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What Tech Stack Does Shopify Use?

Shopify remains a multi-channel eCommerce platform used by millions of businesses worldwide. It allows different brands to set up an online store and sell their products via various media. The comprehensive tech stack is a major driving force for the success Shopify has enjoyed over the years.

What is Shopify’s current Tech Stack?

At the moment, Shopify boasts of about a hundred applications and technologies in its tech stack. There are close to 3.5 million app downloads monthly from the Shopify solutions stack, and 3 million out of these are of Shop; delivery and order tracker across iTunes and Google play.

Its top digital tools include Google Analytics, HTML5, JavaScript, Facebook Shops, Hatchful and several others. There are also about 4,000 apps that can directly be incorporated into the eCommerce platform. Furthermore, Shopify also possesses free built-in tools in its technology infrastructure.

Types of Ecommerce Tools from the Shopify Tech Stack

The tools the Shopify tech stack possesses fall into two groups; The first of which is the time-saving solutions that help to automate business operations. The other is KPI-driven solutions that help to boost revenue metrics, scale growth and increase profit margin.

Leveraging Shopify Plus Tech Stack for Customization

The ease of customization ensures that most eCommerce websites have a homepage that serves as the entrance to the rest of the customer’s experience. Hence, Shopify Plus was chosen as the eCommerce platform because of its swift marketing time and ease of management post-launch. As a SaaS platform, Shopify Plus removes the difficulty of hosting, managing downtime, and security updates.

Shared Code for Flexibility and Speed

Having to migrate three stores on a tight schedule can be pretty difficult. Shopify Plus helps ease this burden, thereby reducing the licensing cost of moving to a different eCommerce platform. With the use of Shopify’s theme backend, the amount of homepage and site configuration done by an average user will help reduce sales and marketing reliance on technical engineers for implementation.

Shopify Tech Stack; Internal tools and Apps

Shopify used MySQL as its relational database in its earliest days, i.e. the language of accessing and managing content within a database. However, in no time, MySQL became insufficient to store up all of Shopify’s data. This was when Shopify started sharding its data into dozens of smaller databases. In recent years, Shopify has transitioned from the use of shards to pods. Each pod is an isolated sector with its datastores that can be set up in any region. This technique has helped this platform to avoid global outages.

Shopify Plus solutions

Shopify Plus is an eCommerce platform that offers diverse solutions to merchants. Some of which are Enterprise Online Store, Multi-channel eCommerce, and a built-in omnichannel merchandising.

Shopify Plus Tech Stack App Partners

Shopify Plus also incorporates different certified app technologies that work hand-in-hand with the platform to give it a smooth run. Such includes; Refersion for affiliate marketing, Justuno for conversion optimization, Loop and Returnly for management of returns and exchanges, Findify for content and visual merchandising, and a whole host of others.