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4 Creative Ways Tech Startups Can Compete for Talent

Today’s job market is pretty competitive and you need to get creative if you want to attract the best candidate for your company’s open positions. As a tech startup, you are probably far from offering six-figure salary and luxurious perks, like most of the technology giants. 

Even though, you can still score top talent – you just need to adopt different strategies and recruit creatively. Read on to find out how to attract the best candidate for your tech startup. 

Do not rely solely on the CV

Think about the fact that a lot of coders do not come from traditional sources such as universities. And less than half of them have 8 years of professional experience. Most of the programmers learn their skills informally and enjoy coding as a hobby. So as a tech startup you should not look for years of professional experience in the candidates’ CVs but rather find new ways to validate skills and capabilities. 

Look for people that are active in the open-source community, that are critical thinkers, and have a strong sense of curiosity and purpose. These are qualities that can prove to be far more valuable even with a lack of professional experience. 

Start the recruiting from the top

You know the saying, talent attracts talent. So as a tech startup, consider leveraging high-profile hires to attract a high-class team. 

Invest in a senior executive and then mine their network for candidates with the help of a recruiting agency. Use your world-class manager’s reputation as a reference to attract top tech talent. 

Spotlight your company culture

Yes, salaries are important, but today as much as important is company culture – especially for millennials who want to work where they feel valued. Highlight your company culture, mission, and values so that your potential employees can appreciate the opportunity to be working on something they actually believe in. 

Millennials are looking not only for work with a mission but care about the social values of the business as well. Spotlight the ways your tech startup is making a social impact to ensure that you catch the attention of talented candidates. 

Offer flexibility and autonomy

Working at a tech startup has a lot of benefits and one of that is the opportunity to be a part of a hands-on collaborative work environment. Make sure that you live up to the reputation – provide your team with autonomy and trust your team to do their job. 

And do not wait until after you have hired – start at the onboarding. Give the candidates the opportunity to have a say in what work they can start taking on and what teams they can join. This independence and freedom can be the ultimate factor that makes them decide which offer to accept. 

As you can see, it all comes down to the simple fact that when you believe in your new hires, they will be loyal to you. So you will not only rely on having top talent working for your tech startup but also reduce turnover and decrease the need to go back to the hiring process in the near future.