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Vue.js – A Quick Overview

Why Is Vue.js the Most Popular Responsive Web Application Development Framework?

Vue.js development offers several advantages that will entice you to use it in your projects. This post goes through all of the reasons and benefits of using Vue.js.

JavaScript has helped businesses in developing responsive web apps for their clients for more than two decades. JavaScript, which can be used on both the client and server sides, allows you to add dynamic elements to pages through enhanced functionality and real-time changes.

Did you know…?

According to a 2020 web development poll, JavaScript is the most popular language for the eighth year in a row, with 67.7 percent of respondents picking it. This spawned a slew of javascript frameworks for front-end, backend, and even testing.

Vue.Js is one such framework. It is used to construct simple projects, but it can also be improved to develop complicated apps using cutting-edge techniques. Aside from that, there are a few more compelling reasons to choose Vuejs for responsive web application development.

Want to learn more about them? Then read this blog to the conclusion. In this post, We will go through all of the arguments and benefits of Vue js development. So, keep an eye out.

Vue.js – A Quick Overview

Vue.Js is an open-source JavaScript framework that was released for public usage in 2014. It is used to develop UIs and single-page apps. On Github, it has over 77.4 million likes for developing user-friendly web interfaces.

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, the most recent version is Vue.js 2.6, and it is the second most popular framework. Every Vue.js development firm in the world uses the framework for responsive web application development. It is centered on the view layer, gives extensive capability to the view layer, and creates single-page web applications.

Some of the Most Surprising Vue.js Statistics:

In the State of JS 2019 developer poll, Vue was placed second in the Front End JavaScript Framework rankings.

According to Wappalyzer and BuiltWith data from June 2020, around 427k to 693k sites are created with Vue Js.

According to the State of JS 2019 study, 40.5 percent of JavaScript developers are presently using Vue, and 34.5 percent are interested in doing so in the future.

Vue was named the third most popular front-end JavaScript framework in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2020.

Why Is Vue.js So Popular? 

  • Run-time performance that is fast.
  • Vue.js makes use of a virtual DOM.
  • The core library is the primary emphasis, while cooperating libraries handle additional aspects such as global state management and routing.
  • Vue.js delivers visual components that are responsive.