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8 Best Reasons Why You Should Consider Vue.js For Your Next Development Project

What is Vue.js? A progressive JavaScript framework you can use for the development of modern apps, without the need of a lot of resources. While most of the popular frameworks are supported by big tech companies, Vue.js is built and maintained by the developer community. It is very adaptable and easy to integrate with the main focus on the view layer.

Read on to find out the 8 best reasons why you should consider using Vue.js for your next development project. 

Flexible and scalable 

Vue.js can be used both for big SPA projects (Single Page Apps) and for smaller parts that have to be integrated. So basically you can use it to build whole products but also as a library for your existing project. 

Offers functional conventions

With Vue.js you can use all the built-in solutions to save a lot of time and effort. You will find native support for a lot of things, including animations and state management.

Easy to update 

When working on a project, you focus mainly on the development but future maintenance is also to be considered. With Vue.js any additional updates that will need to be made are easy so you will always be able to be up to date with new features, bug fixes, and improvements. 

Great to work with 

Vue.js is not only great technology but as it is created with the developers in mind, it is no wonder why it is preferred from the community. It offers handy tools and preconfigured settings that will help you with your development project immensely. Plus, it comes with well-written documentation that makes learning it easy and very user-friendly even for beginners. 

It is newer and better

As it is newer than other major frameworks, Vue.js had the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and offer a better tech solution without the illogical and clunky issues that were present in its predecessors.  

Smaller size and performance-focused

Apps built with Vue.js are smaller in size so they load faster and perform better than apps built using other frameworks. It also takes care of many of the optimizations so you don’t have to worry about scaling the app as it grows. 

It is progressive

You can use Vue.js to rewrite a project that needs a performance boost as you will not have to rework everything at once. You can go one component to another and introduce the framework into the codebase step by step. 

It is a popular choice 

Because of all the benefits it offers, Vue.js is becoming more and more popular and often is the framework of choice by some of the best developers. As it is easy to learn, it is suitable even for beginners so its popularity will continue to grow. And with the solid community behind, you can always find support and help in case of need.