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Top Reasons to Use Clojure

Why Clojure?

What is the final aim of creating any programming language? The author of Clojure, Rich Hickey, wanted to make written programs simple. It aims to enable writing clear and compelling code. It expedites the software development process and reduces code understanding, changing, and support time demanded.

“Simplicity is a prerequisite for trustability.” 

Clojure’s syntax can be a difficulty for freshers, and at the same time, it’s easy and accessible for learning and coding. You will see the advanced benefits which are essential for enterprise projects after getting used to the language.

Reasons to Choose Clojure

Clojure has many other strengths, which makes it a good solution for your product. Let’s take a look at them.

· Performance: Clojure offers you performance that fits for working with lots of data (it’s close to Java). So also, you do not have to pay the price.

· Community: Clojure has a vibrant community, enthusiastic, which encourages innovation and new ideas. By the way, up to 27% of Clojure users are actively helping beginners.

· Usability: Clojure is a pragmatic and practical language. It enables the organization to have a fast and efficient software development process. So, it can be recommended for rapid prototyping and lean startups.

· Polymorphism: It’s a vital feature for building flexible and extensible systems. Clojure can help multiple taxonomies and dispatches through static, dynamic, or external properties, metadata, e.t.с. It is the best implementation of the polymorphism concept.

· Reliability: Adopted by Citibank), Pico Quantitative Trading, Simple(formerly BankSimple Amazon, Groupon, Netflix, and many other great companies. Clojure has proved its stability and reliability.

· Innovativeness: Clojure connects Lisp’s strength with several modern features, such as

  • software transactional memory (STM),
  • interactive programming through a read-eval-print loop (REPL),
  • Java API calls, etc.