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Why Use the Vue.JS Framework to Create Native Apps?

The ever-expanding technology sector is always bringing new and exciting improvements that assist developers in building unique apps. With so many technologies on the market, deciding on the best one may be challenging. In general, application development firms aim to use technology that is popular and in great demand.

Vue.js is the most popular JavaScript framework for developers designing user interfaces and single-page apps, with 174K GitHub stars. It has surpassed Angular and React in popularity.

This article will look into Vue.js facts and why developers should use it for their next project.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Vue.js Development

Vue.js Advantages


Vue.js is part of an ecosystem that may be adopted gradually. Vue.js’s nature allows Vue.js developers to add variety and adaptation to their code. Aside from that, Vue’s flexibility will enable it to compare a full-featured framework and a library to see, which makes it easier for developers to construct an app.


The development process is simplified with Vue because the production-ready app weighs only 20KB after min+gzip. This speeds up the development process and allows for speedier runtime. It also gives native app developers the ability to isolate templates from virtual DOM.


To work with Vue.js, developers must have a basic understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. This makes it simple for newcomers to grasp Vue.js. Aside from that, Vue.js allows you to develop a project in a matter of minutes rather than days.


Vue.js enables code reuse. Utilizing this functionality makes it possible to incorporate numerous views and components into the current architecture quickly. Views and components that are smaller yet interactive, for example, can be utilized.


With Vue.js’s reactive functionality, data binding between HTML and JavaScript has gotten difficult. As a result, when data changes, the DOM updates as well.

Simple to Implement

Vue.js is user-friendly, performant, and flexible, making it simpler for developers to build maintainable and tested applications. Vue.js development service providers may use this framework to construct both extremely sophisticated apps and single-page apps.

  1. Vue.js Disadvantages

Rapid Growth

Vue is evolving more quickly than any other framework. This means that what is important now in Vue.js may be obsolete tomorrow. With Vue’s quality, the developers of a Vue.js development business must constantly learn new things and stay up to date.

The Small Community

Vue is still very young, released in recent years, and it is constantly developing and improving. As a result, it is not as widely used as competing frameworks. Another disadvantage is that this framework was built by a Chinese firm. Therefore the majority of the code is written in Chinese. This causes problems for English-speaking developers.

Fewer plugins/components

The majority of frameworks have standard plugins that may be used in conjunction with various app development tools. Vue.js, on the other hand, does not have this limitation. There aren’t many standard plugins.

More adaptable

Vue.js provides far too much freedom, which might be detrimental when working on a larger project. The code may have more irregularities and mistakes than normal.

Why Should You Use Vue.js in Your Next Project?

Vue.js is a simple framework that supports Virtual DOM. It may be used to create components in a file with the extension. Some of the major reasons for using Vue.js are as follows:

  • Future-proof
  • Extremely well-known
  • Size-efficient
  • Progressive
  • Flexible

What Can JavaScript Developers Expect from Vue.js?

  • The Vue.js framework allows JavaScript developers to build HTML code and style CSS easily. It provides easy-to-use templating and style technologies for creating mobile apps.
  • Vue.js development firm developers can restart UI components on various platforms.
  • Vue.js provides detailed documentation to developers that explains how the framework works and details the uniqueness of the functionality.
  • Vue.js, because of its dynamic binding capability, provides capabilities that allow developers to give specific classes to data and modify its look.

Vue.js, the JavaScript front-end framework, has gone a long way. It now leads the list of JavaScript frameworks due to its open-source and progressive nature. About 200k websites use Vue.js. It creates all sorts of applications because of its powerful features and flexible environment. Its popularity has raised the need for Vue.js to develop.