In many cases and situations, people make assumptions that are not based on facts or truths. One of such cases is the perception of coding boot camp graduates. Although these coders have over the years, proven themselves to be of high values to engineering teams, there are still erroneous ideas about things involving them.

Do you happen to also believe certain things about coding boot camp graduates, that cannot be well confirmed as the truth? Then, prepare to have your misconceptions debunked, as we carefully look and help you know the actual truth about them.

#1 Coding Boot Camp Graduates are Maths or Science Experts

When you hear the word, ‘coder’, are the next words that come to mind, “Maths, science, geek”? This need not be, as just about anyone can learn how to program by attending a coding boot camp, without necessarily having high technical skills.

#2 They don’t easily or quickly get Jobs

It is, of course, true that a boot camp won’t provide you with a job. However, you must recognize that their duty and responsibility is to teach and help you learn in order to hone enough coding skills to get a decent job.

#3 They are unaware of Industry Standards

Know that boot camps have the flexibility and adaptability to change tactics and approaches much quicker than traditional education (which is more rigid in structure). Thus, students get to be updated on recent trends and standards and get equipped with very relevant tools for thriving in their field.

#4 They have no original Ideas

If you think all boot camp graduates do is reproduce pieces of stuff other people have already done, then you’re misinformed. At the latter phases of a coding boot camp, students are given projects to be built from the scratch and several groups have rigorous milestones, technical endorsements and are able to effectively function in environments that require them to be proactive – just as they would need to be in the real world.

#5 They attend Boot Camps only to change Careers

Coding is a very interesting skill that some people just take up to supplement their present jobs and not necessarily as a main career.

#6 They have no experience as Professional Developers

You need to realize that not everyone who attends a coding boot camp is new to the field. Some are well experienced in certain aspects of coding but just want to upgrade their skills and add to their knowledge.

#7 They pay too much for too little benefit

By understanding the value and future benefits that learning coding at boot camps add to students, you will be able to recognize that the monetary price paid to gain the knowledge is not too expensive.

 So, for recruiters or employers in need of the services of Coders and developers, you need not to discard the idea of employing boot camp graduates, as they just might be some of the best hands you can get for hiring. And for those unsure of whether to learn coding at a boot camp or not, be rest assured that enrolling in a coding boot camp is one right choice to make in order to hone your desired coding skills.