The future of your business, wheatear small or big, depends on one thing. The people that you hire to run it and lead it towards success. That is why hiring developers will continue to be of importance in 2020.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the positions for software developers will rise 22 percent by 2022. The demand is increasing daily due to the competitive market. Some predictions plan on taking over at the end of January that are worth explaining.

  • Hiring abroad – The demand for the international workforce is already significant. Surprise! It is going to increase even more by the end of 2020 aggressively. Tons of applications are of use here, and talents can be found in a second. The world is abundant in skilled developers, and that deliver high-quality projects.
  • Salary increase – The competition is fierce, and every company wants the best software developers. Remote work doesn’t allow companies to offer offices, locations, or benefits. But, it allows them to offer more money, and they will indeed do it. Every hole can be filled up with money according to them, and every top talent is worth it. Some talks indicate rise by 200 percent. Sadly, salaries are not always enough. And to be honest, they are already high enough. Employers should focus more on challenging and exciting assignments, not salary incensement.
  • Coding in college – Thanks to salaries and employer demand, high scholars think and plan IT education. This inspiration is also guilty of why coding classes in college are in demand. Believe it or not, almost 90 percent of college graduates took at least one coding class by the end of 2019. Coding is already obligatory in British schools and Estonian schools. A lot of online platforms also give knowledge of coding.

In a candidate-driven market,  your organization needs to stand out. According to the 2018 Developer Skills report over 39,000 developers declared that two of the most valued things they are looking for in a job are a good work-life balance and professional growth followed by development opportunities.

In some countries, the demand for software developers is very high. If your company works in such a country, then hiring is even harder. If this is the case, using a specialized staffing agency generates better candidates and placements for your team.

Companies operating in a very competitive industry where it’s difficult to find qualified candidates, a professional staffing service gives you access to more skilled candidates at a lower cost than if you do the recruiting yourself.

Another important advantage of a staffing company is that they save your business time. Staffing agencies are responsible for advertising, recruiting, screening for, and filling the position.