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The Why, When and How of Staff Augmentation vs Managed Software Project

The attempt to build an in-house software development team is one decision entrepreneurs have to consider at one point or another but the downsides involved in energy, money and time wasted in trying to hiring tech talent can be rather invested in finishing business goals and birthing new ideas and launching more projects.

The IT industry has grown over the past years so it also has the dynamics surrounding the hire of models.

One of these models that combines both internal recruitment and outsourcing benefits to help fill vacancies and skills gaps immediately is Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation

Wikipedia defined staff augmentation as an outsourcing strategy used to staff a project and respond to business objectives and which entails the location of dedicated technical resources, usually offshore, hired as overseas development extensions of in-house application development teams on fixed or flexible terms or conditions.

Staff Augmentation involves the continuous monitoring of the organization’s internal team and recognizing when to fill in the skills gap in the course of a project. Upon identification of a missing skill, individuals or teams are hired to fill the vacancy and complete certain technical tasks.

Staff Augmentation has increasingly gained a rise in acceptance now thanks to specifics in IT infrastructure such as brain drain, fierce competition and low access to domestic expertise.

Extreme developer rates are also an issue that requires attention and the need to provide a quick solution to HR issues is made possible by this model. The model could be short or long-termed.

Short Term Staff Augmentation is used when a company staff or specialist is on a break, either a vacation, sabbatical or sick leave while long term Staff Augmentation is applicable for long term complex projects that require a specialist you lack.

Benefits of the Model


Staff Augmentation allows flexible hiring of staff/specialist at necessary periods without consuming significant time and energy.


Additional staff/specialists can be hired in various places where the prices of hiring one could be much lower than in the company’s home base. The difference in the rates helps to reduce the cost of software development.

Skills Gap

The model allows the possibility of hiring a programmer from outside the company’s base. Countries that possess a large amount of unengaged yet available software developers and tech specialists are major outsourcing destinations.  It also permits for these skills to be hired not just from anywhere on the world but it achieves this in a short time preventing the company from suffering major losses.

How the Model Works?

The process of recruitment based on this model is quite simple and requires three main steps which are:

  1. Identification of Skills Gap

This is the stage at which the company identifies the skills it lacking and makes use of its internal HR or uses the service of an agent to get a qualified specialist to fill these gaps.

  1. Incorporating Hired Employees

The hired specialist can now undergo an adaptation process where they are introduced to their duties, workplace and other team members as well as the project on the ground.

  1. Developing Augmented Staff

This stage entails the ongoing training and development of the expanded team to ensure that beneficial assets of the team are well preserved and to guarantee an outstanding project delivery.

Staff Augmentation in Comparison to Managed Project Services

When the client hires an outsourced team alongside a project manager to handle the entirety of the project and its delivery. This is a “Managed Project”.

In situations where the team is outsourced and managed by an in-house project manager that controls the project and its delivery.  The model is referred to as Staff Augmentation.

Advantages of a Managed Model

  1. Availability of the Project Manager

The client gets a devoted project manager and a full team that carried out all the work for you while you channel your time and energy into other projects and responsibilities with the full assurance of on-time project delivery.

While a manager model seems like the best solution to solving HR problems, it also has its own risks which includes

Lack of Control:

Lack of transparency and control over the project can be a major issue as most of the interim decisions are made by the outsourcing provider which may leave you to quit behind on your project.


A Review Of The Staffing Industry

Research Report: Predicting the Future

Forward planning is a major part of any business. If management has the skill to foresee the future of the business, there is a significantly higher chance of success in the long-term. In addition, as staffing agencies expand into other countries, the estimates for the market size of staffing markets will be more important. You need to have a precise figure for the scale of your potential market, this is such an important part of effective management. Staffing Industry Analysts published a report that will help managers and owners understand more.

SIA produces a ‘Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast’ twice a year. The report includes estimates and forecasts for the staffing industries based on revenue. The data refers to regional and historical data. There is also a list of the 17 biggest countries per staffing industry revenue.

This report can be used by staffing agencies to rank their performance against others. Investors might also find the report useful in their decision-making process. SIA Corporate and CWS Council members can gain access to the complete report.

The staffing agency industry generated worldwide revenue of 409€ billion, $461 billion, in 2017. This was a 7% increase from the previous year. In order to calculate the statistics, staffing was divided into two categories; the temporary staffing service and the place and search service (direct hire). Out of the 409€ billion, 81% was generated from temporary staffing services. Regarding countries, the US, Japan, and the UK were the three countries that generated the most revenue. Germany, France, and the Netherlands were also countries that contributed significantly to the revenue but not nearly as much as the leading three.

How does this help our understanding of the future? 2018 continued on a similar path as 2017. There was an increase in the staffing agency services of 7%. Unless we witness a huge global economic downturn, we can safely assume that the figures will continue to rise. This will be helped along by a set of programs that will expand the workforce into more countries.

Europe has seen an increase in the staffing markets overall.  Unfortunately, the Brexit has created a cloud of doubt over the UK and the same growth hasn’t been seen. Only a 2% increase is expected for the UK staffing market in 2019.

This strong growth in the staffing market can be put down to a healthy economic backdrop. IMF estimates a 3.9% increase in GDP. Working conditions have to be mentioned. Germany has tightened labor regulations while Italy has seen a labor reform. There are also a number of countries that have a low penetration rate. They have the space to grow and are ready to do so as soon as there is an increase in the staffing market.

One problem we are facing generally in the staffing agency market is the lack of talent. This is not to say that hires from a staffing agency are not capable of doing the job, quite the opposite. But the imbalance in demand and supply can cause a bigger problem. When the labor market is tight, companies turn to staffing agencies to fill their vacancies. The more we use staffing agencies, the quicker the highly skilled agency workers are being snapped up. New talent is hard to find.

The world is getting more complicated and things will become more difficult to predict. The Brexit and trade wars between China and the US are going to have major knock-on effects on the world’s economy. It will be a case of watch this space closely! As for now, remain focused on the high growth in the staffing market, add this into your management strategy so allow company growth in the future.

7 Smart Tips to Ensure Things Go Hitch-Free with Your Development Project

As per Deloitte’s report, IT is in charge of 60% of the absolute sourcing market. It further features that 57% of organizations at present redistributing IT capacities, re-appropriate application improvement and upgrades to programming advancement organizations. Sourcing your improvement ventures, be they portable or web, to seaward advancement organizations diminishes costs and loans the genuinely necessary assistance.

How would you ensure you don’t finish up being another section in those frightfulness stories? Here’s the secret.

  1. Make careful mockups

Along these lines, since you’ve chosen to re-appropriate your advancement venture, it’s an ideal opportunity to put your plan to paper. Also, no we don’t mean a solitary page with a couple of thoughts and musings wrote down in slugs. That is to say, make a careful portrayal of your advanced item. Give you an exact undertaking cost and convey an item you won’t, someplace some way or another, discover an issue in. One of the greatest obstacles to beat when re-appropriating is inadequate correspondence. It’s the underlying driver of most different issues.

Without building up clear lines of correspondence and clarifying, definitely, what you need – you won’t know whether the two gatherings are in agreement or not.  So often it’s happened that the improvement firm included a couple of highlights you never requested, or totally misconstrued the ones you wanted. The most ideal approach to forestall all the disarray is to make a careful mockup that unmistakably characterizes every one of the highlights.

  1. Have your very own specialized task director

This is imperative. In the event that a non-specialized originator attempts to deal with the group, you’ll be putting the nature of the item in danger. Non-tech originators don’t be able to audit the code, and certain unpalatable improvement firms may attempt to exploit and compromise when creating.

  1. Language and culture

Organizations generally embrace an easygoing methodology with regards to culture and dialects. Nonetheless, it’s a critical factor which all of you should consider for re-appropriating application improvement venture.

  1. Know about the run of the mill re-appropriating disappointments

“Just a trick gains from his own mix-ups. The savvy man gains from the missteps of others.” – This statement entireties up this point in one line. Before you re-appropriate your task, you have to distinguish different situations which can prompt disappointment. For instance, recognizable proof of a poor seller, exchange, and determination are the trademark pointers of a fizzled methodology.

  1. Move of information in redistributing ventures

The vast majority of the re-appropriating undertakings have a 6-month time span in which the customer’s representatives move the learning to the provider’s specialists. Those advisors generally take two years to accelerate like a capable expert. That is a tremendous measure of time; be that as it may, the amazing actuality is that notwithstanding when its majority organizations have learned of it, regardless they gripe about the speed at which the provider’s specialists work.

  1. Think about innovation benchmarks

Innovation is a key perspective which you have to remember while re-appropriating. For instance, in the event that you’re building up an application for a startup, at that point, you can’t enlist portable application engineers who have no clue about the responsive plan. Besides, to produce the traffic and leads from the web crawler, you need to fabricate an application which is portable neighborly

  1. Keep away from degree creep at all costs

When you present the mockups to the improvement firm, advance back. Try not to tinker with the extent of work, for example, try not to continue changing the prerequisites of the venture. Except if you think you’ve made a noteworthy blunder, don’t request that they modify the extension. Deferrals happen when you attempt to crush in new highlights once the advancement has begun, in light of the fact that it chaotic heaps up the whole engineering of the application.

8. Work with a staffing agency

Staffing agencies provide a great shortcut because they already have a well-built network of staffers waiting for you to call. No matter the complexity of your project, the right staffing agency will have a deep pool of high-quality candidates to fill your needs quickly.

Depending on your situation, hiring a new full-time employee may not be the only option for you. StaffAugmentation can assess your needs and provide a solution that is right for you.

End: Re-appropriating your product improvement can be an incredible bit of leeway, as far as funds as well as far as experience also. With regards to re-appropriating, the world is your commercial center.


Your Complete Guide to Contract Staffing

Advantages of Contracting for Spotters

For what Reason Is It Valuable for Spotters to Make Contract Positions

Bosses are using contract staffing to fill employments recently held for customary direct staffing courses of action. The expanded interest and favorable circumstances of agreement staffing, therefore, build open doors for enrollment specialists who can find qualified hopefuls. Organizations are utilizing selection representatives who can meet the majority of their staffing needs, both contracting and direct. Following are a few advantages of agreement staffing.

Favorable circumstances of Agreement Staffing    

  1. Expanded Salary from Hourly Charges

Organizations typically pay the situation charge hourly as a major aspect of their charging rate.

  1. Expanded Salary from Change Charges

Another way contracting expands your salary is through a temp to perm change expenses. Regularly an organization does not have any desire to promptly procure a competitor themselves; they need to acquire the applicant on an agreement task. The selection representative gets an hourly expense while the hopeful chips away at an agreement task. Afterward, if the organization chooses to offer work to the applicant, you could get a transformation charge.

  1. Improved Income

Another real motivation to add contracting is to improve income. Contracting can give you a consistent week after week pay. The income you will get from contracting is generally snappier than direct situations.

  1. Sole-Source Provider

Customer organizations are searching for a sole-source provider to fill the majority of their arrangement needs, regardless of whether it is for a director an agreement position. Being a sole-source provider for customer organizations builds a lot of the business. On the off chance that you are not filling the majority of a customer’s needs, some other enlisting firm could be getting a piece of the organization’s matter of fact.

  1. Simpler Situations

Contract situations are a lot more straightforward in light of the fact that the organization isn’t searching for simply the correct fit; as they do when procuring another representative. All the organization thinks about is whether they can take care of business and not whether the hopeful has the correct character to fit into the organization culture. Meetings, if there are any, are by telephone a greater part of the time. Customer organizations center on the fundamental specialized abilities.

  1. Beat Customer Complaints

Ever hear that an organization isn’t hoping to employ? It’s sheltered to state that each prepared enrollment specialist has been there. The base camp may manage new contracts are not permitted. However, administrators can even now use contract staffing to finish important undertakings on the grounds that the specialists are not new contracts.

  1. Defeat Spending Restrictions Complaint

Similar remains constant for organization spending issues. Towards the finish of the monetary year, administrators must defer contracting new workers since spending plans are depleted. Contract staffing enables directors to expedite a hopeful board until the new financial year. At that point during the new financial year, they can procure them as a full-time worker. As an enrollment specialist, this gives you an hourly salary now and a potential transformation expense not far off.

  1. Leave Methodology for Scouts

A leave methodology assumes a key job in deciding the key course for you and your organization. Sometime in the not so distant future, you may need or need to sell your enlisting firm. Another advantage of agreement staffing is that the predictable pay created from contract staffing makes it more alluring to purchasers than a firm just offering direct-enlist.

  1. Retreat Verification Your Business

Sadly, history reveals to us that we will have another retreat at some point or another. While direct-employ just organizations appear to hit rock bottom during a retreat, contract assignments offer a life saver to scouts. Organizations still need to complete the work and contract assignments are an approach to keep up the association’s workforce during a retreat.

Jump Start Uncommon Tasks with Contract Staffing

In each business, there are times when you have a basic task that should be finished, however you might not have representatives with the correct abilities or the accessibility to deal with it. In this circumstance, contract staffing might be the ideal answer. By utilizing contract staffing to bring locally available another colleague (or a whole group), your organization secures the abilities and the focal point of new faculty without a long haul promise to bring workers installed full time. Also, you don’t need to upset the work process of your present representatives by pulling them far from significant obligations or burdening them with extra time hours.

Contract Staffing Conveys the Aptitudes You Need 

In many cases, an interesting venture that should be finished may require abilities that your present workers essentially don’t have. This bodes good things being what they are. Your workers have been prepared for the undertakings and obligations that you know to expect all the time; an exceptional task is nearly by definition something that is outside of the standard of their ordinary duties. Certainly, you could prepare existing staff to take on these new jobs, yet on the off chance that the task is impermanent in nature, this is frequently not savvy. Contract staffing gives you a chance to expedite new ability that may even have some expertise in precisely the region you are searching for, sparing your time and most likely delivering the best quality outcomes.

Keeping up Spotlight on the Undertaking       

Another extraordinary preferred position to utilizing contract staffing for your unique activities is the laser-like center that these people will bring to the ventures to which they are allocated. Since your unique undertaking is their selective center, these new colleagues can think the majority of their vitality and consideration on finishing it.

Try not to Give Full-Time Staff Whiplash

Pulling your full-time staff from their normal obligations to take a shot at transitory tasks can likewise have an aggregate negative effect after some time. When you need to move your perpetual workers from their standard obligations to a unique undertaking and afterward back again various occasions through the span of a year it can leave them feeling directionless, without a reasonable feeling of your organization’s general vision and their job in it.

The Full Expenses of Extra time Work

Numerous organizations approach the issue of extraordinary ventures by just having their present representatives’ stay at work past 40 hours to achieve them. For hourly laborers, the solid expenses of this methodology are clear: powerful extra time pay costs. Be that as it may, there are numerous different expenses too, notwithstanding for specialists who don’t meet all requirements for extra time pay. There are several concealed expenses of having your changeless staff work additional hours to finish unique undertakings notwithstanding their normal outstanding task at hand, instead of utilizing contract staffing to deal with these activities

Keeping up Spotlight on the Venture

At StaffAugmntation we have a far-reaching database of qualified experts who are prepared to work immediately and will get down to business at your organization. Our group of agreement staffing representatives has an assorted exhibit of aptitudes that you can give something to do on your exceptional activities promptly, empowering you to finish them rapidly and proficiently. Try not to overburden your current workforce with exceptional tasks for which they have practically zero aptitudes or time to finish; let StaffAugmntation help you bring installed gifted contract staffing experts when and where you need them.


The Hidden overtime Costs and How a Staffing Company Can Help

There was a time when working overtime was a thing in the corporate industry. Employees loved it and employers welcomed it with open arms. The costs involved seemed to be apparent; ‘that’s not the case. The impact of overtime working and the cost implications that come with it can take a toll on a business in ways that we are going to shed light on.

Hidden overtime costs

A flexible payroll budget makes overtime working acceptable and affordable; after all, it also serves as a motivation for employees. The costs involved are made further negligible when the need to work overtime is occasional. While these may not pose a problem, the regular need for employees working overtime comes with consequences that may not be worth it in the end. These consequences are as listed below:


Overworking leads to stress, which harms both the mental and physical health of employees. They need to rest, take care of themselves and other issues outside work in order to give their job the best they have to offer.


A working period longer than 10 hours a day make for non-conducive working environments. The longer the employees work, the more their attention spans and alertness wane. They get in a foggy mental state that harms their health.


Instead of increasing productivity, longer working hours diminish the returns of the employees. It affects their productivity both on a personal and their professional lives. Stanford University found that employees who work for 40 hours weekly get less productive when the working hours are lengthened to 60 hours weekly.


While longer hours may mean more quantity output, it will also lead to lower quality. This is an unaffordable move, especially in situations where the service standards for customers are essential. The avoidable errors and poor quality can lead to losing customers’ trust and subsequent dwindling of the company.

The role of staffing companies in helping you avoid hidden overtime costs

Whenever businesses have plenty of work, they resort to overtime as a resort to keep themselves afloat and beat deadlines. However, staffing companies offer better alternatives.

Add to the number of full-time employees you have

Irrespective of your field or industry, staffing agencies will find you workers and save you the time and effort needed to search for and hire new employees. They will take the burden of recruiting and hiring off your shoulders. You will pay for this service. But this cost is less than that which you would incur in low production that results from overworked staff.

New skills

Whenever you are undertaking new projects that require a set of skills your staff ‘don’t have, it is wiser to get new personnel with the necessary qualifications and skills. You will spend less time training your staff and get on with the project sooner than later. Staffing agencies can save you the hustle by finding you skilled personnel.

Temporary staff

A business has its peak and low periods. As a result, during the lows, the business will feel overstaffed and during the highs, it will be understaffed; despite having the same number of employees.

A staffing agency will evaluate your workforce, get you temporary or temp-to-perm employees and adjust your workforce accordingly.