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Why Choose Custom WordPress Development for Your Company?

Do you want to build a website to assert your business? But do you know it takes a huge amount of money to develop a site from scratch? Yes, that’s true! Developing a service-based website from scratch will require more investment and also time. With WordPress, a well-known CMS (Content Management System), you don’t have to spend a considerable amount of on-site creation.

WordPress provides a diverse range of importance that are useful for creating appealing websites. It has been known as a reliable and effective Web development platform for building professional websites and eCommerce stores. Choosing a good WordPress platform for site development can benefit you in the process.

These are some advantages that custom WordPress development offers to the business.

Customization is Simpler

Custom WordPress development services make good use of this platform because of its simple customization. Everything can be managed if you have a paid version, whether the design or the rear end. Nevertheless, if it is SEO and content management, WordPress offers easy customization for the users.


Search engines prefer WordPress as it features clean and easy, code making it simpler to read and index content on the site. Furthermore, it provides you total control over the customization of SEO components for every page so you can achieve higher search engine rankings.

Responsive Design

As mobile is considered the best way to get traffic for websites, they have to be responsive to your potential users on the mobile channel. WordPress offers a responsive design that will ensure seamless performance on multiple devices.

Large Community

One of the best parts about WordPress is its high community support. This community comprises WordPress developers, designers, project managers, and CEOs who are efficiently working on the seamless performance of WordPress sites. You will find different tutorials related to development that you can refer to whenever you face any difficulty related to WordPress.

Highly Scalable

Your website will grow alongside your company if you choose WordPress.

This is due to the great scalability of the platform. You can add different pages or blog posts to your website without alternating its overall performance. For this particular reason, WordPress is known as a suitable platform for businesses that have a high potential to grow in the future.

Outstanding Blogging Platform

WordPress has achieved a leading position as the best blogging site. WP incorporates, by default, a blog section into every site. In addition, it provides a range of blogging functionalities such as widgets, plugins, tags, categories, and more, making it easy to tackle a blogging section.

Easy Social Media Integration

An exciting thing about WordPress is that it provides simple social media integration. This leverages the business to extend its user’s reach by harnessing social media channels. This means that you will get more traffic, and you don’t have to log in to the social accounts personally, as the website provides seamless integration with all of them.


Affordability is the main reason behind choosing and converting the website to WordPress. WP is an open-source platform and its design, maintenance and development are comparatively more suitable than other platforms.

Availability of Themes

Themes are quite helpful in determining the outcome of your website. You will get different theme options that are customizable to suit several business needs with WordPress. It enables customers to download themes according to the category and use them to develop great websites that can assist in elevating brand awareness online.

Multiple Plugins for Customization

Plugins help extend the functionality of the website. You can also include desired features with the help of plugins. All you have to do is install that specific plugin to include the necessary functionality in your website. The exciting thing is that various plugins are available, and most of them can be used freely.

Proper Media Management

WordPress makes it easy to add videos, images, and other media elements to improve the standard of your platform’s content. It provides a drag-and-drop system that enables you to upload content easily. You will also have access to an image editing tool whenever needed.

Secure Platform

There are chances of website information being leaked which can result in a huge business loss. For instance, an eCommerce site has a large customer base, and their information is open to hacking that can make you lose data along with your customer’s trust. As WordPress is a popular CMS site, developers are working efficiently to create a hack-proof site. With the help of using modern tools and technologies, WordPress developers can protect your website from being hacked.

Final Words

Your website is the most important part of your online presence. You have to ensure that it perfectly represents your brand. You should consider trying WordPress whether you are revamping your existing site or creating a site from scratch,


WordPress or Craft CMS – Which One Is Better? 

If you are looking to have a new website or planning to upgrade your existing one, you are probably wondering which CMS is better. What you need to consider when choosing one is the ease of use, the flexibility it provides, and whether it has the needed SEO tools to guarantee you a good ranking on Google. 

One of the most popular CMSs is WordPress and often business owners choose this one. But there are other worth considering such as Craft CMS – although less popular, it offers some good functionalities. Read on to find out WordPress or Craft CMS – which one is better? 

Ease of use 

WordPress offers a lot of pre-built components but the problem is that often these tend to complicate the interface and are unnecessary for many users, especially businesses. Finding and editing content might become more complicated, as well as training other people to use the CMS. 

Craft CMS, on the other hand, is much more user-friendly. The interface is simplified and more streamlined, built to meet business requirements, and provide a more seamless user experience. There is also a live preview feature that is very handy as admins can view the content editing section and the preview in real-time right next to each other so editing content becomes much easier. 


WordPress takes the lead when it comes to template and plugin options. Since the development community is much bigger, the platform provides more flexibility in terms of functionalities so that businesses of all sizes and types can find what they need. The only downside here is that many websites built on WordPress at the end look alike, which makes it harder to stand out. And even though there are a lot of plugins available for WordPress, too many of them are buggy and almost unusable, to the extent that they can create serious issues.  

On the contrary, Craft CMS puts content first and the websites built on it are much more customized to the exact needs of the business, not using ready-made templates. This way users can have more flexibility when wanting to add new elements or rearrange existing ones. 

Search engine ranking and visibility 

No doubt, WordPress is very SEO-friendly. There are a lot of effective SEO plugins that are easy to use and will guide you to optimize the website properly. 

Craft CMS offers only a basic but just as effective SEO plugin, and due to the build flexibility, there is an opportunity to streamline and simplify your SEO efforts – especially useful for bigger websites that frequently add and update pages. 

Stability and security 

About 27% of all websites are built on WordPress which means that the platform is more targeted by hackers and each added plugin is a potential risk as it can be an entry point. 

Craft takes security and stability seriously and since the platform is not that popular compared to WordPress, attacks are less likely to happen. 

Website speed

Because WordPress provides a lot of ready-made options, this can cause smaller websites to run slower due to unorganized and heavier code. 

On the other hand, Craft has an extremely lightweight code which is the reason for faster website speed. This results in a better user experience and improved search engine rankings. 

Finally – which CMS is better? 

If you are looking for something ready to use, that offers plenty of quick fixes then WordPress is for you. But if you want a flexible and sleek website solution, consider using Craft CMS as it can be tailored exactly for your needs.