How a Staffing Agency Can Streamline Direct Hiring

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

Across all industries, applicants rather than employers are directing the job market. This trend makes the talent pool smaller and the process more competitive for businesses looking to hire qualified staff directly. Staffing agencies combat these difficulties by working closely with companies to find and directly employ the best candidates while keeping recruitment costs low and the whole process efficient.

Staffing agencies are much more useful to a company than attempting to directly hire alone, due to offering expertise specific to this area. The list of benefits is long, but the top three reasons to consider an agency are:

  1. Staffing agencies can find more candidate options, and do so quickly

Passive candidates – those qualified talents who are not actively seeking a job, but have their resumes on file in case of the right opportunity – are often a great boon for companies seeking the best staff. Staffing agencies can reach these people easily, while traditional hiring processes would not. A potential employee who is not actively looking for work is unlikely to look at job postings but may be willing to listen when contacted by an agency and given the right offer.

  1. Staffing agencies can make the whole recruitment process faster and more efficient

It’s not unusual for long, drawn-out hiring processes to result in the loss of prime candidates for a post. Highly-talented and qualified people may gain employment elsewhere while waiting to hear back, or they may lose faith in the company’s decision-making abilities if the process drags for too long.

Agencies respond to this problem by taking over and streamlining the initial background checks, resume reviews, pre-screening tasks, and all other pre-interview evaluations. After dealing with these primary requirements, a large part of the agency’s role is in aiding communication between the company and potential employees.

As well as this, agencies can help with the interview process (both phone and in-person) to help companies employ best practices and ensure that the top picks from the candidate pool wish to accept the offer to start work.

  1. Staffing agencies lower the costs of direct recruitment

Efficiency is critical, and collaboration with an agency both speeds the hiring process and saves time and money. The agency’s in-depth knowledge of the job market, candidates, and industry also helps everything go faster and save unnecessary expenditure on useless job advertising. As well, agencies can compare and advise on what salary offers might tempt candidates without breaking the business’s budget. Also, taking the burden of recruitment from HR is cost-saving in that it allows the HR department to focus on more urgent in-company problems.

Using a staffing agency, then, is a surefire way to ensure your company is hiring the best staff with the highest talent at a fair price. To stay competitive in today’s job market, using an agency to select your team and streamline the direct recruitment process may be the boost that sends your company to the top.