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Interview Questions for Evaluating SAP Specialists

Finding SAP talent is not so easy and you get the added pressure of having to move fast and do the onboarding quickly. SAP is an ERP software in need of large staff. Depending on the type of SAP consultants you are looking to hire, you need to know what skills you are aiming for. These are the SAP categories: functional consultants, technical consultants or network administrators. To help you in your job, here is a guide of interview questions for assessing SAP candidates.

SAP Material Management (MM)

MM is a module that focuses on planning, buying, managing inventory, evaluating vendors and invoices. It shows the way products move from production all the way to the customer.

Sample Questions:

What is SAP MM?

What are the modules inside of SAP MM?

What is the difference between CBP & MRP?

What type of document is a purchase requisition?

Walk us through a procurement process.

What are the steps in the life cycle of procurement?

How can you turn a purchase requisition into a purchase order?

Talk about transaction, master, and metadata.

 SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)

It is essentially a programming language used to develop RICEFW objects. Its purpose is mainly for databases, operating systems and business applications.

Sample Questions:

What are the steps and the necessary attributes to define a work area or field symbol that can only be accessed through single lines in a table?

How you define an entry to make sure it is unique when using the SELECT SINGLE* statement?

Define an UPDATE function module.

What forms can a search string have when the system looks for the search string?

How do you sort a table in a specific way using the SORT statement? Will any data be left out when sorting?


The SAP Basis part of an SAP system holds the architecture of a client-server with all the technical functions. A professional in this field should master R2 and R3 architecture and SAP landscape.

Sample Questions:

Background jobs can be divided into classes. What are these classes and their functions?

Which scenarios would you follow when deploying a SAPGUI together with a SAPLogon session?

How would you configure a table to hold entries in productive and quality environments?

Can you configure printing settings to need authorization? How would you do that?

Can you tell us the scope and configuration of SAP Early watch client?

What are the steps of changing the definition of operation modes to maintain the instance definition?

SAP Business Intelligence (BI)

It is a software technology of vital importance because it enables users to gain access to information. An expert in this area needs some administrative skills.

Sample Questions:

How do you anticipate which InfoObjects go through analysis authorization?

How do you eliminate duplicate data loaded in Cubes?

What navigation attributes could you use to allow the end-user to navigate in BI queries based on the InfoProvider?

Do you think it is recommended to use more than one non-cumulative InfoCube? How do you incorporate this to generate correct results?

SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

This is a product of SAP Enterprise Data Warehouse that is able to turn business information from any source system.

Sample Questions:

How can you use a meta chain to configure the start of the process chain?

What are the main features of a MultiProvider that combines data from more than one InfoProvider?

What are the types of DataStoreObjects and how are they configured?

How can you integrate a Web template containing a header and footer with the company’s logo into the Web applications?

How can you undo changes that were not intended when testing a new function and its parameters?

SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO)

This module of EPR is an important one because they store all the data concerning finances and transactions. A consultant in this kind of position needs to possess knowledge of finance functions, know how to implement strategic financial plans and turn out results.

Sample Questions:

Describe the difference between Residual Payment and Part Payment in an Accounts Receivable.

Where are the payments terms and dates of invoices stored?

What customer attributes do you need to input when creating a customer master data using transaction FD01?

How do you define a Credit Control area for a customer in accordance with the areas of responsibility for monitoring a credit?


In this type of position, you need to be able to map the business process and configure the CRM system.

Sample Questions:

What are the requirements and configuration steps to create a custom Campaign Template?

If a product is available to be added to a sales order, how do you validate it?

What are the steps of implementing pricing scenarios and determining prices?

What are the main functions that you can perform in SAP CRM and the types of sales channels?


HANA is a data memory platform that can allow real-time analytics and deployment of applications.

Sample Questions:

How do you create an OLAP connection in CMC?

Describe the different folders and their uses when adding a HANA system to Studio.

What are system requirements for loading large amounts of data using Information Composer?

When using Calculation Views, how do you create a calculation view and are their types?

Describe the differences between rows and columns store when working with SAP HANA Modeler Views.

There are other SAP fields that look to employ professionals and each requires different sets of skills and knowledge. When you are in a rut about recruitment processes and questions, you can also use already developed tools to begin the assessment of candidates.