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6 Reasons To Use Vue.js for Web UI Development

The UX/UI design is extremely important for application development and these days every brand and business is focused on having the right interactive elements and an intuitive user interface. So which is the best JavaScript framework for the development of UI? 

One of the best frameworks you could use is Vue.js – an open-source JavaScript framework that can be used for the development of web UI and single-page applications. It is preferred by most of the developers mostly because it offers a full set of features that makes it very easier to enter the UI world and ensure the success of a web application. 

Read on to find out what are the main characteristics of Vue.js and why you should use it for web UI development. 

What are the main characteristics of Vue.js 

Virtual DOM: Vue.js operates with Virtual DOM which means that any changes that are made during the development process will not be reflected on the DOM. This allows the developers to experiment with their design and see all the changes made in the user interface design. 

Data Binding: developers can easily modify the style, set values to HTML attributes, and more. 

Transition and animation: Developers can implement transition to HTML elements and add animated libraries to build more interactive UI. 

HTML-based templates: Vue.js makes tasks of UI development simpler by complying templates into Virtual DOM render functionality. 

Computed Properties: one of the core functionalities, which encourages developers and designers to take care of changes made to the elements of the user interface and make calculations without the need for additional coding. 

Why you should use Vue.js for web UI development 

Smaller size and high speed 

One of the best reasons to use Vue.js is that the application needs is up to 21 kB. But the smaller size does not affect performance and high speed. This is why Vue.js can be used for both smaller and bigger application development projects. 

Easy to learn 

With a very simple structure, Vue.js comes with a gentle learning curve that allows everyone to find and eliminate coding errors and work on smaller and larger templates fairly quickly. This is the main reason why Vue.js is becoming more and more popular in the mobile market. 

Better performance

Another great plus of Vue.js for web UI development is that it offers better and higher performance. The reason for that is that it works with a virtual DOM but also because it comes with the option to manage a high frame rate and pay attention to shortcomings. 

Simple to integrate

Because Vue.js is based on JavaScript, it is very easy to integrate with every existing app which allows JS integrations. This means that developers can create an app from scratch with Vue.js or introduce elements in an existing application. 


This is another plus of Vue.js for user interface web development – because it offers flexibility and enables writing templates in JavaScript and HTML that can run on different browsers. 

Well-defined documentation

The enhanced documentation that comes with Vue.js means that developers can easily understand the mechanisms and develop the application without having serious issues.