Electron, Meteor, Ember JS, Node JS, React, and React Native. 
  • eCommerce and CMS developers: providing staff for the following services – BigCommerce, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Open Cart, Shopify, Presta Shop, WooComerce, Typo3, Concrete5, Expression Engine. 
  • Back-end developers: candidates that are fluent in C#, ASP.NEt, Java, Erlang, Python, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. 

All developers you can hire through Staff Augmentation have completed studies to confirm the level of skills, and most of them have a degree in Computer Science. 

There is a wide range of services offered by Staff Augmentation, including consulting, relocations, strategic staffing, managed services, and permanent placement. You can also have ongoing support to improve retention and help establish relationships to save you time and money. 


‍This company can provide some of the best developers in the field. They screen the candidates not only via resumes but also perform specific tests to ensure they have the needed skills. 

You can hire from their selection of highly accomplished, trained, and skilled developers thus save time and land the best professional for your company or project. 

The company works mainly on web and mobile platforms and you can find developers specialized in front-end development, UI/UX, back-end development, WordPress development, database, data science and AI, DevOps, blockchain, and more. They are experienced in Java, JavaScript, Python, Android, WordPress, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and more. 

The company invests in training opportunities and helping the developers they hire to provide the best service and allow developers to achieve their professional goals. When you apply to X-Team, you get a developer picked specifically to suit your project’s needs, based on the following criteria: the developer’s skills and expertise, availability, industry knowledge, developer’s personality and culture fit, budget, and time zone preferences. 

The minimum duration for a contract is three months so consider this option in case you have longer projects and are looking to hire for the long term.