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Staff Augmentation vs. BairesDev: Which Is the Best Alternative for Finding Developers

Since the recent global health crisis, companies have started to appreciate the benefits of remote work. So many roles, particularly in IT, can be performed from home, leading to lower costs. Hiring staff is no easy task at the moment, with many restrictions still in place. However, the need to expand teams is still present.

While hiring locally proves to be a challenge, we will look at two solutions that enable flexibility, lower costs, and increased talent, Staff Augmentation, and BairesDev.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a Swiss recruiting company that operates worldwide. Founded in 2008, the company’s goal is to match IT tech experts with companies that require specialized skills. They do this by recruiting developers and performing prescreening tests to guarantee the best candidates for their clients. Not only do the candidates have to prove their skill level, but the vast majority will also hold a bachelor’s degree or master’s in computer science.

Staff Augmentation can resolve recruitment needs for a wide range of businesses, including mobile development, JavaScript, eCommerce, and backend development, whether that’s in iOS, Android, PHP, or many others. In more detail, these 4 areas involve:

  • Mobile Developers- Our candidates must be able to prove competence in their field, which could be Android, Ionic, iOS, Java, React Native, Unity, and Xamarin.
  • JavaScript Developers- Staff Augmentation has excelled in creating international relationships with certified JavaScript developers. Our specialties include Angular JS, Aurelia, Backbone JS, Typescript, Vue JS, Ionic, Electron, Ember JS, Meteor, Node JS, React, and React Native.
  • CMS & eCommerce Developers- If your business requires any of the following services, Staff Augmentation can provide BigCommerce, Concrete5, Drupal, Expression Engine, Joomla, Magento, Open Cart, Presta Shop, Shopify, Typo3, WooCommerce, and WordPress.
  • Backend Developers- The screened candidates are fluent in ASP.Net, C#, Erlang, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

Aside from assisting with recruiting needs, Staff Augmentation also offers corporate relocation services, permanent placement, consulting, strategic staffing, and managed services. The team offers continuous support to help build strong relationships between companies and new hires.

What Is BairesDev?

This Latin-America based recruiting company have experience working with all sized companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies. BairesDev currently has 1,500 software engineers, and the number keeps growing. The team makes sure that they are certified in the latest innovations and look at all the IT trends to know exactly what is in demand.

To source the right candidates, BairesDev created their own software to filter the thousands of received applications. Candidates are then tested on their skills, including a huge array of languages such as Java, Python, and PHP. Candidates have an average of more than 10 years of experience in their role, ranging from QA engineers to project managers. Only the top 1% make it through the process, and BairesDev is determined to make sure the 1% is as diverse as possible.

BairesDev can provide companies with the following recruitment solutions:

  • Dedicated Teams- For companies that require more than 1 IT expert, BairesDev can create an entire team that works remotely but is managed by BairesDev. Teams can be composed of SW engineers, QA engineers, a PM, and any other expert your project needs.
  • Software Outsourcing- Experts from third-party teams can offer specialized skills like UX design or blockchain consulting for end-to-end software development.
  • Staff Augmentation- Software engineers are available to work alongside existing team members remotely or in-house for as long as required.

Other specializations include cloud computing, maintenance, data science, IoT, and MVP development. Regarding the IT candidate your project needs, all will come under the top 1% of candidates available.

In Conclusion

Essentially, Staff Augmentation and BairesDev are specialists in IT recruitment. They provide flexible solutions and fast. The amount of effort, time, and money it takes to recruit a new candidate is no longer compatible with today’s business models. Both companies screen candidates, so the quality of IT candidates is guaranteed, which is a less risky solution than prescreening yourself and potentially making the wrong hire.

If one of the two companies were to stand out, we would have to say that Staff Augmentation does offer a more complete service. Choosing this company for your recruitment needs comes with further benefits such as consulting and managed services. Considering the uncertain times we live in, these additional services will prove to be very useful.