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5 Things To Look For in Ruby Developers 

Ruby was created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in Japan in 1995 as a general-purpose programming language. Its frameworks like Rails and Sinatra are used by companies such as Airbnb, Disney, and Shopify for a wide range of functionalities. Developers prefer using Ruby because it helps web development and its similarities to other languages. 

But just knowing the programming language does not make one good developer. There are other characteristics that are useful, and you should know what to look for in a Ruby developer when hiring one.  

Knowledge about the technical part 

According to its creator Matsumoto, Ruby was developed to help programmers be more productive and to be able to enjoy programming. Its syntax is easy to understand, but still, there is a learning curve before a developer becomes proficient in Ruby. 

A Ruby developer should first become familiar with the syntax, loops, and control flow and then move to elements such as object-oriented programming and hashes. Only after becoming a master in these concepts, a programmer is ready for their first project. 

In addition, being a part of a community is important for the developer as it allows sharing challenges and triumphs with other Ruby developers. The three most popular online spaces which Ruby developers use are GitHub, StackOverflow, and freeCodeCamp.  

Quality orientation

Quality is a subjective term, but in general, it means that something works well and as supposed to. When writing code, quality means that the code is reliable, clean, and secure. It should be well-tested, consistent, and easy to understand by other developers who might need to work on it in the future. 

A developer that is quality-oriented uses methods in the coding process and checklists at the end to make sure that the code meets all criteria. 

Constant testing throughout the process, using a coding standard, and using a methodology like Agile can contribute to quality code and guarantee a seamless process.  

Problem-solving abilities

When using Ruby to code, a developer will encounter problems and should be able to respond with logic, patience, and desire to learn in order to overcome the problems. 

A good Ruby developer thinks of problems as a part of the process and should possess good problem-solving skills. These include the ability to list and understand the problem, see what others have done to solve a similar issue, break the problem into smaller issues, explore different solutions, and seek help from other developers. 

Curiosity and creativity

A good developer rarely believes that they know everything there is. With constantly changing and evolving technology, one must always learn new skills and open to new approaches. 

Community members, online sources, coworkers can all be helpful and provide a new perspective and way of seeing things. In an ever-changing industry, it is important for the Ruby developer to constantly learn and adapt to new languages, methods, and technologies that appear.  

Work well alone and in a team 

A Ruby developer spends a lot of time working alone but eventually will need to collaborate with other people. So when hiring, you need to look for a developer that will work well both alone and as a part of a team. Communication and collaboration are important for the successful outcome of every development project.